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Take a look below at the leaders in Radical Right & General Walker JFK-related research.  Click on a tile to enlarge and follow an embedded link to their work.

Joachim Joesten 1964
General Walker was perhaps first implicated in print by groundbreaking researcher Joachim Joesten in 1964. His book "Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy?" scared the FBI and Warren Commission.
Dr Jeffrey Caufield 2015
This snippet is from page 465 of "General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy," published in 2015, authored by Jeffrey H. Caufield, M.D. This book is a comprehensive masterwork of the Radical Right and General Walker before, during, and after the assassination.
Paul Trejo 2018
Paul Trejo's work grew out of a master's thesis at The University of Texas. Trejo is perhaps the internet's most active advocate of a theory implicating General Walker and the Radical Right in the Kennedy assassination.
Dr. Jerry Rose 1989
Dr Jerry Rose was a pioneering rsearcher in the 1980s and 1990s. His essential newsletter, "The Third Decade," was the first consistent effort in exploring General Walker and the Radical Right's role in the Kennedy assassination. This snippet is from Vol 5, No. 5; July 1989. The Third/Fourth Decade is available at
Bill Minutaglio 2013
Professor Bill Minutaglio joins Steven Davis in producing "Dallas 1963," a book positioning Dallas as the epicenter of radical right wing violence.
Harrison Livingstone 2006
Page 97, "The Radical Right and the Murder of John F Kennedy," by Harrison Livingstone (Trafford Publishing) 2006.
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