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Recognizing Dr. Jeffrey Caufield

Today I want to recognize the superlative contribution made by Dr. Jeffrey Caufield for his scholarly research into the JFK Assassination in general, into the Dallas Radical Right in particular, and into General Edwin Walker specifically.

Those who have read FBI agent Don Adams' book, From an Office Building with a High-powered Rifle (2012), which documents this FBI agent's research into Radical Right leader, Joseph Milteer, through the FBI informant, Willie Somerset, are now in the perfect position to begin reading one of the best books on the JFK Assassination ever published, namely, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: The Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015), by Dr. Jeffrey Caufield.

The reason I advise folks to read Don Adams' book first, before reading Jeff Caufield's book, is because Caufield actually begins his story where Don Adams leaves off. That means that the reader must know Don Adams' story first -- there is no other way to put it.

So, once we know that the FBI in early 1963 was carefully monitoring the threats against JFK by the Radical Right in the South -- with its star witness, Willie Somerset -- do we know everything we need to know? Not by a long shot.

I say this because of the great amount of detail in Caufield's recent book. Caufield does begin with the Milteer/Somerset drama -- but then Caufield goes on to write nearly 900 pages more. (Please don't worry because this book is so thick, that it must be expensive. It isn't. It's still only $29.39 on

For example, in Chapter 4 of his book, Caufield explains that when the FBI in 1963 refused to pursue any Conspiracy investigation into the JFK Assassination, not only did FBI agent Don Adams complain, but Willie Somerset complained so badly that he lost his composure, and began to accuse the FBI and even RFK with a cover-up which amounted to complicity! Naturally, that was the end of Willie Somerset's time as an FBI informant.

Jeff Caufield also showed that Willie Somerset rightly identified that Lee Harvey Oswald through Guy Banister had infiltrated a "pro-Castro group," namely, the FPCC. The money came from Joseph Milteer to support Guy Banister and his whole team in New Orleans. Guy Banister, an ex-FBI segregationist, knew very well how to protect Joseph Milteer and his Segregationists from exposure. Willie Somerset got all of this right.

This is only one small part of Chapter 4 in Jeffrey Caufield's important book on the JFK Assassination. I'll wait a little longer (so that more readers can obtain a copy of this book) and then I'll add a few more gems from Caufield.

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