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Oliver Stone, Thank You.

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Oliver Stone’s landmark 1991 film JFK rekindled so much public interest in the assassination conspiracy that it reshaped public policy. Stone effectively delivered millions of undisclosed documents into the public arena by generating public interest, which in turn forced politicians into releasing withheld evidence.

Stone relies heavily on New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s work in uncovering the New Orleans connections to Kennedy’s murder. US Air Force Colonel Fletcher Prouty’s memories also appear in the film as the Donald Sutherland character who narrates an explanation for the assassination.

History owes Oliver Stone gratitude for his work. Without his film, critical evidence might remain hidden.

JFK generated immense controversy upon its release and remains a touchstone of debate. We specifically support Oliver Stone’s exposure of Jim Garrison’s work, such as:

  1. The realistic picture of 1960s New Orleans-based right-wing extremists like Guy Bannister and David Ferrie

  2. Publicly revealing Oswald as a pretend-communist

  3. Highlighting unappreciated Dallas witnesses in Dealey Plaza, and,

  4. The undeniable portrait of police involvement in the conspiracy

Although we greatly value Oliver Stone's monumental contributions to revealing the conspiracy, we do not agree that Clay Shaw or David Ferrie were “CIA agents.” They were radical right-wing extremists who had very little contact with the CIA and were never CIA employees. The CIA did not kill JFK.

We believe the true authors of the Kennedy assassination are the same type of people who killed 4 schoolgirls in Birmingham a month before Kennedy and 3 civil rights workers in Mississippi months later. JFK died at the hands of ultra-right Southern radicals, headquartered in Dallas.

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