Edwin A Walker 1931
Thirty years before leading the extreme Right, General Edwin A Walker graduated West Point in 1931.
Edwin Walker young officer
Edwin Walker had a brilliant military career and rose quickly to hero status during World War II.
Walker with riffle
Edwin (Ted) Walker grew discontent with America's military posture in the Korean War and 1950s. Walker wanted more hawkish confrontation with communist nations and resented politicians of both parties who sought a compromised peace.
General Walker @ Little Rock
Segregationist and KKK Sympathizer General Edwin Walker was at the forefront of America's Civil Rights battlefield. In 1957 he followed orders and commanded army troops in the forced integration of Little Rock High School. Revolted by civil rights at home and communism abroad, Walker leaves the army in 1961.
Walker didn't retire - he resigned
Walker unmuzzled
After General Walker was forced out of his army command, he was free to speak his mind. Walker was perhaps the most formidable speaker on the right wing extremist lecture circuit.
LA Times: Walker arrested
The army general who was forced to integrate Little Rock high school under orders by 1961 is under arrest for leading anti-integration riots at Ole Miss.
Walker's upside down flag
For JFK's Dallas visit, the flag at General Walker's house flew upside down - an international distress signal.
Walker and Joiner
On November 22, 1963 several members of the anti-JFK fanatics in the Joiner family were arrested. This is General Edwin Walker meeting with Webb Joiner in 1964.
Young Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald lacked a father figure as a child and his mother struggled with supporting her family. However, Oswald had no history of violence.
Lee Oswald and David Ferrie
This picture was unknown until the 1990s. David Ferrie led a boys civil air patrol group in New Orleans which included Lee Harvey Oswald. In the summer of 1963, Ferrie and Oswald were associated with right wing extremist Guy Bannister.
Oswald arrested in New Orleans
An important part of the assassination plan was Lee Harvey Oswald's facade as a radical communist. In the summer of 1963, unprecedented TV, radio, newspaper, and police efforts made a big splash of Oswald handing out pro-Castro flyers on Canal St in New Orleans. He was arrested for a mock fight with John Birch Society figure Carlos Bringuier.
In the days before Photoshop
We know there was a conspiracy to paint Oswald as a violent communist because the evidence of faked photos appeared in Dallas Police files in he 1990s.
Oswald's alias Alex Hidell
Lee Harvey Oswald created a fake ID in the name of someone he knew in he Marines - Hidell. Although 1963 pawn shops, military surplus stores, and newspaper classifieds sold guns with no paperwork required, the authors of the assassination made sure the nominal assassin's rifle was easily traced to Oswald.
Oswald on Canal St
The authors of the assassination hoped the American public's outrage at a communist killing the president would radically change US policy in the Cold War. The task in the summer of 1963 is the theatrical creation of a communist nut, which Oswald played comically well by handing out pro-Castro literature on Canal St. in New Orleans.
Oswald stalked by his killers
Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered at the hands of the Dallas police.
Lee Harvey Oswald arrested
There was no reason to suspect Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of president Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Remarkably, the Dallas police opened and shut the biggest case in US history within 90 minutes.
DPD kills Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald is silenced by the Dallas police.
The payoff
Police officer JD Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald were killed in late November of 1963 in Dallas - along with President Kennedy. Tippit's wife was in an unhappy marriage and received a windfall from generous Americans donating in the aftermath of her husband's murder.
Ruth Paine, Marguerite, Marina
One of the many absurdities in the claim that the CIA helped kill Kennedy is the assertion that one or more of these women were CIA agents.
Spin control
The authors of the assassination obviously intended to generate a reaction from the American people by making sure Lee Harvey Oswald was an officially-designated communist.
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Oswald Self Portrait in Red LP
Spin control by the authors of the JFK assassination desperately wanted the US public to see a communist conspiracy behind the murder. They quickly released albums, books, and articles breathlessly certifying Oswald as a true communist.
New Orleans JFK conspirators map
A better understanding of Oswald in New Orleans comes from appreciating how close key locations are to each other. This map from the New Orleans Times-Picayune.
Clay Shaw Mardi Gras
This is an undated photo of New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw dressed as a Roman Senator for Mardi Gras outside a French Quarter gay bar. Is this man part of the JFK assassination conspiracy? Was he persecuted because of his sexuality?
Yarborough Exhbit A
The horrific attack on JFK was a desperate risk made by those who otherwise had no close access to the president. This was a wild west shootout produced by those with a wild west mentality.
CE2117 Police Parking area at TSBD
The area highlighted in yellow is a locked parking area for use of Sheriff's department officers and staff in 1963. This is where the deadly shots fired on JFK originated.
Oswald's Hands off Cuba flyers
The patsy Lee Harvey Oswald handed out these pro-Castro flyers the summer before JFK was shot. We know Oswald was serving the interests of right wing extremists because Oswald used Guy Banister's address - and Guy Banister was a professional reactionary, a John Birch Society devotee.
Rifle still around
The archaic Carcano bolt action rifle is still around at the National Archives. Can we yet obtain more decisive conclusions from it and the bullet evidence also in archival storage?
Bullets still around
Lots of bullet evidence is still around at the National Archives taken from the limo, JFK's skull, Connally's body, and a stretcher at Parkland Hostpital. Can we not make a more confident analysis of the rifle and the bullet evidence using modern techniques?
Willis5 man behind pergola
This photo was taken by WW2 veteran Phillip Willis. Do you see someone lurking behind the concrete pergola? Willis said there was "no doubt" that the shot that killed Kennedy came from somewhere else besides the Texas School Book Depository.
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Document highlights

Loran Hall's KILL JFK meetings
Killing JFK was not an unusual subject among the radical right of the early 1960s. Desegregation and communism were unbearable and both were attributed to Kennedy.
WT Caley's advanced knowledge
Wealthy financiers of right wing extremist causes were privy to advanced knowledge of the JFK murder.
First reaction is correct
The initial reaction to JFK's murder was as explained here by professional reactionary Billy James Hargis. The first reaction was in fact correct.
The Newmans
The Newmans heard shots from the gunmen shown in he Orville Nix film firing from behind him in the pergola or garden area.
Walker's financier
Radical Right extremists like Walker had wealthy financiers like L P Davis and H L Hunt.
Oswald's job application
This is allegedly the only source the DPD have for Oswald's address - his job application. However, the DPD inexplicably know to show up at a room Oswald is renting elsewhere in Dallas on Beckley St. How do they know about Oswald's rented room and where it is?
TASS tags the Radical Right
The KGB knew who killed JFK through their network of spies in the US and TASS nailed it. The same type people who killed 4 schoolgirls in Birmingham a month before Dallas also killed JFK.
Oswald's job search
Was Oswald looking for a high building?
Advanced Knowledge @JBS
Herman Sheffield did not kill JFK or help kill JFK. However, fragments of information drifted down to even his modest level of right wing activism.
Harry Dean
Harry Dean advises this website as one of the last living witnesses to the conspiracy framing Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder of JFK.
The House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded there was probably a conspiracy to kill JFK.
Ruth Paine
Ruth Paine's testimony before the Orleans Parish Grand Jury connected General Walker to Oswald for Jim Garrison.
Jimmy George Robinson
Jimmy George Robinson assaulted MLK and was a suspect in the JFK assassination. Like confirmed JFK conspirator Joseph Milteer, he was a National States Rights Party enthusiast.
Harold Weisberg
Harold Weisberg not only connects Walker to Oswald for Jim Garrison in this Grand Jury testimony; Weisberg also agrees with us that Warren Commission attorney Liebeler purposefully left the true facts of the assassination in the Warren Commission's written record. Liebeler pins down General Walker's perjury and makes it clear to later generations who he thought was behind JFK's murder. The Warren Commission EVIDENCE is at striking conflict with the official Warren Commission conclusions.
Hosty denies FPCC in Dallas
FBI agent James Hosty knew and tracked Oswald for at least a year before the assassination. Afterwards, Hosty is intensely defensive about the presumption of his incompetence in not sounding the alarm about Oswald. He is in some way attached to the conspiracy to kill JFK because he for the rest of his life insists Oswald is a KGB-linked communist operative, which is precisely what the authors of the assassination wanted the US public to think.
FPCC in Dallas
Hosty denies any Fair Play for Cuba Activity in Dallas because he's already under scrutiny for staying silent about Oswald before the assassination. However, pioneering researcher Mary Ferrell established Oswald's connection to the FPCC in fact began in Dallas.
Oswald contacts the FPCC
A letter from Oswald was received by the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New York from Oswald's Dallas address in April off 1963.
Oswald contacts the FPCC p 2
Lee Harvey Oswald's first contact with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee came while he was living in Dallas in the spring of 1963.
FBI tracking Oswald
FBI Dallas Special Agent Hosty was at minimum involved in the conspiracy to frame Oswald for the assassination and may have been aware of plans to kill JFK. This memo is almost certainly a post-assassination creation by Hosty because it is in response to no inquiry or request for surveillance, it mentions only months-old observations, and Oswald is not even living in Texas at this time. This is Hosty trying to muddy Oswald's character and paint him as a communist who beats his wife.
Was Oswald told to join the FPCC?
Among Oswald's undeniable accomplishments was the destruction of the pro-Castro Fair Play for Cuba committee. When the FPCC was linked to Oswald after JFK's murder, the FPCC quickly disbanded. Was the infilitration and destruction of this domestic political action group in fact one of Oswald's primary services to the authors of the JFK assassination?
Hosty says Oswald could kill JFK
Hosty reveals his uncanny knowledge that Oswald is officially JFK's murderer before there is any evidence connecting Oswald to the crime. Hosty is in a tight spot because he needs to hide the fact that he was very closely aware of Oswald simultaneously with his objective of making sure Oswald and only Oswald is quickly tagged as JFK's killer.
Hosty says Oswald is Soviet trained
Both the Dealey-owned Dallas Morning News and FBI James Hosty desperately want the public to see Kennedy's death as the work of Moscow. Those who try to tie the death of JFK to a communist conspiracy share the same objectives of those who produced the assassination. In some cases, those who try to tie the death fo JFK to a communist conspiracy have roles in the assassination, such as the Dallas police.
FBI's Confidential Informant
Months before the JFK assassination, the FBI had confidential informants giving them information about Lee Harvey Oswald.
General Walker's life mission
General Edwin Walker spent three decades insisting he was targeted by Lee Harvey Oswald in a communist conspiracy. This is a letter to Dallas officials 30 years later asking that the records of his martyrdom be preservered for posterity. Anyone who says Oswald and/or the assassination were part of a communist conspiracy either shares the same goals as those who killed JFK or held an active part in the assassination, like General Walker.
Walker's letter cover
Right wing extremist General Edwin Walker wrote government authorities for three decades asking them to acknowledge his victimhood at the hands of Moscow-trained Lee Harvey Oswald. Anyone who says Oswald and/or the assassination were part of a communist conspiracy either shares the same goals as those who killed JFK or held an active part in the assassination, like General Walker.
Walker to Dallas city 1990
General Walker pleaded for the acceptance of a communist conspiracy in explaining Oswald. Anyone who says Oswald and/or the assassination were part of a communist conspiracy either shares the same goals as those who killed JFK or held an active part in the assassination, like General Walker.
Oswald to Baltimore
One of many loose ends in Oswald's story are the clues that he intended to relocate to the Baltimore-Washington area in the fall of 1963.
Oswald's change of adress
The date here is significant because Lee Harvey Oswald helpfully provides later writers of his official story the precise dates of his move to Dallas.
Oswald's final post office box
Although there's no need to fill out paperwork to receive mail at someone else's address or under an assumed name, Lee Harvey Oswald considers the needs of later investigators by pedantically documenting every move he makes with post office records. This is his final of three(!) post office box forms he filled out in the last year of his life.
Post office solves the crime
Lee Harvey Oswald's enthusiastic use of US post office documents helped establish his official facade.
Oswald's USPS money order
If it were not for a fabulous collection of United States Postal Service documents, the case against Oswald as JFK's killer would not exist.
more Post Office records
The biggest crime in US history depends largely on a plethora of post office documents insofar as it was necessary to absurdly document Oswald's connection to the official murder weapon. In 1963, Dallas has no ID or paperwork requirements to buy a weapon, yet Oswald bends over backwards to create a paper trail.
and more from the USPS
An under-appreciated aspect of the official case against Oswald is its absurd theory that an assassin makes diligent and repeated use of printed US mail items.
Creating Oswald's legend
Dealey Plaza was not accidentally chosen as JFK's death venue and the Dealey newspaper in Dallas was not accidentally focused on trying to make Oswald part of a communist conspiracy. One reason we know that those who covered up the assassination were not the same as those who authored the assassination is that JFK's death was so obviously intended to create a September 11th style reaction against Castro in the American public according to the plans of the original conspirators.
CIA Mexico City Oswald
The CIA didn't employ Lee Harvey Oswald in any capacity unless you believe it sends secret cables like this about its own be discovered decades later.
CIA Mexico City part 2
Unless you believe the CIA created fraudulent secret documents meant to be discovered 30+ years later, all the evidence indicates that Oswald was tracked by US intelligence, not employed by US intelligence.
Tippit gun mail order
The US mail is an essential part of the case against Oswald. This document explains how the cumbersome paperwork of mail transactions conveniently links Oswald to the Tippit murder weapon. In 1963 Dallas, there are no ID nor registration requirements to buy a weapon - so naturally a big time criminal like Oswald makes a special effort to create a pristine paperwork trail to make the case against him easier.
Mary Ferrel explains Tippit pistol
The essential Mary Ferrell explains the Tippit murder weapon.
Why did DPD have this address?
The DPD claims they had no knowledge of Oswald prior to 22 November 1963. Oswald didn't live on Elsbeth on 22 November 1963, so where did they get this information?
Sorrels enters unguarded loading dock
Dallas based secret service chief Forrest Sorrels is an essential conspirator in Kennedy's death and his movements on 22 November 1963 betray his role. This document conveniently explains how Sorrels was inside the Texas School Book Depository without anyone seeing him enter. The cost of using this non-witnessed explanation of entering the building is the admission that the building was unsealed for at least 15 minutes after JFK was shot.
Who is coming DOWN the stairs???
Mary Ferrell's peerless chronologies are alone evidence of conspiracy - in this case she correctly questions the conflicting narrative offered by the police who officially explore the TSBD. In this instance, Deputy Sheriff Mooney says he meets officers coming down from the 6th floor while he's on his way up...yet officially Mooney is the first to discover the sniper's nest. Mooney accidentally told the truth *briefly* since he admits the police were on the 6th floor during the shooting of JFK.
I was Mandarin
DPD officer Roscoe White was seen on the grassy knoll during the assassination yet officially there were no police officers on the grassy knoll.
Roscoe White Tippit Scenario 3rd Decade vol 6 iss 6 1990
Jack White offers his theory on the role of Roscoe White on 22 November 1963.
DPD = Right Wing Extremists
Jack White joins us in identifying a contingent of right wing extremists in the1963 Dallas Police Department.
Decker says Fritz arrives
Bonnie and Clyde's capture came at the hands of Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker and he likewise played a crucial role in making sure the patsy was caught and quickly killed after Kennedy's murder.
Premature designation of the TSBD c
Why was Sheriff Bill Decker sure the Texas School Book Depository was the source of shots when numerous police and other witnesses heard shots from the railroad tracks, the pergola, or the grassy knoll?
Decker's empty timeline
Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker refuses to provide a timeline of his activities on 22 November 1963. He orders all his officers to the grassy knoll because the plan was to find a conspiracy in JFK's death - a communist conspiracy of 2 or more shooters. This was changed later in the day by LBJ and Hoover who insisted on a lone nut explanation. Decker is a key controller of Dealey Plaza and is officed on Dealey Plaza - he is part of the conspiracy to frame Oswald for JFK's death.
Captain Fritz 2:15
DPD Captain Fritz is a ringleader of the Dallas law enforcement's efforts on 22 November 1963.
Fritz calls Craig a liar
The vast majority of Dallas cops in 1963 were honest men, and they were all men. However, Captain Fritz has to call fellow cop Roger Craig a liar because Craig is not part of the conspiracy and tells the truth.
A new photograph
How does a previously undiscovered version of Oswald's famous backyard photos turn up in the garage of DPD officer Roscoe White?
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The financiers
Wealthy right wing extremists paid for the JFK assassination.
Bringuier is employed by Hargis
Carlos Bringuier is an employee of professional racist Billy Hargis, who in turn is a close friend of General Walker. Bringuier stages a fake fight with Oswald in the summer of '63 as a publicity stunt.
JFK: A Free Havana
It is an article of faith among many JFK conspiracy theories that the Cubans hated JFK. Not true. Kennedy increased funding for the CIA, overtly promissed more anti-Casro programs and covertly had another paramilitary invasion planned before the end of the year. JFK did more for anti-Castro Cubans than any other president.
The Joiner family of nuts
The Joiners were arrested on the day of the assassination and were part of the well-documented right wing extremist threat against JFK and all presidents. This is an entry from the Secret Service Protective Research files that was just realeased in April of 2018.
Gore Vidal is right
"...the true right wing conspirators" are in fact to blame for the Kennedy assassination.
Banister introduces Oswald and Bringuier
Oswald was theatrically produced into a Castro-loving commie fanatic for the benefit of the JFK assassination conspirators. This is from Dr Rose in his journal The Third Decade.
Happy JFK is dead...
The National States Rights Party was happy JFK was dead. They shared this sentiment with the Minutemen, the John Birch Society, the White Citizens Councils, General Edwin Walker, and related right wing extremists. This is from researcher John Armstrong.
John Birch Society: Jack Ruby
The John Birch Society is perhaps the most palatable front organization for Radical Right extremists in the early 1960s in that they were given modest attention by mainstream journalists and policymakers. However, the JBS encompassed many subgroups and extremists, like Jack Ruby and H L Hunt. This is from researcher John Armstrong.
Spin control
The Radical Right's purpose in the assassination was to stoke a mood for war against Castro and increased hostility towards global communism. On the day of the assassination they were ready in Washington, aiming to direct the interpretation of Kennedy's murder as an act of Moscow-planned aggression.
DPD Inspector Sawyer fired
DPD Inspector Sawyer was the highest ranking officer on the scene at the TSBD in the aftermath of the assassination. His testimony assures us that the area was left unsecure for at least 15 minutes, giving plenty of time to dress the scene and frame Oswald. Sawyer's relationship with honesty and police integrity was revealed in later years at the time of his forced retirement.
The "liberals" first reaction
The first reaction of the "liberals" and many others was correct. The right wing extremists in Dallas produced the JFK assassination.
Does Oswald drive Ruby's Car?
There are many rumors suggesting Lee Harvey Oswald knew his assassin, Jack Ruby. However, the rumor of Ruby and Oswald knowing each other was in the interest of the conspirators. A telltale sign of the conspirators or their allies is the insistence on referring to Jack Ruby (his legal name) as Jack Rubenstein, his former name. The conspirators were anti-Semitic and believed communism was a Jewish program; they wanted the public to think the communist Oswald and the Jew Ruby were pals.
No Gun Control!
Happy with JFK's death though they were, the extreme Right nevertheless feared it might lead to gun control initiatives.
DPD tracking Jim Garrison
Jim Garrison is an elected official in New Orleans. Why is the DPD tracking him years after the JFK assassination?
Hosty recruiting LHO?
The true knowledge and purpose FBI agent Hosty had about Oswald is one of the essential mysteries in the JFK assassination.
The link between MLK & JFK
We suspect the same group of right wing extremists produced the murders of both JFK & MLK. Police informant Willie Somersett is deep into the group of racial extremists like Joseph Milteer and hears about both the JFK and MLK from the same radical right sources. Somersett is on record BEFORE the assassinations took place. Most of the other so-called cases of advanced knowledge, such as Rose Cheramie and Eugene Dinkin, are not documented until AFTER the assassination takes place.
Earle Cabell is NOT a CIA asset
The lone evidence connecting Dallas mayor Earl Cabell to the CIA is the fact that he signed a secrecy agreement in the 1950s. In Dallas, the mayor position is largely a ceremonial role with the city manager controlling municipal functions, including the police. In any case, Cabell was not a CIA asset, agent, or informant of any kind.
Bolton Ford connected to Ruby and  Paul
Some of Jack Ruby's associates are connected to the Bolton Ford dealership in New Orleans. In 1961, while Oswald is in the USSR, Guy Banister's anti-Cuban group gets a quote for vehicles from Bolton Ford and supplies the name Lee Oswald.
VECIANA: cospiracy peddlar
One of the icons in the theory attaching Oswald to the CIA are the words of Cuban exile Antonio Veciana. Like 100s of Cubans who lived large on the excesses of the corrupt Batista regime, Veciana escaped to Florida and then started promissing the US government he could overthrow Castro. Veciana and all the others did nothing about Castro besides accepting millions of US taxpayer dollars playing James Bond on Miami Beach. Later, Veciana peddled accusations connecting the CIA to Oswald.
James Early Ray and Willie Somersett
The official assassin of Martin Luther King, James Earl Ray, appears in recetly released (2017) documents next to the only documented source of advanced knowledge about the JFK assassination who was on record before the assassination took place - Willie Somersett.
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Warren Commission Highlights

The main argument of this website is that the

type of people who killed Medgar Evers, James Chaney, and 4 Birmingham schoolgirls a month before Dallas  killed John F Kennedy.

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