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My Case Against Ex-General Walker (Part 4)

In Part 3 of this series, I presented a Timeline from LHO's Mexico City trip, through November 22, 1963, in a way that will be familiar to most readers, yet also showing that the case against LHO is mostly guesswork. Only two odd facts stick out: (1) the long paper bag; and (2) LHO staying upstairs at the 6th floor when everybody else went down to the see the JFK parade.

In Part 4, today, I will repeat the Timeline -- but this time I will add detail from my own opinion. Again -- LHO is leaving Mexico CIty. According to an eye-witness, my personal friend, Harry Dean (now 90), LHO took no bus to Mexico, but rode as a passenger in a car with Loran Hall and Larry Howard. On their way to Mexico they stopped at the home of Silvia Duran, who recognized Oswald clearly, as she reported to the Warren Commission. After the Mexico City trip, Loran and Larry also drove LHO back to Dallas.

In my CT, Loran and Larry remained in Dallas and would give LHO rides in Dallas as needed. They would also keep LHO in contact with Guy Banister, David Ferrie, Gerry Patrick Hemming, and others from the Radical Right in New Orleans, who pretended to be in the CIA. They would remind LHO that he was very close to a promised, "full-time job" with the CIA.


In October, 1963, as Larrie Schmidt told me personally, he worked with Ex-General Walker and Robert Morris within the John Birch Society to plan a booby-trap for the visit of American UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson to Dallas on October 24th. Adlai's event would be called, "UN Day." It would be held at the Dallas Memorial Auditorium -- close to Dealey Plaza -- and Walker's favorite place to speak.

Ex-General Walker would take the advice of the John Birch Society (JBS) very literally -- "allow no Communist to complete a speech in your city." So, he filed a request with the city of Dallas for a separate event -- "US Day" -- to be held the day before, on October 23rd, also at Dallas Memorial Auditorium. On that day, Walker gathered rightists from all over Dallas, from the JBS to the National Indignation Convention (NIC) to the Young Republicans, to the Citizens Council and the NSRP -- to plan a grand humiliation for Adlai Stevenson.

Adlai would not be allowed to complete his speech. They planned for noisemakers, disruptions, hecklers, chanting from the audience, as well as a banner, rolled up and tied to the ceiling, so when the string was pulled, it would unravel and read, "US out of the UN!" and "UN out of the US!" This was the current JBS slogan against the United Nations. Larrie Schmidt personally helped JBS clerk, Joe Grinnan, to tie this banner to the ceiling.

(A couple of interesting historical notes: [a] Michael Paine drove Lee Harvey Oswald to attend this US Day event; and [b] the notorious handbill, WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK, began circulating through Dallas starting with US Day.)

On the night of October 24th, as Walker was enjoying dinner with a friend on the other side of town, his team followed his directions to the letter, and effectively prevented Adlai Stevenson from completing his speech in Dallas. Two excited protesters outside added injuries by hitting Adlai on the head with a placard and by spitting on him. (They were arrested.) Protesters almost toppled Adlai's limo, until the driver sped away. Walker admitted all this publicly, laughing, and the Dallas press knew the facts well (Chris Cravens, 1996).


On the basis of this victory, as Larrie Schmidt told me personally, he called his Army buddies who had joined his group "CUSA," (Conservatism USA), and convinced them to come to Dallas to help the Right-wing rise to power in the USA. Two of them came, namely, Bernard Weissman and Bill Burley. They arrived in Dallas in early November.

On Saturday, November 9, 1963, Joseph Milteer had a meeting in Florida with Willie Somerset. According to FBI agent Don Adams and JFK researcher Jeffrey Caufield, the wealthy, Radical Right Wing fanatic, Joseph Milteer from Quitman, Georgia, was a member of the KKK, the NSRP, the Congress of Freedom, and the White Citizens Council of Atlanta.

Milteer often traveled to Florida to meet his NSRP friend, Willie Somerset, whom he did not know was also an FBI Informant. They met on November 9, and chatted about JFK's personal appearances in cities around the USA. Here is a part of their taped conversation:

MILTEER: The more bodyguards he has, the easier it is to get him.

SOMERSET: Well, how in the hell do you figure would be the best way to get him?

MILTEER: From an office building with a high-powered rifle...

SOMERSET: Are they really going to try to kill him?

MILTEER: Oh yeah, it's in the works...

SOMERSET: Boy, if that Kennedy gets shot, we have to know where we are at. Because you know that will be a real shake if they do that.

MILTEER: They wouldn't leave any stone unturned there, no way. They will pick somebody up within hours afterwards, if anything like that would happen. Just to throw the public off.

This conversation shows that the Radical Right in the US South was in tight communication about this plot. Jeff Caufield's recent book, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy (2015), shows in detail how Joseph Milteer and Ex-General Walker had the same political affiliations and social connections.


In my CT, the key to the success of the JFK Assassination was a local, Dallas FBI agent named James Hosty. Hosty had gone rogue. He was no longer working for the FBI in truth -- but was working for Ex-General Walker and the Radical Right in Dallas. Hosty had helped to track LHO all throughout 1963, and had the following special plan, parts of which we can read about at length in the Warren Commission volumes.

1. The key to the success of every Secret Service trip with a US President to any American city was their special unit, the PRS or "Protective Research Section."

2. The PRS method was this. Before any US President would visit any American city, the PRS would first visit that city, and would contact the closest FBI branch. They would ask the FBI for a list of names of the most dangerous threats to the President.

3. Obtaining that list, the PRS would personally visit those people, and warn them that they were being watched closely. This method had worked for every American trip by every US President since the Secret Service and FBI started. It failed miserably in Dallas in November, 1963. In my CT, the reason was clearly James Hosty.

On November 15th, the PRS came to Dallas on standard PRS business -- to ask the FBI for a list of names of people dangerous to the US President. The Dallas FBI told the PRS, "Nobody in Dallas is dangerous to the President." The PRS asked, "Really? Nobody? What about the fact that Adlai Stevenson was attacked here just last month?" The FBI replied, "That was just a couple of student demonstrators who got a little too excited. We arrested them and they are no danger now." The PRS asked, "What about all these handbills, WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK, that we see all over Dallas?" The FBI replied, "We don't know who made those, and we're still looking."

That happened to be a lie. James Hosty knew very well that Robert Allen Surrey was the author. He also knew that Surrey was an American Nazi and the president of Ex-General Walker's American Eagle Publishing Company, and kept his office inside Walker's home. Hosty knew this because he had been good friends with Robert Allen Surrey for many years. (They were bridge partners for years, wrote Penn Jones, Jr.)

We also know that Robert Allen Surrey was the author of the WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK handbills, because he was asked about this no less than two dozen times during his Warren Commission (WC) testimony, and he pleaded the 5th Amendment every single time. Surrey was the only WC witness to plead the 5th.

So -- the PRS and the Secret Service of Washington DC -- began their Dallas trip with this false information. This was the very undoing of JFK.


Closer to home -- plans were being made by Sheriff Bill Decker (the man who captured Bonnie and Clyde), Captain Will Fritz and Chief Jesse Curry -- in cooperation with their loyal underlings in the Dallas Sheriffs Office and the Dallas Police Department, to assassinate JFK when he drove through Dealey Plaza.

It's a little appreciated fact, that the very best sharpshooters in the America grew up near Dallas, and lived in Dallas.

A word about Dealey Plaza. It was the stomping ground of Dallas Deputies and Police. The Dallas County Jail was on Main and Houston, and in 1963, public executions were still conducted there. The parking lot behind the picket fence of the Grassy Knoll was reserved mainly for County Employees, like Sheriff Deputies and clerks. There was only one gate out and in -- always padlocked -- and every renter needed a key to use that parking lot.

Dallas Deputies and Police always roamed freely around Dealey Plaza -- by the dozens. It was their HOME TURF. Jason Ward has amply shown on this web site, new photographic evidence that multiple men with rifles, wearing insignia of Dallas Deputies and Police, surrounded JFK's limo, and attacked during the same five second period. There were multiple shooters.

This plot against JFK included a second murder -- to shoot LHO anywhere in Dallas where he might be -- and present the film, news clippings and official records gathered by Guy Banister's team in New Orleans and Mexico City that summer -- as proof that the LHO was a hardened Communist, a leader of multiple shooters who killed JFK. With this "proof" they would demand an immediate invasion of Cuba. (This is evidence, I say, that LHO working at the TSBD was not a necessary part of the plan -- it was a bit of good luck, but it also required some afterthought.)

I will present documented details about the Dallas plotters in following posts. For now, I want to end with a phone call made from Joseph Milteer to his friend, Willie Somerset immediately after the JFK Assassination. Remember, Somerset was also an FBI informant, and taped these phone calls. So, we also have this conversation on tape:

MILTEER: Everything ran true to form. I guess you thought I was kidding you when I said he would be killed from a window with a high-powered rifle.

SOMERSET: Wasn't that just a wild guess?

MILTEER: I don't do any guessing. Also, we have no need to worry about Lee Harvey Oswald getting caught, because he doesn't know anything. The Right wing is in the clear.

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo

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