The assassination comes in an era of Radical Right wing violence that lasted about two decades; JFK's murder was but one among dozens in the early 1960s at the hands of Southern segregationists and militant anticommunists.

If you only have a few seconds scroll down the page and read what Joseph Milteer said 2 weeks before the assassination.

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Joseph Milteer predicted the assassination and knew Oswald's role was to deflect attention away from "the patriots."

General Walker was identified as a threat by the Secret Service before JFK's visit. 

The extreme Right was very concerned that the Kennedy assassination might effect their guns.  This is from a Minutemen newsletter.

How does General Walker know Lee Harvey Oswald's passport details and travel plans?

A rifle shot nearly hit General Walker on 10APR63 while he was sitting at his desk in his home.  The right wing media complex immediately blamed a communist conspiracy. Likewise, General Walker, FBI Agent Hosty, and Carlos Bringuier insist for the rest of their lives that a communist conspiracy killed JFK.

Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev believed JFK was assassinated by the "American Right Wing" and the Dallas Police Department.



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