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Who Killed JFK? Rob Reiner Opines

OK, I love Rob Reiner's movies like most folks, so, like lots of folks I've started listening to audio podcasts of Rob Reiner's new podcast series, "WHO KILLED JFK?"

Since Rob has not published any books on the topic in the past 60 years, I'm going to guess that Rob is going to give us his guess based on reading the same books that the rest of us have read. You know -- Sylvia Meagher, Harold Weisberg, Mark Lane, Jim Garrison, Dick Russell, Doug Horne, Mary Ferrell -- folks like that.

One problem. Our site has been saying for more than 5 years that the CIA didn't kill JFK.

We admitted that three CIA rogues did kinda sorta confess (E.H. Hunt, D. Morales, and D.A. Phillips). Yet the vast majority of CT books out there say that the CIA-did-it -- that is, the Federal Agency of the CIA killed JFK. Not just some rogue drunks. I don't see a good case. Endless "what if's".

Our research -- mainly in the Warren Commission (WC) documents themselves -- reveals a DALLAS PLOT pure and simple. There were many radical rightwing rogues nationwide who helped them. Sure. Some FBI, SS, DPD, and CIA rogues are to be expected. But again -- from then till now -- blaming the CIA has failed consistently for nearly 60 years.

All we are saying is give Dallas a chance. ANYWAY -- I'll listen to all the hours of Rob's new podcast while playing Sudoku, ears perked just in case something truly NEW comes up -- which I doubt will happen in the case of us old-timers.

OK, we all know that former Secret Service Agent Paul Landis just this year finally explained the famous Parkland gurney bullet. Big whoop. The pristine bullet on the gurney remains in play just as in the old WC days. So, I don't count that as something really new.

Also what is not new is Reiner's promise to "name names," even shooters' names. Many others folks have tried that before, from all CTs including Mafia-did-it, Castro-did-it, FBI-did-it, CIA-did-it, LBJ-did-it, Khrushchev-did-it, endlessly.

My personal question will be which well-known authors Rob will echo. If I'm wrong, I'll apologize.

I appreciated Dick Russell's classic dive into the problem of General Walker, Robert A. Surrey, and Larrie Schmidt in Dallas in the midst of his colorful, CIA-did-it orientation. Nobody has yet found a genuine smoking gun. It always seems the final evidence has gone missing. (But being good forensic scientists. . .)

I appreciate Doug Horne, too. Also Edwin Lopez. Also David Lipton. And other great writers out there -- yet none of them has proved the CIA did-it.

On the other hand, newer authors are looking into Dallas itself in 1963. I'm speaking of Gayle Nix Jackson and her exciting book, "Pieces of the Puzzle" (2017) in which she interviews as many folks of WC interest stll alive but outside of Dallas -- and then interviewed Dallas families with members also of WC interest.

I also extol Jeff Caufield's his 900-page monument to the Dallas-did-it library, "General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy" (2015).

I will also hold up Walt Brown's academic triumph, 'Treachery in Dallas" (1995) which liberated my intellect all those decades ago with his unique focus on Dallas in 1963 as a conspiratorial incubator.

I'm listening to Rob on the new (and free) app called "iHeartMedia" (OK, there are commercials). From what I gather, Rob isn't posting all of his episodes at once. It's like TV. You need to wait a week or so for the next episode. I'm going to wait until I hear all of Rob's podcast episodes for this topic: Who Killed JFK?

So -- this will give me something to post about in December! See you at the podcast!



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