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Naming the Dallas Deputies (Part 1)

On March 15, 2018, Jason Ward sent a provocative challenge to JFK Researchers on Simpkin's well-known Education Forum on JFK. This is a great place to begin:


Some years ago the technology consulting firm I worked for won a contract to do statistical analysis on major crime investigations...In almost every major investigation involving dozens of witnesses, suspects, and investigators, the true criminal was a suspect from day one...

However, in most cases it was years before the true criminal was finally determined and arrested...So, for me, the JFK case is likely the same way. The conspirators are probably among those who gave evidence in the WC. We have been off course for 55 years.

It really just hit me yesterday as I was watching the assassination YouTube videos. The Dallas Police are the circulatory system of all assassination operations...The shooting, the crime scene, Tippit, Oswald's capture, the evidence, the patsy, Ruby, and Oswald's death. It's DPD that makes it all possible.

So, sure, let's look at the cops in the WC.


This memo by Jason was a game-changer for me, since I had been pushing for a Dallas Rightist CT for years, with hardly any help. Finally, a powerhouse of help had arrived.

Jason noted that there were 91 Dallas Officers who testified for the Warren Commission (WC). Of this number, I estimate that a little more than 20 were part of the JFK Assassination plot. I must emphasize my point that, by far, most Dallas Officers were entirely innocent of the JFK plot. I have no beef with the Dallas Police. I act here in the spirit of Dallas resident, Ricky White, who long ago named his deceased father, Roscoe White, a former Dallas policeman as a direct participant in the killing of J.D. Tippit, JFK and possibly Lee Harvey Oswald.

In my CT, there were perhaps two dozen Dallas Officers (out of several hundred) who were fully aware of the basics of the Dallas plot against JFK, and who took direct steps to frame Lee Harvey Oswald for the crime.

Who were they? First, in my view: NONE worked for the TSDB. NONE worked for Parkland Hospital. NONE worked for the Dallas Railroad yard. Secondly, like Jason Ward, I say that most of the plotters were already included among the WC witnesses, and we should begin by carefully looking at all the WC testimony.

Rather than show my full list -- I will take it slowly. I will begin with the Dallas Sheriff's department. Dallas Deputies raced to the Grassy Knoll first; they raced to the 6th floor of the TSBD first; they found LHO's rifle and three cartridges; they raced to the Texas Theater first to arrest LHO; and they raced to Ruth Paine's home to confiscate the contents of her garage. They did almost everything to pinpoint Lee Harvey Oswald. They are my first suspects.

In the coming weeks, I will present text from their WC testimony, with my analysis, to highlight my first five suspects, as follows:

1. Deputy Eugene Boone 2. Deputy Luke Mooney

3. Deputy Seymour Weitzman

4. Deputy Roger Craig 5. Deputy Buddy Walthers

All best, --Paul Trejo

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