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Nothing New Yet ...

<photo: J. Edgar Hoover during the Warren Commission era, c. 1964>

So, we've had an opportunity to explore the 10% of the most recent release of JFK Records from last December, with over 13,000 documents released. The 10% that interests us most are those relevant to the FBI, not the CIA.

As we see it, J. Edgar Hoover absolutely KNEW who the perpetrators of the JFK Assassination in Dallas were. I don't say that Hoover was on their side, or that he protected them with his high office. On the contrary, I say that Hoover never let them out of his sight again. I say that Hoover himself was astonished when assassins killed the US President in the streets of Dallas on Friday, November 22, 1963.

But before that workday was over, J. Edgar Hoover had already communicated by telephone to US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, that the man the Dallas Police were holding (and the FBI was watching) Lee Harvey Oswald, was not a registered Communist, and not truly an officer in the communistic FPCC.

J. Edgar Hoover related in his testimony for the Warren Commission (WC) that the FPCC Branch that Lee Harvey Oswald had operated in New Orleans was a fake. This FPCC branch had exactly zero members aside from Oswald. Its fake president was merely the alias of Lee Harvey Oswald, namely, Alek J. Hidell. Hoover knew all this.

Hoover also knew the company that Lee Harvey Oswald kept in New Orleans -- and it wasn't anybody on the left wing -- it was entirely right-wing fanatics. Guy Banister, Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, Jack Martin, Fred Crisman, Tommy Beckham, Carlos Bringuier (DRE), William Stuckey (WDSU), and Ed Butler (INCA).

Hoover had worked personally with former FBI chief Guy Banister and he knew Banister's politics. This fake FPCC in New Orleans was the work of Guy Banister, obviously. Hoover also knew the pals that Guy Banister had in Dallas -- right-wing fanatics like General Edwin Walker, Robert Alan Surrey, Robert Morris, H.L. Hunt, and many others.

Before the day was over, Hoover knew that Dallas right-wing extremists had completed this gruesome murder in the streets of Dallas, before countless witnesses, and that there was no way that this truth could come out to the public. It had to be a deep, dark secret as long as there was a Cold War with Russia.

If it ever became public during the Cold War, the Russians would use the story in their propaganda worldwide, to illustrate the deep divisions in the US. It would have been political suicide.

Fast forward to 1992. This was about the time that the USSR officially folded, and the Cold War suddenly stopped. Russia was no longer the same threat that they used to be.

So, President George H.W. Bush on October 26, 1992 signed the "JFK Records Act," authorizing the release of all top-secret files related to the JFK assassination in exactly 25 years from his signing; namely, on October 26, 2017 -- subject only to the decision of the US President on that date.

Well, that date came and went, and former President Trump decided to release some but not all of the secret JFK assassination records. In fact, Trump would continue to withhold more than 16,000 JFK documents!

Fast forward to December 2022, when President Biden chose to release another 13,000 of those documents. We jumped on them -- seeking only FBI documents (since we're convinced that the CIA had no clue about the JFK assassination). We counted about 1,300 FBI documents, and here are our impressions so far:

1. Very little about Lee Harvey Oswald!

2. Much ado about Cuban and Mexican spies in the US.

3. Many trivial exchanges of old information between Government Departments.

4. Nothing new at all that we've seen so far. I think Harold Weisberg in 1965 gave us 100 times more information than NARA gave us this time around.

5. These FBI records do name 4 individuals we say were crucial to the JFK plot -- names already well known to researchers, the HSCA and even the Warren Commission, namely: Gerry Patrick Hemming, Frank Sturgis, Loran Hall, and Larry Howard.

Even so, these allegedly top secret memos gave exactly *zero* new information about these 4, or about any JFK assassination principals in Dallas. It seems to me that NARA deliberately overwhelmed the JFK Releases with tons of useless information in order to confuse the issue.

Here's our contention. We expect to find the answer to the JFK Assassination plot solely and only in FBI records. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover knew all about it -- but refused to tell the world. US Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren knew all about it, too, because Hoover briefed him. So did LBJ. So did Allen Dulles. But for national security reasons, American citizens are still waiting, just about 10 months shy of 60 years, for the full truth.

Well -- there's still the remaining 3,000 documents. We say the answer is in those records. Will they be released? The White House has given us a new date: June 30, 2023. How many of the remaining 3,000 JFK documents will be released then? All of them? We wait impatiently.

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo

(c) Copyright 2023, Trejo Academic Research. All Rights Reserved.


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