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Recognizing Leroy Blevins

After congratulating Jason Ward for his outstanding work in identifying two shooters in the famous Bell Film of the JFK Assassination -- shooters located on the second floor of the Dallas Records Building -- Jason told me that he soon afterwards learned that Leroy Blevins beat him to the punch.

I was not aware of his work, so, I quickly Googled his name.

As it turns out, the work of Leroy Blevins with regard to Dealey Plaza film and photograph analysis and comparison is fairly well known on YouTube, and evidently needs no introduction here. After perusing his work on YouTube, I think it is fitting to recognize that sometime around October, 2017, Leroy Blevins had identified one of our Dallas Records Building shooters with substantial clarity.

October, 2017 is the very month that the US Government officially released all JFK-related documents pursuant to the JFK Records Act of 1992. So, kudos to Leroy Blevins for his fast work.

Having said that, I would still distinguish between the findings of Leroy Blevins and the findings of Jason Ward. In my reading, what distinguishes the work of Jason Ward, is having identified two shooters (not one) and also identifying the Dallas Police and Deputy badges on the two shooters.

This distinction plays directly to the theme of our web site -- namely -- that the CIA did not kill JFK, rather, the Radical Right in Dallas killed JFK. The manpower was furnished by members of the Dallas Police and Deputies, some of whom were also members of the KKK, the JBS, the Minutemen and other of the many Radical Right groups in Dallas.

Sticking close to this theme has the best potential of exposing every single detail of the JFK Assassination, we remain convinced. So, even though Leroy Blevins had identified at least one Dallas Records Building shooter last year, I still maintain that any theory that neglects the full theory of a Dallas Radical Right conspiracy, must remain incomplete.

Jason and I are on the right track -- I remain convinced.

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo

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