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Naming the Dallas Police (Part 2)

The testimony of the 43 Dallas Police who testified for the WC is so enormous that I must split my analysis into tasks as follows:

A. I'll first remove from my list of 43, those Dallas Police that I believe are either completely innocent of any knowledge of a Dallas plot to kill JFK, or at least were given no role in the plot, whatever they might have suspected or not.

B. Then, I'll focus only on those Dallas Police that strike me as clearly suspicious according to problems with their WC testimony.

C. Then, I'll take feedback from Jason regarding those Dallas Policemen that I omitted in Task A, to hear if he has a different take on them.

Upon reflection, I find 26 Dallas Police to be entirely (or almost entirely) innocent of the Dallas JFK Assassination Plot. That will leave 17 whom I believe to be partially or fully suspicious in my reading. So, today, I will begin by naming my top 11 of those 26 Dallas Policemen whom I believe are innocent of any role in a Dallas plot to assassinate JFK.


1. DPD Captain Perdue Lawrence: Captain of the DPD motorcycle squad, he rode in the motorcade, in the Advance Car, perhaps a half mile ahead of everybody, just to radio back in case there was any trouble on the road. He missed the assassination. I SEE NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION.

2. DPD motorcycle Buddy Brewer: In the motorcade on a motorcycle ahead of the lead car. After the shots, he directed traffic so that the motorcade could speed to Parkland. At about 12:40, he joined many other policemen at the TSBD building, searching for clues. He was there on the 6th floor, at 1:22, when they found the rifle. I SEE NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION.

3. DPD F.M. Turner: In the motorcade inside the pilot car with Chief Lumpkin they sped with the motorcade to Parkland Hospital, but found nothing to do there, so Chief Curry sent Chief Lumpkin and Turner back to Dealey Plaza at about 12:45. By that time they saw lots of policemen around the TSBD, so they stayed on the 1st floor as Chief Lumpkin gave policemen assignments. About 1pm Chief Lumpkin sent Turner back to HQ to help take affidavits. About 3pm Captain Fritz sent Turner and Moore to Oswald’s rooming house on North Beckley for a search. They brought back everything that was in that tiny room. I SEE NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION.

4. DPD Bobby Hargis: On a motorcycle to the left rear position of JFK’s limo, he was close up, and saw Governor Connally and JFK get shot, including the head shot, and he himself was splattered with flesh and blood. He parked a minute to get his bearings. People were running in panic, but he didn’t see anybody suspicious. He drove through the underpass to seek anybody suspicious, and didn’t. He drove to the TSBD where policemen were starting to circle and seal off, and he guarded the southwest exit until relieved and then went to HQ to give his statement and to wash off the gore. I SEE NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION.

5. DPD Billy Martin: In the motorcade on a motorcycle, behind Bobby Hargis. He saw JFK get shot. He had no idea where the shots came from. He followed the motorcade to Parkland. He had no further role. I SEE NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION.

6. DPD Marrion Baker: In the motorcade riding a motorcycle behind LBJ. Hearing the shots, he looked up, saw pigeons flying off the roof of the TSBD building, and was convinced that the shooter was on the roof. He sped to the TSBD front door and ran inside. Roy Truly came to help him. On their way up to the roof, they encountered Lee Harvey Oswald at the 2nd floor kitchen. Officer Baker drew his pistol, but Roy Truly vouched for Oswald, and they continued to run up the stairs to the roof. Spending several minutes searching the TSBD roof, they found nobody, so Officer Baker gave up and directed traffic the rest of the day. I SEE NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION, YET IT IS ODD THAT BAKER INTERACTED WITH LEE HARVEY OSWALD ~2 MINUTES AFTER THE JFK SHOOTING. NEVERTHELESS, BAKER LET OSWALD GO, AND THAT SEEMS TO EXONERATE BAKER.

7. DPD Clyde Haygood: In the motorcade, he saw many people running up the Grassy Knoll, so he sped his motorcycle there, and tried to run his cycle up the ramp. But it was too steep, so he just left it on the curb and ran up the Grassy Knoll. He looked behind the fence and saw a dozen policemen already there, looking in cars, looking through bushes, and so on. They weren’t finding anything. He claims that he called HQ and advised sealing off the TSBD as soon as possible. I SEE NO DIRECT EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION. WE HAVE FILM OF HAYGOOD PARKING HIS CYCLE BY THE GRASSY KNOLL AND RUNNING UP. HE MAY HAVE BEEN FOOLED BY THE ABSENCE OF SUSPECTS BEHIND THE PICKET FENCE. HE CLAIMS TO BE THE FIRST TO DEMAND SEALING OFF THE TSBD. HE OFFERS NO TIME FOR THIS, HOWEVER, AND THERE WERE MULTIPLE PEOPLE WHO CLAIMED TO BE THE FIRST.

8. DPD Guy Rose: Off duty, he was called to help at City Hall, and arrived at 1:45pm to take affidavits. Around 2pm Lee Harvey Oswald arrived as a prisoner. He examined Oswald’s wallet and found two ID’s; one said “Alek Hidel” and the other said “Lee Oswald.” Rose asked Oswald his real name, and Oswald refused to answer. At about 2:15pm Captain Fritz told Rose to lead a team of three men to Oswald’s Irving address. He chose Adamcik and Stovall. They met Buddy Walthers and two Irving policemen there. He knocked on the door, and Ruth Paine came to the door, and said, “Come right on in. As soon as I heard where the shooting was, I knew someone would be out.” Rose was the spokesman for the group, and Ruth told him that Marina was Lee Oswald’s wife, a citizen of Russia. Rose then called Fritz, who told him to ask about any rifle. Rose asked Ruth, and she said Oswald had none. Then Ruth translated for Marina, who exclaimed, “Yes, he does have!” Marina took them to the garage to show them, and she pointed to a blanket. When Rose lifted the blanket, it flopped over, and Marina was amazed; her confession was their evidence. Michael Paine then came over from work; he had little to say. Rose took them all to the station. Ruth got a babysitter, Marina brought her two babies, and Michael Paine drove himself. Next, Guy Rose picked up Wesley Frazier and his sister, Linnie Mae Randle, and took written affidavits. On Saturday morning, Guy Rose took a team to Irving to seize everything in Ruth Paine’s garage. They found the famous Backyard Photographs and negatives. That evening, Guy Rose made an 8x10 enlargement of the BYP, to show to Oswald. Oswald accused the DPD of photo fakery. When asked about Tippit, Oswald only replied that conditions for colored people were better in Russia. I SEE NO DIRECT EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION.

9. DPD Richard Stovall: Off duty, he was called to help at City Hall and arrived around 2pm; about the time Oswald was led in. Stovall asked Oswald about the two different ID’s, and Oswald refused to answer. Around 2:15pm, he followed Guy Rose to Ruth Paine’s Irving address. The arrived around 2:45, but they waited for local Irving police to arrive for jurisdiction before knocking. About 3:15 they knocked and Ruth Paine answered, saying, ‘Come in, we’ve been expecting you. You’re here about the mess on TV.’ Soon Marina volunteered that Oswald kept a rifle in a blanket in the garage, and she showed them the blanket, but it was empty. Then Michael Paine arrived, and they all went down to the station. Stovall’s main role after that was to compile a list of all the items they seized from Ruth Paine’s garage, including several fake ID’s. I SEE NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION.

10. DPD John Adamcik: Off duty, he was called to help at City Hall, and arrived around 2pm to join a team to search the Paine home in Irving, Texas. By 3:15pm they entered and learned from Marina that Oswald kept a rifle inside a blanket in the garage. That blanket was now empty. Around that time, Michael Paine came from work. So, all the residents were taken to the station for questioning, around 5:15pm. Adamcik guarded the interrogation room. Between 7-8pm, Oswald’s mother and brother came and Adamcik received them. At 9pm, Adamcik returned the residents of Irving back home, and returned to City Hall by 10pm and remained until 2am. On Saturday, at 11am, Adamcik drove a truck to Ruth Paine’s garage to empty it. Ruth and Michael Paine were there and just let the police in as they went grocery shopping. They were there almost five hours. By 4pm they returned to City Hall to make the inventory list. Later, Adamcik returned to Irving to fetch Michael Paine to take his affidavit. I SEE NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION.

11. DPD Marvin Johnson: Johnson was on car patrol, when a little before 1 PM he was ordered to go help at the TSBD. He joined the crowd on the 6th floor where they had already found the spent shells. Captain Fritz ordered officers Johnson and Montgomery to guard the scene of the crime – to let nobody touch a thing until Lieutenant Day arrived to photograph them. They stayed there after all photographs were taken, even of the rifle, found ten minutes later. Before they left, Johnson and Montgomery noticed a paper bag in the far southwest corner – longer than a normal paper bag. They reported that to the Crime Lab. I SEE NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION.

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo

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