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JFK Crime Scene -- Dallas


Thanks for opening up a dialogue about Lee Harvey Oswald (hereafter LHO) in specifically these four topics: (1) LHO housekeeper Earlene Roberts; (2) LHO at the Texas Theater; (3) LHO landlady Mary Bledsoe; and (4) the DPD interview of LHO.

To open, then, here are my initial positions on your four questions:

(1) AGREE -- Earlene Roberts told the simple truth to the Warren Commission. Also, LHO was indeed working with members of the Dallas Police that he believed were his friends. I believe that one of the two cops who came to that rooming house on North Beckley and honked two times for LHO, was Roscoe White. I believe White was exactly as his son Ricky White reported in 1990 -- one of the JFK shooters and the real killer of JD Tippit.

(2) AGREE -- The Texas Theater was a panic decision. LHO failed to buy a ticket because he was in a panic. He didn't care who saw him. He was running from Roscoe White, I believe. LHO was partially relieved, I believe, when several members of the Dallas Police arrived wearing uniforms -- because he knew that they would not kill him in cold blood in a public place. He still believed that his accomplices would come to save him.

(3) DISAGREE -- Mary Bledsoe was not paid or bullied by the Dallas cops, nor was Mary telling the truth to the WC. Mary fantasized about seeing LHO on her Marsalis bus after the JFK assassination. This is easily demonstrated by comparing her flimsy testimony with the more solid WC testimony of the bus driver, Cecil McWatters. Mary's testimony amounts to mere boasting about the fact that she knew LHO before the JFK Assassination, and that she could testify that LHO was a weird person. By imagining LHO on her bus, however, Mary went too far. In her fantasy, that boy who made a fuss on the bus was LHO. Not according to the bus driver. At the mildest we can call Mary's story a case of mistaken identity -- based on hysteria.

(4) AGREE -- Every Dallas official who interviewed LHO while in DPD custody was inside the Radical Right plot, in my opinion. Captain Will Fritz was careful to control LHO tightly, as well as any access to LHO. Chief Jesse Curry, Sheriff Bill Decker and Captain Will Fritz were joined in these final three days of interviews of LHO's life by Dallas Postal Inspector Harry Holmes, and Dallas FBI agents James Hosty and James Bookhout, as well as Dallas Secret Service Agent Forrest Sorrels.

There were several other plotters inside the Dallas Police and Sheriff's Departments, but in my opinion these named above were the main Dallas plotters with ranking titles. A local Dallas civilian with a lifetime of military experience, planned and orchestrated the famous paramilitary attack.

All best,


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