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About Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker (Part 1)

Now we turn to Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker (1898-1970) who was in charge of all the Deputies we have reviewed so far. Before I review his WC testimony, I want to share an interesting story about Decker from a Los Angeles policeman named Gary Wean.

In August 1970, shortly after Bill Decker died, Gary Wean shared this secret story with his friends. His friends leaked it in 1971, but Gary himself published the story among his many memoirs in his book, There's a Fish in the Courthouse (1987).

There are many problems with Gary Wean's story -- not the least being his tendency to Antisemitism. Yet there are also important elements that I regard as vital to understanding the Dallas plot, and the role of Sheriff Bill Decker, in particular. Furthermore, this was the first appearance of the "False Flag" theory of the JFK Assassination, which Jeff Caufield adopts (2015). It merits our review. I'll summarize briefly here:

It begins with a meeting in December 1963. US Senator John Tower from Texas called his personal friend, Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker to a secret meeting, and Decker brought two close friends -- WW2 hero Audie Murphy, and daring police officer Gary Wean. In that meeting, John Tower told them that Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent of the JFK Assassination, and that the actual deed was originally planned by CIA agent E. Howard Hunt, along with several key conspirators with high positions inside Dallas, Texas.

Wean's story has several holes -- but what is urgent for this web site, is that Wean spoke of Dallas Law Enforcement officials knowing the most secret details of the JFK Assassination in late 1963. Wean's lumbering story continues something like this:

Lee Harvey Oswald in early 1963 was already part of a plot; a "Simulated Assassination" attempt on Ex-General Edwin Walker. According to Gary Wean, Senator Tower claimed that Oswald agreed to "Fake" an Assassination attempt on General Walker in April 1963, in order to increase Walker's publicity and public sympathy.

Wean's story suggests that Dallas politics played a central role in manipulating Lee Harvey Oswald starting early in 1963.

Senator Tower continued: Oswald agreed and went through with the charade, including making Backyard Photographs of himself with his rifle, and an album of photographs of Walker's house. This was all supervised by the Dallas plotters. Senator Tower said that the JFK plotters further ordered Oswald to botch his work at Jaggers-Chiles-Stovall, to get laid off, and then travel to New Orleans to work with Guy Banister, Clay Shaw and David Ferrie. There Oswald would help Banister create a Fake FPCC, and completely immerse himself in it, by using police reports, newspaper reports, radio and even TV.

Oswald would put all these news clippings in an album, and take the album to the Mexico City Embassy compound -- the world's most heavily wire-tapped facility -- to ensure that he was recorded by the CIA and the KGB as a dangerous FPCC Communist. In all this FPCC immersion, the name and identity of Alek Hidell was high on the priority list. It sounds ridiculous that anybody would agree to put themselves through these steps -- yet Oswald did it, as the historical evidence gathered by Jim Garrison in 1968 plainly shows.

In any case, according to Gary Wean, Senator Tower said that Oswald's task on 11/22/1963 was to fire some blank shells at the JFK limo in another "Simulated Assassination." He was told that the purpose was to enrage Americans so that they would agree to invade Cuba and kill Fidel Castro.

Alek Hidell would be the Communist scapegoat, and some patsy would be killed in an airplane crash with Hidell's ID, and that would close the case. Oswald might be arrested, but he would soon be set free with "legal assistance" from his fellow conspirators, who would show evidence that Oswald and Hidell had a parting of the ways back in New Orleans. Oswald agreed to all of this, according to Gary Wean's story about Senator Tower's revelations to Bill Decker.

When JFK was actually killed, Oswald soon realized that he could easily be made into the Patsy. He panicked, and the rest is history. That was the story, according to Gary Wean, that Senator Tower told to Sheriff Bill Decker, Audie Murphy and Gary Wean in December, 1963.

Now -- I reject his details -- but the following is what I accept from Gary Wean's story:

1. Sheriff Bill Decker was front and center with the JFK facts during the final part of 1963. He knew the players. He knew General Walker was involved in the early part of 1963, along with Lee Harvey Oswald.

2. JFK plotters in Dallas were tracking Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans during the summer of 1963. Oswald oddly infiltrated the FPCC according to specific instructions from Guy Banister and his plotters -- and Dallas plotters were well aware of it. Oswald cooperated fully with his handlers.

3. Lee Harvey Oswald faked being an FPCC Communist, from New Orleans to Mexco City, and plotters inside Dallas were fully informed of the details of that masquerade.

4. Guy Banister's plot was secretly run in cooperation with General Walker's plot.

5. The main goal of Walker-Banister's JFK-Kill Plot, was to convince the USA to invade Cuba and depose Fidel Castro.

In my reading, General Walker had a secondary goal: to get revenge on JFK for sending him to an insane asylum in 1962. Walker possibly had a third goal -- to get revenge on Lee Harvey Oswald for trying to kill him on April 1963 (or, if that really was a False Flag, then simply for defecting to the USSR).

In my opinion, Gary Wean told a true story -- but disguised it in many places. I believe that Gary Wean originally got this story about the JFK Assassination from Sheriff Bill Decker, who was in a position to truly know.

In my reading, Gary Wean included Senator John Tower as a foil. Perhaps this Senator from Texas knew all the details -- but he, too, would have learned them from Bill Decker, or from General Walker himself. John Tower was not the source of the story --- yet he could confirm what Sheriff Bill Decker said.

Bill Decker knew more than Gary Wean knew. Bill Decker knew that Captain Will Fritz, Chief Jesse Curry, FBI agent James Hosty and SS agent Forrest Sorrels were part of the plot, as were some supporting volunteers in the 112th MI, the Minutemen, the JBS, Interpen, and so on.

The "Simulated Assassination" was either a smoke-screen for the unwary -- including Lee Harvey Oswald himself -- or it was a smoke-screen for Audie Murphy and Gary Wean and for Wean's readers. I personally find the "False Flag" theory of the JFK plot to be superfluous.

In my opinion, Lee Harvey Oswald was always told that Guy Banister was in charge of the plot, and he was always told that Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, Fred Crisman, Jack S. Martin, Gerry Patrick Hemming and Loran Hall were actually CIA officers (which they were not). They put on a show for Oswald, to convince him that the CIA would give him a full-time job if he played ball. Oswald was fooled. On this point, Gary Wean was absolutely right.

Anyway, that is my opening salvo about Sheriff Bill Decker. Gary Wean's opinion about the JFK Assassination claims that Decker was aware of all the details of the JFK plot in late 1963. Let's bear this in mind as we explore the WC testimony of Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker next week.

Best regards, --Paul Trejo

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