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Congratulations, Jason!

Your discovery of clear photographic evidence of shooters on the Second Floor of the Dallas Records building in "The Bell Film" of Dealey Plaza on 11/22/1963, deserves careful attention.

We both quickly questioned -- how could this film frame sit out in the public for 55 years, and yet Jason Ward was the very first to notice these Second Floor gunmen at the Dallas Records building just this week?

You got right down to work -- in most versions of "The Bell Film" on YouTube, the “NFV” watermark in the lower right hand corner, stands for New Frontiers Video, a company owned by the well-known JFK researcher, Robert Groden.

If we simply go by YouTube, we notice that all but one of the versions of "The Bell Film" are cropped, and all have the NFV watermark.

There is only one version on YouTube, one that lacks the NFV watermark, and it is not cropped, but shows the full frame, with sprockets. This version, as you estimated, first appeared in 2013. It has the typewriter-type white font, "The Bell Film." However, it is not the full "Bell Film" because it omits the Dallas Records building entirely!

The version you are sharing with the world on our CIA-did-not-kill-JFK web site, Jason, is something new. It first appears after Thursday 26 October 2017 -- the due date of President GHW Bush's JFK Records Act.

Here's my opinion about it.

1. Bob Groden got his cropped version from the NARA sometime around 1970. Groden is too honest a person to have cropped it himself. The NARA had a duty given by the US Government to conceal any evidence of a Conspiracy in the JFK Assassination. So, I'm certain that NARA cropped it before they handed it to Bob Groden. Groden's version of the film became the gold standard in the 1970's.

2. The other "Bell Film" we see on YouTube, which shows the FULL FRAME including the sprockets in the film, was also made by NARA, I maintain, because they are the only ones who had the original, and they knew what they had. They released "The Bell Film" in 2013, however, they omitted the footage that included the Dallas Records building. NARA deliberately gave the false impression that they released an "unedited" version. For this version, they added the typewriter font “The Bell Film” in the upper right hand corner.

3. Therefore, the version that you are exhibiting on our web site this week, Jason, was also released by NARA, on or around 10/26/2017, in obedience to President GHW Bush's signature on the JFK Records Act, making 10/26/2017 the date when NARA would finally back off its duty of concealing the JFK Truth from the American people.

This does not mean that NARA would submit a report or explanation of what it knew and withheld -- only that it would finally stop cropping photographs and deliberately misleading the public with incomplete material evidence. I don't think the film you are showing us was stolen from NARA. I think we should thank President GHW Bush for it.

I think Bob Groden knew nothing about these frames back in the 1970's. I also believe that LIFE knew nothing about these frames. It seems to me today, Jason, that you may be the first person in history to see and fully recognize what Hoover, LBJ and Warren wanted to hide from us for 75 years.

We can thank President GHW Bush that it was only 53 years.

Congratulations! --Paul

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