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President Kennedy was not murdered by the


General Edwin Walker was relieved of his command in Augsburg, Germany in April 1961 by the Pentagon.   Not JFK.   Their reason was that Walker caused a shore flap with the US Army newspaper during the Cold War.  JFK offered General Walker another post in Hawaii, but Walker decided to resign from the Army in November, 1961 and forfeit his 30 year Army Pension.  This would send a political message; Edwin Walker was about to enter politics with the help of H.L. Hunt in Dallas, Texas. 


Walker became the poster boy for the extreme Right wing and pretended to be a martyr for the Right Wing   Walker was the source of the long-standing myth that JFK fired him for his John Birch Society connections.  Actually, November 1961 was the second time that General Walker submitted his resignation to the US Army.   The first time was in 1959, under President Eisenhower.

Walker chose the politics of the Dixiecrats.   He favored George Wallace for President, and he ran for the chair of Texas Governor on the segregationist ticket.   After failing that campaign, Walker led a race riot at Ole Miss, seeking to prevent James Meredith's enrollment.   JFK and RFK sent Walker to an insane asylum after those riots failed.

Widespread protests among left and right wings soon extracted General Walker from the insane asylum.   Walker's career in politics was now over, so he chose to go underground.   The photograph displayed here portrays the hour when Walker returned to Dallas at Love Field, directly from the insane asylum.  You can still see tear-gas dust on Walker's sleeve from the actual riot.

The theory of this web site is that Generael Walker was motivated to plot the JFK Assassination in Dallas largely due to the humiliation of this insane asylum episode.   

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