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My "Out of the Blank" Podcast Episode

As Holiday commitments ramp up, I want to make it easier on myself and on the reader, by sharing an "Out of the Blank" podcast released only days ago, by Robbie Robertson.

Robbie has lots of episodes in his popular podcast, and I feel fortunate that he regarded our message here to be worthy of further exposure. Here's the URL to watch this podcast on YouTube:

It's long, just about 90 minutes, so get some popcorn or watch it in increments. Robbie has been making podcasts on various topics of his interest, including several on the JFK Assassination. For example, he recently had Robert Blakey of the HSCA on his podcast.

The essence of this podcast is a high-level review of what we've been doing on this website over the past five years. Robbie fired off his questions, and I answered them briefly.

Anyway, this is a breakthrough of a type for our theory that the CIA did not kill JFK. There was a conspiracy, but the perps were not the official CIA, FBI, Communist Party, Mafia, LBJ, Hoover, on and on. Again -- we maintain that the JFK Assassination was 99% a Dallas plot.

Maybe this video will help our case. In any case: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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