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JFK: Two conspiracies

The crime and coverup are separate agendas

The biggest hurdle most of us have in understanding the Kennedy assassination is getting past the coverup.

In 1976 pioneering researcher Robert Groden outlined the counter-intuitive fact that those who killed Kennedy were at cross purposes with those who covered up the crime. Groden zeroes in on the problem in the attached article, “...the coverup is evident. The conspiracy to kill the president is harder to prove.”

In fact, the Warren Report is a coverup.

However, the testimony, exhibits, and documents published in 26 volumes by the Warren Commission certify conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt.

It’s all right there – right in the evidence collected by the Warren Commission in 1964. There were 3 murders committed in late November 1963 and Dallas law enforcement had a hand in all 3: JFK, police officer J D Tippit, and Lee Harvey Oswald.

The authors of the Kennedy assassination, with the help of the Dallas police, wanted Kennedy's death blamed on a communist conspiracy. LBJ and Hoover derailed the murder conspiracy with a coverup that officially made JFK, officer J D Tippit, and Lee Harvey Oswald the victims of a Lone Nut assassin.

The conspirators were hoping to enrage the American public against communists the way America reacted after September 11, 2001. The coverup was meant to keep the country together and avoid nuclear war. The coverup succeeded, the authors of the assassination failed.

Don’t conflate the crime with the coverup.

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