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Status Report for September 2023

We are still reviewing the latest JFK Assassination documents released this year by the Biden Administration. So far, no smoking gun, but there are now over 70,000 documents to search, some of which are 100 pages long. It's a lot of work.

But we have a focus -- we have a methodology.

We will ignore most CIA documents, since the JFK Assassination was a domestic affair, in our CT. The CIA was caught off guard, even though they had Oswald in their sights -- Oswald didn't do anything worth acting on before the JFK Assassination, according to the CIA.

Pretty much the same with the FBI. Because (in our opinion) Dallas FBI agent James Hosty, and Dallas Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels deliberately *lied* to the Washington DC headquarters of the FBI and Secret Service, telling them that there were *no* dangerous people in Dallas to be concerned about -- the FBI was also surprised by the Dallas Radical Right attack on JFK.

The purpose of the JFK killing was first and foremost to justify an invasion of Cuba. If the US government could be convinced that the JFK Assassination was a *Communist* action, then the invasion of Cuba and the deposition (or killing) of Fidel Castro could finally be accomplished.

Too bad for the JFK plotters -- when J. Edgar Hoover found out that Oswald was being blamed, he pulled out his fat file on Oswald and recognized that his associates in New Orleans only 8 weeks prior, for the whole Spring and Summer of 1963, had been Radical Right players like Guy Banister and his crew. (Thanks to New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison for showing this in detail).

So, J. Edgar Hoover was not fooled. It wasn't the Communists who killed JFK< and he knew it. But he also knew the Radical Right in Dallas. He also knew that FBI agent James Hosty's job was to track the Dallas Radical Right -- especially the resigned General Edwin Walker -- an extremist in the Radical Right in the US generally.

But it was the Cold War. Hoover would not risk giving the Soviet Union any oxygen in this global crisis. So, Hoover decided to blame Oswald and Oswald alone for this disaster. We owe the Oswald family some positive recognition for bearing this burden for so many decades.

Yes, Oswald was working with some nasty people in New Orleans (and by extension, in Dallas), but he was *absolutely not alone* in the JFK Assassination. Yes, Oswald did contribute his rifle to the disaster, without knowing that he would be blamed for the whole thing.

Oswald's role in New Orleans wasn't to be set-up for a JFK Assassination. Oswald's role was to support the killing of Fidel Castro. Aside from crew members like David Ferrie, Fred Crisman, Jack Martin, and Tommy Beckham, there were heavy hitters like Carlos Bringuier, Ed Butler, and Bill Stuckey, who master-minded the political theater of disguising Oswald as an FPCC officer.

Their plan was for Oswald to impersonate and FPCC officer in Mexico City, and so get a quick visa into Havana to join another crew there. But he failed.

Having failed, Oswald scurried back to Dallas where his wife, Marina was having their second baby (thanks to the charitable support of Ruth Paine). Ruth Paine got Oswald a temporary job at the TSDB (Texas School Depository, but that was just a lucky break for the plotters.

But Oswald wasn't out from under Guy Banister's control. According to Gerry Patrick Hemming, somebody probably offered Oswald double the price of his rifle if he brought it to the TSBD on Friday morning. Like a fool, he brought it.

Oswald had ACCOMPLICES. The keynote for the Warren Commission is that Oswald was a LONER. The Lone Gunman. The Lone Nut.

We aim to prove this from government records. We're reading these records as fast as we can. In the meantime, we know for a FACT that the resigned General Edwin Walker lied, because he told the Warren Commission he never heard of Lee Harvey Oswald until November 22, 1963, but in 1975 Walker wrote to Senator Frank Church and told the Senator that he knew Oswald was his April 1963 shooter *within days* of the shooting!

That's why this post features' General Walker's signed letter as the fronts piece. In the meantime -- back to the document stacks!

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo

(c) Copyright 2023, Trejo Academic Research


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