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Milestones in the
between JFK
and right wing extremists

General Edwin Walker rebuked

June, 1961

General Edwin Walker is relieved of command for indoctrinating troops with John Birch Society literature.  JFK offers Walker a cushy training gig in Hawaii as compensation, but Walker thinks the whole US government is infiltrated by communists. Walker resigns (instead of retires) as a Lieutenant General in protest, forfeiting a comfortable pension. 

H L Hunt opens up a fasionable house on Turtle Creek and an installation into Dallas society for Walker, who goes from a NATO command in Germany to a right wing extremist in Texas with well-funded ease.

General Walker jailed by JFK

October, 1962

In response to General Walker's role leading the riots at Ole Miss against enrolling black student James Meredith, President Kennedy has Walker arrested without a warrant and held in custody for mental illness.

The paper trail begins

March 1963

Anyone can walk into a 1963 Texas pawn shop or gun dealer and buy a cheap unregistered gun with no ID and no paperwork.  However, the officially designated assassin's rifle is an absurdly unusual weapon inexplicably ordered by mail and with an astonishingly comprehensive paper trail.  The evidence is so pat connecting this rifle with Lee Harvey Oswald that it's almost like the weapon was obtained in such a way so as to leave absolutely no doubt as to who owned it.   


Why wouldn't an assassin simply walk into a pawn shop or buy a gun out of the classified ads instead of leaving a perfectly pristine paper trail with a mail order?

General Walker is nearly assassinated

April 10, 1963

General Edwin Walker is targeted by an assassin's bullet while sitting in his study at his home on Turtle Creek in Dallas. 

Although Marina Oswald testifies that Lee admits a role in this attack that very night, she keeps this quiet at the time.  The police and public do not officially connect Lee Harvey Oswald with the Walker shooting until Oswald's confession letter emerges in the weeks after the JFK assassination.   


General Walker mysteriously knows before anyone else that Oswald was behind the April 10th attack at the Turtle Creek house.  Walker starts tracking Oswald not later than the summer of 1963 - as evidenced by the John T Martin film.   

General Edwin Walker will claim for the next three decades that Lee Harvey Oswald's role in the April 1963 attack at Walker's house was known by the Kennedys, whom he says quashed Oswald's arrest and forced Dallas officials into protecting Oswald from punishment.   


Lee Harvey Oswald bolts for New Orleans immediately after the April attack on General Walker.

Click on image and watch General Walker discuss the attack.

Oswald flees to New Orleans

Oswald inexplicably bolts from Dallas to New Orleans in the days following the attack on General Walker.

He gets a job working for right wing extremist William Reily. Several witnesses place Oswald in the pleasant confines of 544 Camp St, home to professional reactionary Guy Banister and the anti-Castro fanatics at the Cuban Revolutionary Council like Carlos Bringuier and Sergio Arcacha Smith.

We believe the JFK assassination was a crime of opportunity hastily planned only once JFK's trip to Texas was made a certainty in the fall. However, the beginnning of Oswald's patsy role in the murder of Kennedy starts in New Orleans, when he is manipulated into creating a theatrical pro-Castro image of himself. 


Someone known in public as a Soviet-Castro disciple was of potential use to the Radical Right in a number of infiltration schemes which were the 20+ year specialty of Guy Banister - click on photo to learn more.

JFK shuts down Lake Pontchartrain camp

July 31, 1963

Radical right winger William McLaney's paramilitary camp across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans in St Tammany Parish is raided by the FBI.  The ostensible purpose of the camp was training for a US-sponsored uprising against Fidel Castro in Cuba.  Lee Harvey Oswald, David Ferrie, Guy Banister, and assorted right wing anti-communists among the Minutemen and Cuban exile community were associated with the camp.  We believe Lee Harvey Oswald was still purposed for an action against Castro as far as HE knew - while higher ups re-tasked their network of southern extremists towards killing Kennedy.

Oswald stages a fake fight with Carlos Bringuier

August 9, 1963

Make-believe communist Lee Harvey Oswald, who hangs out with ultra right wingers like Guy Banister, gets into a theatrical fight with anti-Castro John Birch Society fanatic Carlos Bringuier.  The Canal St altercation in New Orleans gets wildly impressive media coverage thanks to Banister's reactionary friends like Ed Butler and Dr Alton Ochsner.

This "fight" and arrest of Oswald while handing out Fair Play for Cuba Committee flyers helps establish Oswald's commie-nut credentials.  Oswald's pro-Castro facade is incorporated into his Mexico City trip later that fall, where he offers a brag book of his pro-Castro exploits in hopes of getting Cuban & Soviet travel visas.


The critical evidence linking Oswald to General Edwin Walker is the "John T Martin film," which Walker had made of Oswald's arrest on Canal St.  This underappreciated film indicates General Walker was tracking Oswald not later than August of 1963.   The film must have been produced by -or coordinated with- General Edwin Walker.


Click on the photo to see the John T Martin film at the 6th Floor Museum website,.  The film starts with routine but critical scenes in Dallas at General Walker's house and finishes in New Orleans with Oswald's arrest.

Gen Edwin Walker attends a meeting of Carlos Bringuier's anti-Castro group

October 13, 1963

On this day in Dallas, John Birch Society/Minutemen leader General Edwin Walker attends a meeting of the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE), (English: Student Revolutionary Directorate) and contributes $5. Lee Harvey Oswald once offered to help the DRE, whose New Orleans delegate is Carlos Bringuier.

Anti-Castro fanatic and John Birch Society fixture Carlos Bringuier staged a fake fight with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans over the summer - when nominally pro-Castro Oswald was handing out "Hands Off Cuba" pamphlets.

General Walker knew of the theatrical "fight" between Bringuier and Oswald in New Orleans in advance, as proven by the John T Martin film of the Canal St scuffle.

After the assassination, Bringuier and Walker will appear together in such venues as the anti-communist Christian Crusade sponsored by evangelist Billy James Hargis.

The DRE received several thousand dollars in funding from the CIA along with 100s of other anti-Castro Cubans looking to bilk the US government. Unfortunately this is one of the reasons the CIA is linked to the assassination of JFK, even though the CIA had no control over the DRE and certainly no control over John Birch Society fanatics like Carlos Bringuier.

Adlai Stevenson attacked in Dallas

October 24, 1963

General Walker organizes an angry mob to attack UN ambassador Adlai Stevenson while in Dallas.   Stevenson warns Kennedy to cancel his visit.

JFK assassinated in Dallas

November 22, 1963

12:30 pm

J D Tippit, Dallas Police officer, is shot in the middle of the road by a pedestrian

November 22, 1963

Sometime between 12:50 and 1:20pm; subject of dispute

Generally reported as about 1:15pm

Lee Harvey Oswald arrested as a suspect in JFK & Tippit murders

November 22, 1963

1:50 pm

Topless bar owner Jack Ruby kills Lee Harvey Oswald at the Dallas police station on live TV

November 24, 1963


The Radical Right is suspect #1

November 22, 1963

FBI Director Hoover orders all regional offices to ascertain the whereabouts of known radical right figures as they are the initial suspect in Kennedy's murder.  In the first few days after the assassination, FBI agents on their own initiative submit dozens of reports regarding the whereabouts of ultra right wing radicals, who were the presumed authors of the assassination. 


President Johnson and FBI Director J Edgar Hoover quickly decide that assigning the assassination to the work of a lone nut is the best option for public consumption, regardless of the truth.

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