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If the Warren Report was a cover-up, doesn't this prove that the government was in on the assassination?

September 17, 2017

In my opinion, the JFK Kill Team was not the same as the JFK Cover-up Team.  Two different Teams at cross-purposes.   The JFK Kill Team wanted to blame the Communists as a group -- and they wanted to promote the perception of Multiple Shooters.  This was supposed to be a Communist Plot.  That's why Oswald was framed the way he was.


The JFK Cover-up Team wanted to blame Lee Harvey Oswald, and him ALONE for the JFK murder, in order to prevent public hysteria.   They won.  The JFK Kill Team lost in their ultimate goals.  JFK was dead, but the result was disappointing to them -- the US Constitution kept on humming along on schedule.


I will open the door this little crack -- it is possible that J. Edgar Hoover supported the Radical Right all the way through the JFK assassination, and then betrayed them at the last minute, promoting his original Lone Nut CT which undercut the main goals of the Radical Right.  That's not impossible.  Until and unless that's proved however, it seems to me that J. Edgar Hoover possibly saved the USA from WW3 by means of his Lone Nut CT.

Jim Garrison and the Radical Right

March 7, 2018

I get my orientation here from Dr. Jeffrey Caufield.   He told me personally in 2013, before he published his work on General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy (2015), that he had full access to all of Jim Garrison's papers, and what he saw curled his hair.


For one thing, Jim Garrison did not propose a CIA-did-it CT at the start or peak of his investigation in New Orleans.   On the contrary -- Jim Garrison's original CT was a Radical Right CT, very much like that of Jeff Caufield today.


Jim Garrison did not yet suspect General Walker, but he did suspect Kent Courtney, Guy Banister, the KKK and many other top figures in the Radical Right there in Louisiana. 


In the opinion of Jeff Caufield, the main reason that Jim Garrison switched to a CIA-did-it CT was that the Radical Right in Louisiana put considerable pressure on Garrison -- threatening his life and his family -- and so the CIA-did-it CT was a tremendous relief -- because the CIA would never "confirm, deny or discuss" these matters with anybody except POTUS.


So, the CIA-did-it CT was evidently a secondary CT for the safety of Jim Garrison.  His first choice was a Radical Right CT, but nobody in the USA was willing to follow him there, and the life-and-death threat was too high in the South.   


Jim Garrison always hoped to get more help -- but the FBI (and the US Government) was now married to the successful Lone Nut theory of Lee Harvey Oswald -- and in fact today most Mass Media anchors still accept this half-century old hag as US History.

Was Oswald in the USSR as a US intelligence agent?

March 12, 2018


...if former CIA agent Victor Marchetti was right, and LHO went to the USSR as a "dangle" for the ONI, that has no necessary connection with the JFK Assassination.


In my CT, if LHO was a "dangle" for the ONI in the USSR, then something  happened in the USSR to cause him to sharply break with the ONI. 


I say this for three reasons: (1) when he returned to the USA, his Marine discharge status was downgraded to "undesirable"; (2) when he returned to the USA, he did not have a steady, full-time job with the ONI, or with any intelligence agency, but at best he was a contract informant for the FBI, part-time; and (3) when he returned to the USA, he and Marina lived in abject poverty, in roach-infested apartments, where the baby's crib was a suitcase, with Marina seriously In need of medical and dental attention, and with LHO losing weight.


So, I say again -- even if the ONI sent LHO to Helsinki, and sent him into the USSR, it didn't last, in my reading.  And so there was no straight-line from the USSR to the JFK Assassination as John Newman and many others have presumed.

Roy Truly - witness to history or conspirator?

March 19, 2018


[Texas School Book Depository Superintendent Roy] Truly was sincere, IMHO, and this is how it happened.


1.  Within one minute of the JFK Assassination, motorcycle cop Marrion Baker sped to the TSBD.  In the opinion of Baker, the shooter was actually on top of the roof.  He thought he saw this from his position in the JFK parade, from the corner of Main and Houston streets, riding his motorcycle, and looking up at the TSBD when the shots rang out.  He saw the pigeons fly away, and he was certain that the shooter was on top of the roof.   So he sped there, and he ran inside.


2..  Roy Truly followed him, because Roy was in charge. 


3.  Baker demanded the elevator to the roof. Roy Truly tried to get the elevator, but it was not responding.  So he showed Baker to the stairs. They both ran up the stairs.  Allegedly they met Lee Harvey Oswald on their way upstairs.   Baker estimates meeting Oswald less than 2 minutes after the JFK Assassination.


4.  When they finally got to the roof, Roy Truly argued with Officer Baker, insisting that the shots came from the Grassy Knoll.   "No!" insisted Baker -- they came from the roof, so be careful, because the shooter is probably here, and has a rifle!


5.  They searched the roof thoroughly.  They searched all around the perimeter.   Roy Truly pointed down to the west side of the TSBD, and said, "Look at all those people gathered near the Grassy Knoll!  They know what happened!"  "No!" insisted Baker!  Keep looking here, and be careful!


6.  On the east side of the TSBD was a fire escape.   Roy Truly said he worried that the shooter might have rushed down the fire escape.  (Perhaps the shooter left his rifle).


7.  They searched the tool shed on top of the roof.   Finally Baker was convinced that the shooter had escaped -- they were too slow.  He gave up.


8.  As they headed back down the stairs, they met DPD Chief Lumpkin coming up the stairs.  This should give a timeline of their search on the roof.


9.  By this time, then, Roy Truly says that the TSBD was "full" of DPD cops.  Cops everywhere, and each one was shouting orders to civilians.   So, it was probably 12:45 by now, or thereabouts.


10.  Some of those DPD officers were rounding up Negroes who worked at the TSBD.  They were all suspects, as far as they were concerned -- probably Communists.


11.  When Roy Truly saw that, he got involved personally, because these were all his book pickers -- they all worked for him.


12.  The DPD cops ordered Roy Truly to account for all his men.  That was when Roy noticed that two of his men were missing.


13.  However -- although two were missing, one was accounted for -- all the workers knew where he was, and could vouch for that.  However, NOBODY COULD VOUCH FOR LEE HARVEY OSWALD.


14.  This was partly because the workers did not know Lee very well, and did not know where Lee went for lunch, when he happened to leave the building for lunch.


15. So, that was when Roy Truly told the DPD cops -- and Chief Lumpkin -- that all were accounted for except Lee Harvey Oswald.


16.  That was when Chief Lumpkin said they should report that to Captain Fritz, once Roy Truly got Oswald's contact information.


17.   So, Roy called TSBD records and got Lee's contact info, and wrote it down, and he and Lumpkin went upstairs and Roy gave it to Captain Fritz.


... Roy Truly was not a conspirator, as far as I can see today.

Was New Orleans mafia kingpin Carlos Marcello involved in the Kennedy assassination?

March 28, 2018


My current opinion is that Marcello was small potatoes compared with the Radical Right in the US South.   Leander Perez was far more fearsome and powerful than Carlos Marcello ever dreamed.   Carlos, to get power, had to hold on tight to Guy Banister and David Ferrie -- who were beacons of the Radical Right in New Orleans.


Carlos Marcello was willing to pour hundreds of thousands of his crime-based dollars into the hands of Banister and Ferrie -- and Banister was happy to funnel much of that money into the New Orleans Minutemen.   These hardened mercenaries would practice paramilitary maneuvers with Cuban Exiles there near Lake Pontchartrain -- on a swamp owned by Carlos Marcello,and managed by David Ferrie.


Although in 1963, JFK and RFK had made it illegal to finance  Cuba Raid groups like Interpen and La Sambra, this was no problem for Carlos Marcello, who lusted for revenge against RFK almost as much as General Walker himself.


Yet it was the Minutemen themselves who were the truly feared bunch -- because they didn't get rich on what they did -- they barely made ends meet -- they barely paid their surgeons for their most recent wounds.   They were fanatics who would fight Fidel Castro for free if only they didn't need food, water, boots, bullets and bennies.


If their leaders only pointed to somebody, and said the words, "Commie rat," then that person would not last the day.


These were the people that worried JIm Garrison the most.   Jim knew a lot about them.   He had probably been invited to join their number on occasion, since he had been a fighter pilot during WW2.   Most of the Minutemen were former US military guys.   They were fiercely patriotic -- if by patriot one means Radical Right guys like the Interpen, Loran Hall and Gerry Patrick Hemming.


The Radical Right did not want Jim Garrison to get too close to the JFK case.   It wasn't the mafia that scared Jim Garrison.  He could always run to RFK about that.   This was different.

What was FBI Agent James Hosty's role in Dallas?

April 3, 2018


...James Hosty continued for the rest of his life to claim that the JFK Assassination was a Communist Plot.


Hosty did not belabor that point to the Warren Commission -- but privately he did.  By contrast, several WC witnesses insisted to the WC that the Communists killed JFK -- so they challenged the WC for interrogating the Dallas Right wing.   I cite WC witnesses like General Walker, Robert Alan Surrey, Robert Krause, Bernard Weissman, Revilo P. Oliver, and many more.


The tell-tale sign that Dallas FBI agent James Hosty was inside the JFK plot is, IMHO, revealed in his book, Assignment Oswald (1996) in which he rails from the beginning to the middle to the end of his book, that Lee Harvey Oswald knew KGB assassin Valeriy Kostikov, and met him in Mexico City -- thereby proving the Communist Plot.


This is where the genius of Jim Garrison comes front and center.   Garrison showed that Lee Harvey Oswald was a Fake Communist, and he was the leader of a Fake FPCC in New Orleans.   Garrison also showed that Lee Harvey Oswald traveled to Mexico City with  Fake Communist credentials, prepared with help from Guy Banister and his crew at 544 Camp Street.


It is impossible, in my view, that Dallas FBI agent James Hosty was ignorant of these facts -- and so his stubborn insistence that Lee Harvey Oswald was a Real Communist is transparent dishonesty.

Dallas County Sheriff Bill Decker

April 8, 2018


ON [Dallas County Sheriff] DECKER:   Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker is hiding many secrets.  This is the reason for his "minimal" testimony -- in my opinion.   The main secret is that he was in collusion with Jesse Curry, Captain Fritz, James Hosty, Forrest Sorrels and their closest assistants, in support of General Walker in the selection of Dealey Plaza as the perfect site for the JFK Assassination (i.e. it was already  metaphorically owned by the Sheriff's Office).  


General Walker also selected Lee Harvey Oswald as the "Communist" to blame for the JFK Assassination.   The Dallas Police would ambush JFK in support of Walker, and then kill Oswald in the streets in support of Walker, minutes later.   (Oswald was sufficiently framed as an FPCC Communist in New Orleans the previous summer -- in newspapers, radio and TV.)


Bill Decker arranged for his Deputies (esp. Luke Mooney) to plant the rifle and shells and to "discover" them within one hour after the JFK shooting.  This was plausible because they won possession of Oswald's rifle early in the morning.  Somebody convinced Oswald to bring his rifle to the TSBD that morning and hand it over to a trusted colleague outside of the TSBD.


Bill Decker's connection with General Walker and the Dallas Radical Right focused on the Dallas Minutemen, who faithfully followed General Walker.   Walker was a follower of the John Birch Society, but was more radical than the average Bircher, because Walker was willing to take risks and put his beliefs into action.   For example, Walker led the Ole Miss riots of 9/30/1962 to support the Bircher goal of impeaching Earl Warren for his Brown Decision (1954).   Though many Birchers frowned on the Ole Miss riots, this was Walker's interpretation of the literature, and he always insisted on taking action against anybody that he believed were Communists.   Walker had many followers in Dallas.


ON [Dallas Deputy Sheriff Eugene] BOONE:  There is no way, IMHO, that Boone checked his watch when the Oswald rifle was "found".  Instead, he checked the Dallas Police Radio Record for the time.   That's why it was exactly correct.   No other reason.   Deputy Boone did anything that Sheriff Decker told him to do.  That explains all his actions on 11/22/1963, in my opinion.


Yes, I realize all this is speculation -- but all I really want to bring out here is the HIERARCHY.


The Dallas JFK plotters follow a HIERARCHY that is already in place in Dallas, namely, the HIERARCHY of the Dallas Sheriff's Office and the Dallas Police Office.   At the top of the Sheriff's Office is Sheriff Bill Decker.   All the Deputies named in the WC reported to Bill Decker as a matter of professional loyalty and honor.  All the Policemen named in the WC reported to Jesse Curry and Captain Fritz.   This same HIERARCHY continues in the Dallas JFK plot.   


I'm not stating this as a fact -- I'm stating this as a proposition -- a hypothesis about HIERARCHY to test ...

What about the first cops at the Texas Shool Book Depository?

April 12, 2018


The WC evidence tells us that DPD motorcycle cop Marrion Baker was the first Dallas Policeman inside the TSBD.  He heard the shots when he was at the corner of Houston and Main -- he was a only a few dozen feet away from Luke Mooney, Buddy Walthers, Roger Craig, Seymore Weitzman and the other Dallas Deputies, watching the JFK parade from the corner of the Dallas County Jailhouse. 


Yet Marrion Baker wasn't paying attention to them when the JFK shots rang out -- he was looking straight ahead at the TSBD, and he saw a flock of pigeons fly away from the roof of the TSBD building at the moment of the shots.   He quickly recognized the sounds as gunfire, and he presumed the shots came from the roof of the TSBD.   His WC testimony is clear and credible, in my reading.

Baker sped his motorcycle to the TSBD, parked it quickly, and ran inside.  Roy Truly saw this, and ran inside behind Officer Baker, seeking to be of service to the Dallas Police.   In my CT, Baker and Truly are utterly ignorant of any JFK plot.   They innocently trust their instincts.  Baker's instinct is to rush to the roof with his own pistol ready-to-hand, and Truly's instinct was to serve the Police as a supervisor of the TSBD building.


Baker timed his entry later with a stopwatch.   It was a matter of seconds -- as little as 75 and as much as 90 seconds -- before Baker and Truly stopped Lee Harvey Oswald, and then let him go, so that they could speed upwards to the TSBD roof. 


Where was Deputy Luke Mooney at this time?  He ran with the other Deputies to the Grassy Knoll picket fence, and jumped over to look into the parking lot and railroad yard there.   At the very fastest they needed 30 seconds to run 300 yards.  In my estimate, the motorcycle of Marrion Baker arrived at the TSBD first, because his motorcycle was probably faster, and he only had to travel 300 feet to the TSBD, while the Deputies had 870 feet to run to the picket fence.


In any case, after the Deputies jumped over the picket fence, they spent time time looking around there.   Mooney said that was only "a few seconds" but I'll take that as a figure of speech.   I gather it was a matter of a couple minutes.  But by that time, Officer Baker and Roy Truly were either on the TSBD roof, or almost there.


Then, Dallas Deputy Luke Mooney decided to go to the 6th floor of the TSBD -- to be by himself.

Dallas Deputy Buddy Walthers testified that at this time, he walked over to the lawn of the park across the street from the picket fence, to look around for shells.   We can see from film footage of this time that Dallas Police were running to and fro in a fairly disorganized manner.  Buddy Walthers confirms this. 

Walthers said that he then met James Tague, and walked to the triple overpass where Tague was standing when his face was nicked by a bullet fragment, and Walthers looked for a bullet mark in the sidewalk, and by the trajectory decided the bullets had to come from the TSBD.   This was close to 10 minutes after the JFK shooting, because we have a photograph of Walthers at the Dealey Plaza park lawn, and the Hertz clock says 12:40. 


It was around this time that Walthers says that he told Deputy Alan Sweatt that the shots came from the TSBD, and from that moment forward, police began to swarm into the TSBD.   Before that moment, said Walthers, the Dallas Officers were a disorganized mess.

Other Dallas Officials claim that they, at least, were at the TSBD, at some point watching or guarding the entrances.  Yet the official time for ordering the sealing of the TSBD was 12:43.   So, it appears that Buddy Walthers might be correct -- his timing agrees with this.

HOWEVER -- given all that background -- my point is that there were Dallas Police and Deputies inside the TSBD from some unknown period of time.   We know this because Luke Mooney said that when he ascended the stairs to the 6th floor -- only "a few" minutes after the JFK shooting, two Deputies were coming down the stairs! 


This is my point -- that no ordinary (innocent) Dallas Officers under these tense circumstances would just stop and dally with other Officers.   Marrion Baker was certain, he said, that the shots came from the roof, and that the shooter did not have time to leave the building, because he went so fast.   Roy Truly objected -- "No!  The shots came from the Grassy Knoll area!  West of the TSBD!"   

From the TSBD rooftop, Roy Truly pointed down to the huge crowd of spectators and Dallas Officers behind the picket fence, as evidence.   "No!" replied Baker.  "The shots came from this roof!  Be careful!  He may still be here, and he's dangerous!"  And Baker searched every inch of the roof, seeking signs of ANYBODY having been there.   There was a tool shed on the roof, and Baker carefully opened the door, pistol in hand, to look inside.  Nothing.   He looked at the fire escape as a possible escape.   

Baker did not time his stay on the TSBD root, except at one point -- when he says that when he and Truly decided to come back down, they met DPD Inspector Herbert Sawyer coming up the stairs!    Yet Sawyer drove to the TSBD after hearing about it on the Dallas Police Radio -- and he was blocks away.   By the time Sawyer arrived and managed to take charge, and "seal the building," the Dallas Logs say it was 12:43 -- thirteen minutes after the JFK shooting.


In any case, even before 12:43 and the official, orderly sealing of the TSBD, the impression I get from WC witnesses (unclear about TIMING) is that the TSBD was "swarming" with Dallas Officers.  Organized or not.


My point is that the Dallas Police and Deputies did not cooperate as they wished -- they usually needed orders, and presumed that other Officers were acting on orders.   Baker took it upon himself to rush to the roof of the TSBD, yet he probably paid no attention at all to any other officers on his way down, except superiors.   Inspector Sawyer gave Baker no  orders.   Baker testifies that he was sorely disappointed that his instincts were wrong.  There was no sign at all of anybody on the roof of the TSBD -- and he had been so sure.   He went out in search of the other motorcyclists in the JFK parade.   His JFK story was over.


So -- finally -- my impression is that Baker and Luke Mooney were not the only Dallas Officers in the TSBD in those first 10 minutes after the JFK shooting.   There were a few others, but they were operating in pairs or alone, during their duty.


My biggest worry is about the "two Deputies" that Luke Mooney saw coming downstairs when he was going upstairs.   Who were they?   What were they doing there?    Luke Mooney never told us.  

Do other WC witnesses mention them?   Well -- Deputy Roger Craig's timing of the period before finding the shells and the Oswald rifle on the 6th floor offers the most clues, IMHO.   Roger Craig implies that the Dallas Deputies were the first in the TSBD, and they fussed on the 7th floor,  and sent Roger Craig to the County Jail to get as many flashlights as he could carry.   (Also, Alan Sweatt's affidavit offers a quantity of Deputies at the picket fence and TSBD -- namely, fifteen.)


So -- SOME Dallas Deputies were on the upper floors 10 minutes after the JFK shooting.  Were they guarding the 6th floor to ensure nobody bothered them?  


In my opinion -- Dallas Officers did not interfere with others, but presumed that each was putting his life on the line for Law and Order that day.   Dallas citizens usually felt the same way -- you never question the intentions of the Dallas Police.    For a half-century, scrutiny of every WC witness except the Dallas Police has been the norm

Why is Oswald's timeline in the immediate aftermath of the assassination so confused?

April 13, 2018

The activities of Lee Harvey Oswald after the JFK Assassination were probably planned originally to be no problem.

Oswald was picked up by an accomplice in a station wagon and driven away.  The accomplices would be identified as Communists.  Ruth Paine would be Communist number one, along with her station wagon.

But after 3pm CST the new dogma of the Lone Nut came out of Waggoner Carr and Henry Wade's offices.

It was at this time that Fritz and Curry had to "find" new things in Oswald's pockets.

This is why their timeline looks so sloppy -- this and the fact that Tippit failed to shoot Oswald in the street

What was Lee Harvey Oswald's role in the Kennedy assassination?

March 7, 2018


In my CT, Oswald was never aware that he was a pawn in the game of Ex-General Edwin Walker.  In another ten days after the Walker shooting, Oswald was on his way to New Orleans.

This was no accident, in my CT.  As Dr. Caufield (2015) showed, General Walker and Guy Banister moved in the same political circles in the South.


It was a bit of good luck for Walker that one of Guy Banister's boys, David Ferrie, had known Oswald from years ago.  This was probably Oswald's first contact into the Radical Right Wing.

Again, Oswald was drafted into the Radical Right by General Walker, but Oswald had no clue of this.  Oswald only knew that a voice from the past invited him to New Orleans to try out for a "full time job in the CIA," namely, his old mentor, David Ferrie.  Of course, Ferrie was never really in the CIA, and this was a total sham.


In my CT, Oswald didn't know it was a sham.  The job, he was told, was to assassinate Fidel Castro.   In order to do this, he would need his own Fake FPPC in New Orleans.


This would explain why there was no FPCC in Dallas.   The idea arises in the sheep dip devised by David Ferrie in New Orleans for Guy Banister, and ultimately for General Walker.   In my CT, Oswald still doesn't know that he's now a member of the Radical Right.  He is told that he is working on a project that will get him into the CIA as a full-time employee.   He believes the lies being told to him by David Ferrie and Guy Banister in New Orleans to this effect.


It helps, certainly, that there are others in New Orleans who are also promoting this lie.  Clay Shaw, for example, claims to be a CIA employee.  (He was once a CIA informant, but that is a far different matter).  Fred Crisman also claimed to be a CIA employee.  He was no such thing.   Jack S. Martin also claimed to be a CIA employee.   He wasn't.


The grain of truth in their charade is that they were working on a plot which the CIA was also working on at that time, namely, the assassination of Fidel Castro.   That the CIA was likely interested in this rag-tag band of mercenaries is shown in David Atlee Phillips' manuscript, The AMLASH Legacy (1988).   It seems DAP was just as fooled by this Fake FPCC as Oswald was.

Was JFK at war with the CIA?

September 7, 2017

Just because JFK said he wanted to "tear the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind," does not mean we should take it literally.  He was angry.  People often speak in hyperbole when they are angry.  Everybody knows that.


JFK was also worried that the CIA was possibly too Republican for his purposes, so he pushed back and asked the Pentagon to help him out on this score -- and that certainly put the fear of Jesus into the CIA.  But that's still no reason to kill the Commander in Chief.


The fact remains -- JFK actually increased funding for the CIA in 1962-1963.  Also, JFK increased covert operations, including Operation Mongoose, which was RFK's idea (something that Jim Garrison didn't know, but was demonstrated in 2005 by Lamar Waldron).


No, the CIA wasn't as worried about JFK as the CIA-did-it CT has told us over the past 50 years.  We should really feel comfortable looking elsewhere for the killers of JFK.


Finally -- let's define Radical Right, please.  Radical Right, to me, means revolutionary in the anti-American sense.  Radical Right wants to overthrow the US Government, marching down the street and chanting, "Jews will not replace us!" and carrying Nazi torches, chanting "Blood and soil!"


Think of the people who started the race riot at Ole Miss in 1962, because one Black American (James Meredith) wanted to be a student there.  Think of the people who shot Medgar Evers in the back in his own driveway in June 1963, because he had helped James Meredith become the first Black American on the Ole Miss campus.


These are not members of the US Military, the FBI or the CIA.  One cannot belong to a Radical Right political party and also belong to the US Military, the FBI or the CIA.  Think even FARTHER to the Right.  Then you will more clearly envision the people who really killed JFK.

The Basics

September 7, 2017

I was privileged to file through the (not-yet-indexed) 90 boxes of the personal papers of General Walker at UT Austin.  I found no smoking gun (as the files were sanitized before donation, I believe) but I did find a lot of circumstantial evidence.


The conclusion I draw from these papers is that General Walker connected himself with Lee Harvey Oswald and JFK in various leaks to the newspapers, starting 18 hours after the JFK assassination, and going to the end of his life.  He kept clippings of these articles in his possession.

The justification for his deed also features in his personal papers.  For example, the Grand Jury transcripts (available noplace else) of General Walker's testimony defending his behavior at the Ole Miss racial riots of 1962, as well as the psychiatrists who testified against him in court -- are part of those personal papers.  

Though General Walker was a heavily decorated WW2 hero, he was no scholar.  His library consisted not of books, but of magazines -- mostly John Birch Society magazines, as well as magazines from various Radical Right and racist organizations in the USA.  He was an avid segregationist.   For him (as for the JBS) the Civil Rights Movement was a Communist Plot, pure and simple.

The Deutsche-Nationalzeitung article was a Walker production.   Whatever National Enquirer articles came out about Oswald and Walker -- were Walker productions.  The same with early Newspaper articles and other scandal rag articles.  Walker wanted people to link him with Lee Harvey Oswald for eternity.  (Walker was proud of his deeds.)


When Robert Blakey showed on TV a pristine bullet to stand in for the Walker bullet -- Walker called his lawyer and wrote his Congressman.  This is an outrage!  Only the AUTHENTIC Walker bullet must be shown on TV, he demanded (and sounded like an old crank).  But he was serious.

Walker got income from the sale of his Radical Right speeches, and from a fan club called, "Friends of Walker."  He was leader of his local John Birch Society clutch in Dallas (which always met at Austin's BBQ on weekends, when JD Tippit worked there).  He operated a telephone message service for his cause, and he published a periodic Newsletter for his fans.  

Here is a snippet from his Friends of Walker Newsletter from June 12, 1968, upon the occasion of the assassination of RFK.  


If authority, in the hands of the Attorney General and the Justice Department had not seen fit to free Oswald and his associates in the attempted assassination of Edwin A. Walker — there is no reason to doubt that President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy would be alive today.  (Edwin Walker, 6/12/1968)


That is just the tip of the iceberg, Ty.  I heartily recommend the book by Jeff Caufield, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015).  


Jeff Caufield has seen not only the Walker papers at UT Austin, but also the Walker papers all over the USA.  Whatever Jeff has shared with me, I have shared with this Forum over the years.  The same with Harry Dean.  The same with Ruth Paine.   The same with Gary Schoener, and the same with Larrie Schmidt.  


The CIA-did-it CT has had 50 years to prove that point, and failed.   I'm pleased that Jason Ward has chimed in on this thread, because his own research is even more scientifically intensive than mine.  He doesn't yet buy the Walker CT, but like you he's impressed with the Radical Right CT. 

For Further Reading

September 19, 2017

In addition to the books by Caufield and Hosty, I can recommend several others to support a Radical Right CT.

1. Treachery in Dallas (1995) by professor Walt Brown.
2. Who Was Jack Ruby? (1978) by Seth Kantor.
3. From  an Office Building with a High Powered Rifle  (2010) by Don Adams
4. There's a Fish in the Courthouse (ch. 44, 1971, 1987) by Gareth (Gary) Wean ***
5. Power on the Right (1973) by former-FBI agent William Turner

And of course the Lopez Report (2003) and the Simpich eBook: State Secret (2014).

*** NOTE: The CT by Wean makes H.L. Hunt into the leader of the Radical Right, with General Walker at his side.  Here's a summary link:

Were there any CIA employees involved in the Kennedy assassination?

September 10, 2017

I believe we must take seriously two confessions from CIA employees regarding the JFK assassination.  I refer to E. Howard Hunt's taped deathbed confession to his son, which is now famous.  He also names David Morales (IIRC).


I also refer to the quasi-confession of David Morales to his friends, Ruben Carbajal and Bob Walton, when they were drinking heavily, and the topic turned to JFK, and Morales said, "Well, we took care of that SOB, didn't we?"  Carbajal and Walton were stunned, and regarded this as a personal confession by Morales.


In my reading, these two CIA employees were running too closely with the Radical Right which was heavily supporting Cuban Raid programs through mercenary groups like Interpen, and people like Frank Sturgis, Gerry Patrick Hemming and Loran Hall.  The latter three were not CIA officers, but they were often receivers of cash from CIA sources for their Anti-Castro activities.  


In my reading, David Morales, through Frank Sturgis, seduced Howard Hunt to subscribe to a Radical Right conspiracy already in progress.  Hunt said he "was on the sidelines" of the conspiracy.  Mark Lane took Howard Hunt to court by using Marita Lorenz as a witness, and convinced the court that Hunt was a cash provider to a group including Frank Sturgis, Garry Patrick Hemming, Lee Harvey Oswald, a few others and herself. (cf. Plausible Denial, 1991).


In my reading, the CIA as an organization was not involved -- and I think this was demonstrated scientifically by Bill Simpich with his free eBook at the Mary Ferrell site, namely, State Secret: Wiretapping in Mexico City (2014).  Simpich discovered -- brilliantly I think -- that the CIA started a top-secret Mole Hunt to find out who had used the Mexico City Cuban Consulate telephone on or around the final weekend of September, 1963 to impersonate Lee Harvey Oswald.


Two CIA officers are therefore implicated -- and two confessed.  So, we do have two.  But only two, in my reading.  And they were ROGUES -- involved with the Radical Right strictly OUTSIDE of the official CIA.

What do you mean by the term "Radical Right?"

September 30, 2017


...let's define our terms...


1.  What is the difference between Right and Radical Right, in 1963.  That's the question.  Let's not move time forward past the JFK assassination.  It's the period from 1954-1963 that we should be discussing, IMHO.


2.  Generically, Radical Right always speaks of the violent overthrow of the US Government for racist purposes.


3. ... those who call for lower taxes, Christian values, a strong military and Freedom for Capitalism might be called Rightist (yet some Liberals are for these, too), but these alone can never make Radical Rightists.


4.  There are some other values that I see on the Radical Right: White Supremacy; a Racial War in the USA that results in the suspension of the US Constitution, a State of Emergency, and control of the Government by the Military; and expulsion from the USA all Jews, Chinese, Mexicans, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and colored people.  (A smaller number also want to expel Catholics as well.)


5.  The crux of the Radical Right in the USA in my opinion, is the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).  All the other Rightist movements in the USA are related in some hidden, secret, shame-faced way, to the KKK, admit it or not.


5.1.  Although the John Birch Society denounced racism and Antisemitism, they continued to turn a blind eye to their exclusively WASP chapters in the American South and West.


5.2.  The slogan, "Impeach Earl Warren," had one overwhelming meaning coast to coast, namely, "Repeal Brown vs. The Board of Education" of 1954.  This was the main cause of the Radical Right in the USA, from 1954-1963, IMHO.


5.3.  For example, the so-called "Citizens Councils" were originally called "White Citizens Councils".  That would be offensive outside the Deep South, so the name was softened.  The politics did not soften.  The "Citizens Councils" continued to lobby for school segregation to the bitter end (as well as keeping coloreds out of their neighborhoods).


5.4.  Guy Banister tried to run for office in Louisiana based on his opposition to the Brown Decision.


5.5.  Ex-General Edwin Walker tried to run for office in Texas based on his opposition to the Brown Decision.


5.6.  "Impeach Earl Warren" was one of their favorite slogans.


6. Guy Banister and Joseph Milteer had the same politics -- Segregation.


6.1.  Let us add the segregationist preacher, Reverend Billy James Hargis to that number.  Also, his mentor, Reverend Carl McIntire.   


7.  Barry Goldwater chose to work within the US Constitution, and he avoided all talk of a violent revolution to overthrow the US Government.  He cannot be counted among the Radical Right.


8.  The mere willingness to leave Jim Crow alone cannot be counted on the Radical Right.  


8.1.  To be counted among the Radical Right, one must insist on a return to the days before the Brown Decision; that is, to strictly segregate the races, and to oppress all colored people, with no mercy or pity.


9.  Curtis LeMay chose to work within the US Constitution.  This is proved by his membership in the Pentagaon.


10. George Wallace chose to work within the US Constitution.  This is proved by his running for US President. 


11. Richard Nixon chose to work within the US Constitution.  This is proved by his running for US President. 


12. J. Edgar Hoover chose to work within the US Constitution.  This is proved by his leadership of the FBI and his relentless investigation of the US Radical Right.


13. Allen Dulles chose to work within the US Constitution.  This is proved by his leadership of the CIA and in the Warren Commission. 


14. LBJ chose to work within the US Constitution.  This is proved by his refusal to seek a second term.


15. Strom Thurmond chose to work within the US Constitution.  This is proved by his membership in the Senate.


16. The Cabell brothers chose to work within the US Constitution.  This is proved by the elder's leadership in the CIA, and the younger's Mayors seat in Dallas. 


17.  Very wealthy Civilians are unlikely to be Radical Right, because an overthrow of the US Government would also allow an overthrow of Capitalism -- which would be against their self-interest.  (This happened in Nazi Germany).


18.  The Pentagon brass chose to work within the US Constitution, obviously, by their membership in the Pentagon.   


19.  E Howard Hunt confessed on his death-bed to a "sidelines" role in the JFK assassination plot.  He said that Frank Sturgis (a civilian) had invited him into the plot.


20.  An average cop or civil servant in places like Bogalusa, New Orleans, Selma or Dallas, IMHO, remains a Civilian.  It is therefore 50/50 whether they were capable of joining the Radical Right in their cities. 


20.1.  In the opinion of Professor Walt Brown, the most likely of successful assassins in any city, would be close to the local police, or members of the local police. 


21. In summary, the Radical Right wishes to overthrow the US Government by violent means.  Nobody who works in the US Government is a likely candidate.  Nor is any Capitalist (esp. the super-rich) likely to wish the overthrow of the US Government -- they are far more likely to work for a major voting shift in the direction of a Conservative Party. 


22.  The Radical Right in the USA is always linked -- at some level -- to the KKK.  That's my perception

Harry Dean and the Minutemen

September 30, 2017

Having been regrettably involved in those times, I must say it was in the works to slay several people via Minutemen if they in anyway were targeted as socialist/communist enemies in any political positions.


The death of JFK made it no longer necessary, as the JBS first five year plan 1958-1963  coup plans had seized a well influenced, almost passive political opposition.


MM 28515

Harry Dean



Hello Harry,

Thanks for joining this thread.   Thanks, also, for posting your Minuteman number: #MM-28515.


I accept most by far of your eye-witness account of the JFK plot that occurred in Southern California, with General Walker, along with Loran Hall and Larry Howard supporting Guy Gabaldon.


The context was the John Birch Society (JBS) and the Minutemen organizations in Southern California, with Guy Gabaldon leading the local boys.  Gabaldon, a war hero from WW2 and a Mexican American, belonged to the "Radical Right" in terms of Anticommunism to the point of violence.  The Minutemen were very much to his taste.


Guy (Gabby) Gabaldon was an aging WW2 hero, whose career is briefly summarized in Wikipedia.  A Hollywood movie made of Guy's WW2 story, Hell to Eternity (1960) is still available.  Gabby also wrote a book about the late 1950's and early 1960's, "America Betrayed" (1990), which speaks about his own Cuba Raid Group.  He also speaks about his hatred for JFK and RFK, and even a bit about assassination plots.  


Gabaldon doesn't name Loran Hall or Larry Howard in his book, but he does speak of his own Cuba Raid group that he organized, until RFK banned them all.  You connect them all in several places and times together with yourself in your memoirs (Crosstrails 1990).  


As you told me, personally, you and Gabby would collect paramilitary supplies from well-heeled JBS, and store these carloads of supplies in your garages, till they were stuffed.  Then, Loran and Larry would come by regularly with a trailer, and y'all would load the trailer.  Then, they would take these supplies to NOLA and Miami, to Cuban Exile, Minutemen and Mercenary training camps.  Interpen was one of the beneficiaries of these supplies.


The Minutemen contacted you as a pre-approved member shortly after you befriended Guy Gabaldon in Southern California, you told me.  I have tried to contact the sons of Guy Gabaldon, but they never returned my mail or phone calls.  Yet you say that you met these sons when they were very young, there in Guy Gabaldon's house.


Then, as you told me, you and Gabby attended a post-JBS meeting in the office of Congressman John Rousselot of San Gabriel County (where I grew up).  In that meeting in September 1963, General Walker led a group of Minutemen and Radical Rightists and explained that he had identified Lee Harvey Oswald as a Communist who was now in New Orleans boasting of his FPCC office, but he was now a marked man in Walker's conspiracy.   JFK was also a marked man, said Walker.


You supported the conversation to the best of your ability, telling the group that you had also been an officer of the FPCC, and you had also warned the FBI that the FPCC was Communist, armed and dangerous.  So, you warned them to beware of any FPCC officer.


You told me that you thought this was just another Minuteman team-building exercise, and didn't take it fully seriously.   JFK was regularly insulted in these meetings.  Yet you remembered the name of Lee Harvey Oswald, because as a former officer of the FPCC, you could partly identify with him.

Then, after JFK was assassinated, and when Lee Harvey Oswald was presented to the public and then killed two days later, you began to recognize exactly what happened.   You told me that you reported what you knew to the FBI multiple times -- but no record has yet been discovered of your several reports. 


I believe you, Harry.  As an advocate of a Walker-did-it CT, I believe you are one of the most important living witnesses of the JFK assassination.  I have said this for more than 5 years on this Forum.  You are the only source of your memoirs, a 100 page document, IIRC, called "Crosstrails" (1990).   I think all readers here should be aware of your memoirs. 


Very best regards,
--Paul Trejo

What about the Warren Commission?

October 9, 2017

Actually, the truth is right there in the Warren Report and FBI documents -- but one must read with careful discernment.   The SBT is make-believe, but the rest of the WC testimony is as good as GOLD.

In 1971, one of the former assistants to Allen Dulles, whose name was Jacques Zwart, published a book entitled, Invitation to Hairsplitting. A Hypercritical Investigation into the True Function of the Warren Commission and the True Nature of the Warren Report (1971).


Zwart begins his book with a story.  He and Allen Dulles were having coffee, and the subject of the Warren Report came up.  Allen Dulles then told Zwart words to this effect: "The full story of the JFK assassination is in the Warren Report -- but one must become an expert at hair-splitting."

Of course Allen Dulles knew that the Warren Report had conveyed a false conclusion.  So did Earl Warren.  So did J. Edgar Hoover.  So did LBJ.   So did a lot of people (although not everybody on the Warren Commission knew the full truth -- because even some of these could not see the forest for the trees).


Earl Warren was kind enough to convey the REASON why they could not tell us the whole Truth -- it was a matter of National Security.  By saying this to us, he told us bluntly that the Warren Report had provided a false conclusion.


Yet the full 26 volumes of the Warren Commission hearing and exhibits are much larger than the single-volume Warren Report.  All the truth is there -- but we must become experts at hair-splitting.

What Jason Ward is finding is that there are many FBI documents out there which have not yet been perused, because so many people in the CT community are obsessed with some version of a CIA-did-it CT.   They keep looking in the wrong places, and requesting the wrong FBI documents.

We have barely scratched the surface of the Walker-did-it CT, and we have spent more than a half-century on the CIA-did-it CT.


The full truth of the JFK assassination is in the Warren Commission volumes -- if one carefully focuses on the WC witnesses from the Radical Right.


I suppose it does take some political savvy to distinguish the shades of Right wing -- become some Right wingers are entirely innocent of the JFK murder.  But when we focus intently on the Radical Right -- the ones who published t he WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK handbill, for example, we have them cornered.  The Truth is there.

Oswald got his job at the schoolbook depository through Ruth Paine.  Doesn't this mean Paine is somehow part of the assassination conspiracy?

October 12, 2017

1.  It was not ESSENTIAL for the Patsy to be working at the TSBD.     Not in the slightest.


2.  The only ESSENTIAL aspect was that the Patsy hand over his rifle.


3.   Gerry Patrick Hemming's rifle was also in the possession of the FBI on 11/22/1963.   There were likely plenty of others.


4.  LHO handed over his rifle early in the morning.


5.  At that point, all that was needed was to shoot LHO in the street.  Evidently, that was what JD Tippit was about to do when he himself was killed.


6.  LHO was already sufficiently sheep-dipped in NOLA to make an open and shut case.


7.  But the JFK plotters really wanted to give the impression of MULTIPLE Communists in the plot.   None of this [Lone Nut] baloney.


There was no need to place Oswald's place of employment in the TSBD.  The JFK Kill Team only needed to have possession of Oswald's rifle.  They could have claimed to have found it in the bushes -- in the grassy knoll -- behind a car -- anywhere.


Remember -- please -- that there were eye-witnesses around the TSBD building who told police immediately after the shooting that they had seen a rifle and a shooter at a 6th floors window of the TSBD -- yet it took Dallas police over 40 minutes to gather at the 6th floor, to "seek" the murder weapon.   Who can doubt that Oswald's rifle was placed there?    So, it could have been placed anywhere.

The key is that they had his rifle -- and that he lived somewhere in Dallas.   All they had to do now was shoot him on sight.  The rifle and the NOLA episode would have been enough to convict him in the eyes of most the world.  We know this is true, because that is exactly what most people still believe.

The TSBD was entirely optional. 

If Oswald had not worked in the TSBD, then his rifle would not have been "found" in the TSBD.   It did not matter to the JFK Kill Team, who really wanted the public to believe this was a Communist Team Plot -- with lots of shooters.

How could General Walker and the Radical Right manipulate the Secret Service protection for Kennedy?

October 12, 2017

1.  The Secret Service has two broad parts -- the Headquarters in Washington DC, and the local offices in each large US city.


2.  The Secret Service Headquarters in Washington DC was not now, nor ever was, a part of the Radical Right.


3. However, individual members at local offices in large US cities, like Dallas, could more easily go rogue, and some did.


4.  It is my opinion that Forrest Sorrels, who was also present during the last hours of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, was a rogue Secret Service agent from the Dallas office, who cooperated with the Radical Right.


5.  It is my opinion that no member of the Secret Service from Washington DC was aware of the JFK plot, nor engaged in it.


6.  It is my opinion that the Secret Service was to blame, however, for the breakdown in US Government leading to JFK's death.


7.  The department in the Secret Service that failed was the so called "PRS," or "Protective Research Section" of the Secret Service.


8.  It was the duty of the PRS to contact the local FBI in each city, to determine if there were any dangerous people in any city in which the US President would visit -- that would constitute a danger to the US President.


9.  For JFK's visit to Dallas in November 1963, the PRS asked the Dallas FBI for dangerous people.  The Dallas FBI replied, "NONE."


10.  The PRS asked the Dallas FBI, "are you sure?"   Because it is extremely rare to get an answer of "NONE" to this question.


11.  The Dallas FBI replied, "Yes, we are sure."


12.  The PRS asked the Dallas FBI -- who published these handbills, WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK (which had circulated for weeks in Dallas before 11/22/1963).   


13.  The Dallas FBI replied -- "We have tried to find out, and we don't know."


14.  The PRS replied, "OK, thank you.   All systems are go."


THAT was the breakdown.  That scenario was admitted under oath by all relevant WC witnesses from the Secret Service and the FBI.  All of them.

It was the breakdown because the Dallas FBI and SS knew for a fact that the Radical Right in Dallas was dangerous as hell.

Somebody would have talked by now if your theory is correct.

October 13, 2017

When Gary Patrick Hemming was a member of this [the Educational] Forum back at the turn of the century, he was often just as cryptic as he was during most of his interviews -- but he once shed a bright light on the reason he was so cryptic.

He told us that in the Radical Right underground, so many people had swindled rich people by promising to kill JFK and taking money, that when JFK was finally killed, these swindlers returned to their rich prey, and blackmailed them, demanding more money or they would tell the police that these rich folks gave money to kill JFK.

So -- after the JFK assassination, a lot of rich people hired mafia hit-men to kill these Radical Right blackmailers!   There were so many of these cases, said Garry Patrick Hemming, that anytime anybody seemed too talkative about the JFK assassination, these rich folks would just hire another mafia hit-man to kill them!

It was a regular cottage industry!

That is why Gerry Patrick Hemming said he would never tell the truth -- there were too many people who were now paranoid that THEY were going to be fingered for giving money to this or that person who promised to kill JFK -- and nobody really knew WHICH money went to the real killers!   So, mafia hit-men were having a field day!

Hemming said he was truly afraid of being targeted by some paranoid rich idiot who had nothing to do with the JFK assassination, but thought he might because he once gave a Radical Right boaster some money.  There were HUNDREDS of these people, he implied.

How could a handful of right wing extremists in Dallas not only pull off the Kennedy assassination but also the Warren Commission cover up?

October 16, 2017

There is no way that the JFK plot had to be bigger than the Dallas Radical Right.   I believe you are selling the Dallas Far Right too short.  They had almost no opposition in Dallas.

The lines I draw between the Radical Right and the US Government are very clear and reasonable.  They exist.  The Radical Right hates the US Government and wants to destroy it.  That's their very definition.


For the Radical Right, the US Government is controlled by the Enemy (however a given sect defines Enemy: Communists, Jews, World Bankers, etc.)   (By the way, the reason I use the term, Radical Right, is because Jeff Caufield uses that term -- correctly.)

When you say that the JFK assassination was "a big and sophisticated operation" you must mean far more than the sneak, guerilla attack of Dealey Plaza.   That only took a few seconds and a few dozen people.   It was tiny.

So, you must mean the JFK Cover-up, which took hundreds of people, coordinated over all the USA for many months.  However, I have carefully separated the JFK Cover-up Team from the JFK Kill Team.  I have shown how the JFK Cover-up Team did in fact consist of the US Government, led by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI. 

The JFK Kill Team killed JFK in Dealey Plaza and tried to use Lee Harvey Oswald to blame the Communists for the assassination, to inspire the USA to invade Cuba and take it back from the Communists. 


The US Government, on the other hand, blamed Lee Harvey Oswald alone as the Lone Nut, to calm America down, and to undermine the Radical Right.  It worked.

As for any connection between the sly, political fox, LBJ, and the life-time, closeted homosexual, Edwin Walker, there could never be any connection.  LBJ was a genius (in domestic politics, not in international politics) while Edwin Walker graduated at the bottom of his class.  LBJ loved the USA, while Edwin Walker wanted a racial war in the USA so that he could get revenge for his failed life.

Edwin Walker's reading material was almost entirely magazines -- for his entire life.  The only books he ever read were military ballistic manuals.  He was brilliant (or at least supremely well-trained) in military maneuvers.   We continually forget that Walker was a lifetime, seasoned, US Army veteran.  Give him the proper credit -- and voila! -- you have Dealey Plaza.

Jack Ruby is so crooked he has to be a conspirator, right?

October 27, 2017

Because the FBI Director hid so many JFK Records, even many FBI agents were chasing rainbows.

One of the main rainbows to chase was Jack Ruby.   In my Walker-did-it CT, it is clear that Jack Ruby had nothing whatsoever to do with the JFK assassination, and was only exploited by the JFK Kill Team to kill Lee Harvey Oswald on Sunday, 11/24/1963, and nothing else.

Yet, the fiction literature linking Ruby and Oswald is enormous.  Then, since Jack Ruby was a member of the Mafia -- the sexy literature that the Mafia killed JFK (perhaps over the death of Marilyn Monroe) became enormous.

Even Professor G. Robert Blakey (HSCA 1979) fell for it, in his  book, Plot to Kill the President (1981).  He later recanted.

...The whole truth about Jack Ruby was told by a news reporter in Dallas who knew Ruby well -- I'm speaking of Seth Kantor.  His book, Who Was Jack Ruby (1978) is useful to a Walker-did-it CT, because he at least blames the Dallas Police -- which is half-way home.

Nothing about the Mafia or Jack Ruby can be related to the JFK assassination except MONEY.  Carlos Marcello threw money toward anybody who promised to kill JFK.  So did Santos Traficante.   (Sam Giancana only financed efforts to kill Fidel Castro, evidently.)

Did J D Tippit and/or Bernard Weissman meet with Jack Ruby at the Carousel Club?

October 30, 2017

1. The Tippit-Ruby connection amounts to sheer rumor and hearsay -- without merit, IMHO.

2.  J.D. Tippit had a reputation of never looking anybody in the eye when speaking with them.  It was unnerving to many, they said.  He was a man of too few words -- and that also bothered some people.  He seemed oddball to some, but he was painfully shy in polite company.  In private company, as his many mistresses have said, he could be boisterous.  His shy attitude held him back in his career, I have read.

2.1.  Incidentally, his father claimed that J.D. Tippit could quick-draw and successfully shoot a bird in the air, IIRC.   His father never saw a better shooter, he claimed.

2.2.  Incidentally, the initials, "J.D." stand for nothing at all.  In Texas in those days, it was not uncommon for boys to be named with only two initials.  


3.  J. Edgar Hoover wanted Jarnagin's rumor to be fully investigated -- that was the extent of it.  Jarnagin was the only bozo who claimed that J.D. Tippit met Ruby and Oswald at the Carousel Club.  It was simply another case of mistaken identity. 


4.  Jeff Caufield confirms that J.D. Tippit was introduced to the John Birch Society by members of the branch led by General Walker at Austin's BBQ in Dallas, on the weekends.  Mae Cook merely says she saw J.D. Tippit at that BBQ joint -- very credible.  As for her other guesswork involving Oswald, she admits it's guesswork, and it has no merit, IMHO.


5.  Since they lived/worked in approximately the same area of Dallas, it is no surprise that Tippit and Oswald might have eaten at the same restaurant at the same time -- sitting at different tables.   It's not necessarily a case of mistaken identity -- but it has no teeth unless they spoke to each other -- which the witness never claimed.


6.  Even though Tippit's marriage was on the rocks, and he had mistresses, and at least one illegitimate child -- she was the legal wife, and so she was legally entitled to all money that came to the Tippit household as a result of the JFK assassination tragedy.


7.  The story of Carl Mather is a simple case of "mistaken identity," IMHO.  He did not see Oswald hiding inside a car hidden behind a billboard near the Tippit scene.  His story of the license plate number written on a slip of paper failed when he failed to present the slip of paper.  Simple case.


8.  Bernard Weissman was a patsy in the Black-bordered Ad.  It was not his money -- he was broke at the time.  The money came from rich oil men inside the John Birch Society.  These money sources were interviewed by the Warren Commission. Also, the wording came from members of the John Birch Society.  Weissman contributed at most two words.  His pal, Larrie Schmidt, talked him into using his name in the Ad -- he didn't want to do it.  But the John Birch Society (and Larrie Schmidt) felt strongly about using a Jewish name in the Ad -- as a decoy.  To the Warren Commission, Weissman did not blame General Walker directly -- but said that Larrie's brother, Robbie Schmidt, who was Walker's live-in chauffeur, had a cache of WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK handbills on the back seat of Walker's car.  Weissman was indeed terrified that Walker would be to blame, and that he  himself would be implicated.  But he had no proof.


9.  Mark Lane cannot be forgiven for spreading the false story of WALDO regarding the claim that Bernard Weissman (a straight-laced, uptight fellow) was seen at Ruby's Carousel Club.  It was not his kind of joint.  Bernard Weissman confronted Lane directly and threatened to sue him unless Lane would retract.  Lane retracted.

How do you explain the backyard photos of Oswald with guns and communist literature?

November 7, 2017

I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to be a CIA double-agent so badly that he could taste it.  I believe that he trained himself to do many sneaky, spook-type tricks, with letters, numbers, photographs, and so on.  His job at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall was a dream come true for him, because of the world-class photographic equipment available to him, even after-hours, possibly, including weekends.  Like a personal playground.

I feel confident in this opinion, because I accept as a FACT that Lee Harvey Owald created his Fake ID for Alek J. Hidell at Jaggars-Childs-Stovall.

If Oswald created his Fake ID at JCS, then he was also encouraged to go further, to see what else he could FORGE.   It was the fakery, the trickery, that he liked so well.

In my humble opinion, Lee Harvey Oswald kept alive a fantasy that the CIA would be impressed with his double-agent antics.  This kept him going, despite horrible poverty.  He probably kept this belief close to his heart -- and it probably got him into big trouble at the end.

Anyway -- why would Oswald fake the Backyard Photographs?  Two words.  Plausible deniability.  

It is my opinion that Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to be known by George DeMohrenschildt and Volkmar Schmidt (and perhaps others they knew) as the man who killed General Walker.  This was therefore a dangerous photograph -- potentially incriminating. 


Remember that Oswald was only 23 years old at the time -- married with a child, but no steady job -- still an immature  young man in many ways.


Anyway, despite this social immaturity, Oswald was a very bright person -- bright enough to teach himself Russian (by using Berlitz methods).  He loved to read 007 novels.  He knew about plausible deniability -- and he evidently decided (in my opinion) to create FAKE Backyard Photographs.

Given the photographic evidence of Jack White ..., that Roscoe White was certainly the body-double of Oswald in the Backyard Photographs, then I must have a CT to explain how this was possible. 


Knowing that Roscoe White was a member of the Radical Right (according to his son, Ricky and his alleged diary), then this CT must try to explain how Lee Harvey Oswald would get the cooperation of White.  

First, both men were in the Marines at about the same time.  Secondly, both men were stationed near Atsugi AFB.  Their association would therefore have been related to some version of a Right or Radical Right scenario.  I believe that Roscoe White was either a member of the Friends of Walker, or the Dallas Minutemen (along with JD Tippit) and was a firm supporter of General Walker (along with Gerry Patrick Hemming, Loran Hall, Larry Howard and Harry Dean).  

On this basis, Lee Harvey Oswald probably (in my opinion) convinced Roscoe White to help him FAKE the Backyard Photographs.  He would have (in my opinion) told Roscoe White that he was interested in being a double-agent, and getting a full-time job in the CIA.  This was the true part of the story.  Roscoe agreed to do it on these grounds.

What Lee Harvey Oswald did not tell Roscoe White was about two friends -- George DeMohrenschildt and Volkmar Schmidt (alias Messer Schmidt).  They hated General Walker.  They would have preferred to see General Walker dead.  Volkmar Schmidt convinced Oswald that General Walker was "as bad as Hitler," and "if somebody had killed Hitler early, a world war could have been avoided."

So, the shooting of General Walker -- which Oswald was planning as early as March, 1963, was a secret that Oswald kept from Roscoe White.  So, in a sense, Oswald showed his contempt for Roscoe White, and stabbed Roscoe White in the back with the BYP.   I believe that White kept one of the BYP as possible evidence against Oswald.

But as for Oswald, he always knew that if the police ever found his BYP, he could always say -- "That photo is a FAKE!  I know a lot about photography and I can PROVE that it's a Fake!  That's just my face pasted onto somebody else's body!"

...Does this mean Marina Oswald lied about taking the backyard photo(s)?

Marina Oswald -- as she repeatedly testified -- took one, and only one, of the Backyard Photos.

The Warren Commission attorneys refused to believe her.  They became red in the face, almost shouting to her that she was wrong.

They had TWO photographs in their hands -- TWO, TWO!!

Finally, Marina Oswald, exhausted from the incessant pressure, said words to this effect -- "Well, you have two, and I distinctly remember pushing the button only once.  My only explanation is that I know nothing about cameras."

Marina Oswald did take ONE and ONLY ONE Backyard photograph -- but today we have FOUR.   So, what happened?

Also -- what happened to the black clothing that Lee Harvey Oswald wore for that camera shoot?  He didn't own black clothing.

My explanation: (1) the ONE photo that Marina took was to get the FACE of Lee Harvey Oswald to paste onto the body; and (2) the clothing that Oswald wore for that ONE photo was owned by Roscoe White.

The REASON for the ONE photo that Marina took was (i) so that even Marina would be confused about it; and (ii) so that Oswald's face would be at approximately the same position, in approximately the same sunlight, in the same environment, to paste onto later photographs in which Oswald and Roscoe White would cooperate.

So, that's my CT about the Backyard Photos.

Why does Oswald go to Mexico City after his 1963 summer in New Orleans?

November 27, 2017


I personally see good reasons for Lee Harvey Oswald to be in Mexico City during the final week of September, 1963.  


Guy Banister was the main plotter for putting Oswald in Mexico City during that week.   I find these goals in the evidence presented by others -- so it isn't stuff I've made up.  Let me recount some of these goals here:

1.0.  To continue the sheep-dip of Lee Harvey Oswald coming to its end in New Orleans.  


1.1.  This is demonstrated by the Lopez Report (2003) which documents the Fake FPCC Resume that Oswald brought with him from New Orleans to MC.  It's a direct, 1 for 1 connection.


2.0. To convince Lee Harvey Oswald to continue to play along for at least two more months.


2.1.  This included Guy Banister's deceit of David Atlee Phillips, that the main purpose for the Fake FPCC in New Orleans was to sneak Oswald into Cuba, in order to meet and support another group inside Cuba to assassinate Fidel Castro.


2.2.  This is demonstrated -- in my opinion -- by the novel manuscript, The AMLASH Legacy (1988) by David Atlee Phillips, in which he claims he was helping to groom Lee Harvey Oswald in a plot to assassinate Fidel Castro.   I take this to be based in fact.


2.3.  It is also demonstrated by Marina Oswald's repeated testimony that LHO wanted to go through Mexico City to Cuba, Cuba and only Cuba.  Period.  Never the USSR.


3.0.  In my opinion, Michael, the Telephone Impersonation of Oswald in MC was not an original part of the plan.  It was an afterthought.


3.1.  In my reading of the Lopez Report, our Fake FPCC director, Lee Harvey Oswald, took his Fake FPCC Resume to MC because he thought the Mexican Consulate clerks were dumb enough to grant him a passport to Havana based on those "credentials" alone.   When they refused, Oswald made things up as he went along.  


3.2.  Lee Harvey Oswald went to the Russian Embassy -- to put on a show for the Cuban Consulate.   Oswald had no appointment there.


3.3.  My evidence for this is the book, Passport to Assassination (1996) by former KGB officer, Oleg



3.4.  According to Nechiporenko, there was no appointment with Oswald, who was unknown to them,  and the meeting with Valery Kostikov was accidental.  Oswald and appeared "psychotic" to them, wrote Nechiporenko.  


3.5.  Therefore, based on this, I surmise that the Telephone Impersonation of Lee Harvey Oswald on October 1, 1963, was a last-minute afterthought from somebody connected with Guy Banister.   This person somehow learned what happened at the Soviet Embassy, called Guy Banister, and exclaimed, "Hold your horses!  We have an important new development here!"


3.6.  Bill Simpich's discovery (2014) of a top secret CIA Mole Hunt takes off exactly on this last-minute decision.


3.7.  Another reason for supposing that the Telephone Impersonation of Oswald was impromptu was because it was a COLOSSAL FAILURE within only ONE HOUR.  The CIA knew quickly that this wasn't Oswald.


3.8.  To add something new to my CT -- Jason Ward has convinced me that Bill Simpich's guess that David Morales might have been the Impersonator is probably mistaken, because David Morales and his voice were too well known at the CIA office in MC, and he could not risk being recognized.  


3.9.  But the Telephone Impersonator was, in my opinion, somebody with two connections: (1) with Guy Banister; and (2) with the Mexican Government or CIA in MC.


4.0.  In my CT,  Lee Harvey Oswald did not guess for one second that he was set up at any time, until 24 hours before he was dead.


4.1.  My evidence is Oswald's November letter to the Soviet Embassy in Washington DC which mentions the name "Kostin."   Oswald had no recollection that the guy in MC was named "Kostikov" because he had no idea who Kostikov was, anyway.


4.2.  In my theory, Guy Banister told Lee Harvey Oswald to write that letter.  In the mind of Lee Harvey Oswald, his deal with Guy Banister and David Atlee Phillips was as strong as ever.  Oswald totally expected to be given his life-long dream -- a full-time job in the CIA.


4.3.  LHO expected this, because, if LHO had truly succeeded in assassinating Fidel Castro as he believed he was being groomed to do -- David Atlee Phillips certainly WOULD HAVE given LHO a full-time job in the CIA.  


4.4.  LHO expected this, too, because Guy Banister had been promising this to Oswald from the very start.  


4.5.  I believe that Oswald rushed to New Orleans in the last week of April, 1963, because Guy Banister, through David Ferrie, tempted Oswald with this promise of a job in the CIA if he played ball.


4.6.  Little did Oswald know at the time -- that Guy Banister was a close companion of General Walker, seeking revenge for the April, 1963 shooting at Walker at his Dallas home.  Walker learned that Oswald was one of two shooters the very next weekend (according to Dick Russell, TMWKTM, 1993).   


4.7.  For my evidence about the link between Banister and Walker, I reference the book, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy, by Jeff Caufield (2015)

What does the method of killing Kennedy tell us about who killed Kennedy?

January 1, 2018


I want to remark on the uniqueness of your recent strategy -- a question in which you bracket the Motive for the JFK Assassination, and concentrate only on the Method of the JFK Assassination.  

Your logic begins with the axiom that  "most of the time, the method of murder has little to do with the motive."   

If the US Government (i.e. the CIA) wanted to kill JFK, it is unlikely that they would have used the crudest possible method, open to possible detection.  They would have been super-smooth about it.   Washington DC isn't Hollywood.

Let's look at Dallas for a moment, as part of the "method" of killing JFK.   The Dallas County Jail was only one block away from the TSBD.  In 1963 (said a Dallas tour guide) public executions were still performed inside the Dallas County Jail building.

Also, the parking lot behind the picket fence of the Grassy Knoll was a parking lot for Sheriff's Deputies and other Dallas County Jail workers in 1963.  It was regularly occupied by Dallas Deputies, Police and Officers in uniform and in plain clothes.

As historian Walt Brown (1995) argued, if money or outsiders were involved, we would have seen a lot of blackmail.  The best assassins are natives; fanatical volunteers; highly skilled; easily blended with the locals; immune from local authorities.  For Walt Brown, the Radical Right members among the Dallas Police best fit this bill.

The Dallas Police controlled the manpower, the motorcade route, the crime scenes, the witnesses, the evidence, the media, the suspect, the release of suspects, the suspect’s family, the investigation.  


According to Walt Brown, the Radical Right members among the Dallas Police did not fail -- they succeeded brilliantly.  The Dallas Police violation of the evidence and scene of the crime was nothing less than brilliant.

Why Dallas?  Why General Edwin Walker?

January 1, 2018

Dallas was the US capital for Radical Right fanatics in 1963.

The king of those fanatics was Ex-General Edwin Walker -- who led the protests against James Meredith as the first Black American to attend Ole Miss University on September 30, 1962 -- and who was sent to an insane asylum on October 1, 1962 by JFK and RFK for his efforts.

After a Grand Jury acquitted Walker in January, 1963 from all charges related to Ole Miss, he vowed revenge in his speeches to the Radical Right, coast to coast.  Most of the USA forgot all about General Walker, but the USA Radical Right made Walker into their poster-boy, so to speak.

Walker lived in Dallas, where he enjoyed extraordinary popularity and liberties.  Walker was still a pal of H.L. Hunt, the richest man in Dallas, and Walker was a force to be reckoned with in Right-wing Dallas.  

According to former FBI Agent, William Turner (late member of this Forum) in his book, Power on the Right (1973), one had to be a member of the Radical Right (with the KKK welcome) to get a job on the Dallas Police in those days.

Scholar and authority Chris Cravens (1993) reported that when UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson was humiliated in Dallas on October 24, 1963 (only four weeks before the JFK Assassination), it was well-known in Dallas that Ex-General Walker had been the organizing force of his Radical Right quislings to accomplish this task.

FBI agent James Hosty wrote in his book, Assignment Oswald (1996) that his main FBI task in 1963 was to track "General Walker and his Dallas Minutemen".  

Ex-General Walker was the leader of the Radical Right in Dallas when JFK rode through town.  The Radical Right in Dallas was just desperate enough to believe that they could blame the Communists for the murder of JFK.   Following the lead of General Edwin Walker -- they would have done that, IMHO.

Who would try to shoot a moving target driving by in a convertible, with 100s of witnesses and dozens of cameras?

January 3, 2018

Stop looking at who benefits from the murder and start looking at:

  • Who thinks this is the best way to kill JFK?  

  • Who would choose Dallas?  

  • Who would choose long range rifle shots?  

  • Who would choose a moving target?  

  • Who would choose risky uncontrolled variables like the Dallas doctors, the witnesses, the home movie makers?


  1. The Radical Right thinks that a military-style ambush is the best way to kill JFK, partly because they were still living in a 1940's mindset. 

  2. The Radical Right would choose Dallas, partly because they virtually owned the town.

  3. The Minutemen among the Radical Right would choose long-range rifle shots, partly because they were mostly military trained.

  4. The Minutemen among the Radical Right would choose a moving target, partly because of the challenge to rifle expertise.

  5. The Radical Right would choose uncontrolled variables, because they were convinced they could fool the USA into believing the Reds killed JFK.

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