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Top 3 faults of the JFK assassination industry

The KGB knew who killed JFK

Thank you, Paul Trejo, for the kind words in your last blog post about taking a fresh look at the JFK homicide with the assumption that it is a criminal case of murder. The first phase of a murder investigation is to collect all the data from the scene. After all, the murder was filmed, witnessed, and photographed to such an extent that the evidence substantially points to the traits of the murderers. Or, as Paul Trejo says, the evidence points to the traits of the LEADERS in the JFK murder production.

I am not an expert in criminal profiling nor homicide investigations, but I've taken a few classes in criminology and I am informed by the incomparable Mindhunter by FBI man John Douglas; and I consult his follow-up book, The Anatomy of Motive. I also suggest Robert Ressler's books like Whoever Fights Monsters - if you want to appreciate murder scene analysis from the FBI's top profilers. I hate to say it: but the JFK crime scene is easy compared to the complex and clever crime scenes left behind by professional murderers.

We are plagued by the industry arisen around the JFK assassination. The last thing they want is a mindhunter like John Douglas or Robert Ressler poking their noses into the profitable and entertaining industry devoted to conspiracy speculation. Here are three blatant problems in the crime scene evidence as typically handled by the JFK Assassination Industrial Complex (JFKAIC) and the questions they leave unanswered:

1. The JFKAIC skips over the fact that the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas Sheriff's Department are managing all aspects of Dealey Plaza and show up all over the photographic, physical, and witness evidence. What exactly is the detailed role of the Dallas cops in the assassination?

2. The JFKAIC ignores what Dealey Plaza is in relation to Dallas. It is never asked what Dealey Plaza offers that a crowded urban area in the rest of Dallas does not. Dealey Plaza is the law enforcement hub of Dallas. The managers of the JFK assassination chose to commit their crime right at the jail, courthouse, and Sheriff's Department - so who does this point to as authors or participants in the assassination? Who leads or influences the Dallas cops?

3. The JFKAIC completely ignores what death by high powered rifle shot at a moving target tells us about the murderers. The typical assassination "expert" assigns no weight whatsoever to the fact that the assassins choose a risky, circus stunt wild west-type public shootout in the era of untraceable poisons and murders easily made to look like accidents. Who takes so many risks and theatrical effort to kill in a risky public spectacle versus killing silently and efficiently?


1. The Dallas cops are the stage hands and mechanics of the JFK assassination;

2. a. The staring roles among the Dallas police belong to Sheriff Bill Decker and DPD Homicide Chief Will Fritz 2. b. The external influence on the Dallas police are the elite of the Dallas ultra-right: John Birch Society warlords like General Edwin Walker, H L Hunt, Robert Morris, Lester Logue, Clint Murchison, and their assorted hangers-on;

3. The only people who choose to fire on a moving target with a high powered rifle in front of the Sheriff's office are those who have no closer access to the victim than a motorcade in Dealey Plaza and have to kill from a distance. The men who control Dealey Plaza and the men who control these men killed President Kennedy.

I'm going to ask Paul Trejo to tell us more about the Dallas radical right. We believe they produced the murder using the Dallas cops as the stagehands and mechanics. Paul, what were their fears and goals? What were they trying to accomplish? Who are they and what are their known activities?

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