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Status of My JFK Records Search

<photo: James Hosty, to whom J. Edgar Hoover wrote a classified letter shortly after the JFK Assassination.>

So, after some weeks of researching the newly released JFK records from NARA, I've come to an impasse. I have identified ten documents I would like to read right away, but I cannot obtain them from the NARA website.

These ten documents are letters written by J. Edgar Hoover to various persons (including FBI agent James Hosty) between 11/22/1963 and 12/31/1963.and, according to my theory, will shed considerable light on the FBI position on the JFK Assassination, and so will prove to be important to US history.

The following file identifiers are from NARA's Excel spreadsheets of JFK records. Here are the JFK record numbers and file names that NARA has assigned them.

record number file name

124-10228-10366 docid-32178656.pdf

124-10087-10343 docid-32149467.pdf

124-10173-10071 docid-32171252.pdf

124-10248-10362 docid-32188652.pdf

124-10249-10276 docid-32189066.pdf

124-10130-10262 docid-32159256.pdf

124-10200-10124 docid-32288848.pdf

124-10277-10346 docid-32301011.pdf

124-10247-10146 docid-32187936.pdf

124-10264-10382 docid-32195889.pdf

124-10278-10386 docid-32301551.pdf

124-10158-10436 docid-32165911.pdf

124-10176-10379 docid-32173060.pdf

My current quest is to find these files on the NARA site. It's hard slogging. Anyway, there's my current status.

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo


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