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Only 10% of the NARA Release are FBI Files !

<Image: J. Edgar Hoover, ca. 1954, during the Eisenhower Administration>

As we all know, a few weeks ago the Biden Administration authorized the public release of more than 13,000 more top secret JFK documents.

NARA has also posted an Excel spreadsheet to identify the official numbers of these documents. You can find that Excel spreadsheet here:

Here's an interesting fact about them -- about 10% of those documents came from the FBI. Not the CIA, but the FBI. So, instead of 13,000 documents, our focus will be only about 1,300.

In our opinion, we will get the *closest* to the final truth about JFK's assassination when we focus intently on these approximately 1,300 records. Remember -- there are only about 3,000 top secret documents left to go.

OK, 1,300 documents is still a lot; yet we are getting down to the wire. THE SMOKING GUN WILL BE HERE, we predict. J. Edgar Hoover has preserved these records, and Hoover alone knew every detail of the TRUTH about the JFK Assassination. We will be reading these 1,300 documents furiously; and now everybody can, too.

We're looking for *any* reference to Dallas residents, with special attention to Dallas residents on the extreme right-wing politically. Watch this space for new developments.

Thank you,

--Paul & Jason

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