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Hiatus 2020

As we end 2020, let’s take a moment to look back upon the past two years, to see the ground we’ve covered, and to reflect upon where we’re now going.

Jacques Zwart, the secretary of Allen Dulles throughout the 1960’s, asked Dulles in 1969 who the killers of JFK really were. Allen Dulles replied: “The full answer to the JFK Assassination is right there in the Warren Commission volumes – but the reader must become an expert at hairsplitting.”

This principle appeals to us. This is one of many reasons why our website grounds our ideas and opinions almost entirely on the WC volumes.

This was a remarkable expression from Allen Dulles in 1969 – even today. It prompted Jacques Zwart to write his own book, Invitation to Hairsplitting (1970), which sadly meandered through the volumes with further random guesswork. But guesswork isn’t hairsplitting. The word “hairsplitting” is a synonym for “analysis,” not guesswork; in analysis we don’t add anything to what is there – we simply split apart what is already there and take it apart.

But the WC volumes are 12,000 pages! Also, the whole world was officially informed that Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) was a Red who killed JFK single-handed. This story has a magnetic pull throughout official society, so there are many barriers.

Also, the testimonies of 435 witnesses recorded in the WC volumes were largely called at random – some about Dealey Plaza, some about LHO, some about Jack Ruby, some about J.D. Tippit, some expert opinions – a kaleidoscope of people and places. Also, the WC volumes have no Index! So there are many barriers.

Nevertheless, we seek the Truth.

Over the past two years, we’ve presented WC testimony in such a way as to mold a case about a Dallas plot on JFK. We have named and analyzed the WC testimony of the following 25 Dallas officials:

  • SHERIFF: Bill Decker

  • DEPUTIES: Eugene Boone; Luke Mooney; Seymour Weitzman; Roger Craig; Buddy Walthers.

  • POLICE CHIEF: Jesse Curry

  • POLICE CAPTAINS: Will Fritz; William Westbrook;


  • POLICE INSPECTORS: Herbert Sawyer;

  • POLICE DETECTIVES: Kenneth Croy; Paul Bentley; C.W. Brown; C.N. Dhority; Richard Sims; Elmer Boyd

  • POLICE SERGEANTS: Gerald Hill; D.V. Harkness;

  • POLICE PATROL: Edgar Smith; Joe Smith; Welcome Barnett

  • DALLAS FBI: James Hosty

  • DALLAS SECRET SERVICE: Forrest Sorrels


Then we named and analyzed the WC testimony of the following 9 Dallas civilians connected with the John Birch Society in Dallas:

  • DALLAS BIRCHERS: General Walker; Robert Alan Surrey; Robert G. Klause; Bernard Weissman; Nelson Bunker Hunt; Joe Grinnan; H.R. Bright; Edgar R. Crissey; Warren Allen Reynolds;

Harry Dean was another Bircher in Southern California who personally heard General Walker make threats against Lee Harvey Oswald about two months before the JFK tragedy. Although Harry wasn’t called to testify for the WC, we explored Dean’s claims in great detail because of their scorching relevance to this topic.

The case is as complete as we can make it today, yet we have taken a further step. We are now carefully exploring the Walker shooting plot. For the WC, Marina Oswald alone knew anything about the Walker shooting, and despite LHO’s many lies to Marina, her scant knowledge was enough to convince the WC that LHO was the “lone shooter” at General Walker in April 1963.

Yet we saw in our review of his HSCA writings, that George De Mohrenschildt (DM) admitted to a larger role in the indoctrination of LHO with regard to the politics of hating and condemning General Walker. This was evidence that the WC didn’t have. That’s why we’re now reviewing the WC testimony of various Dallas Liberals among the WC witnesses. This will include a deeper dive into the long WC testimonies of Ruth and Michael Paine.

Marina Oswald was closer to the events surrounding the Walker shooting than anybody else, so we’ll explore her WC testimony, further, too, as it pertains to General Walker. Also, Everett Glover back-pedaled as fast as he could when confronted with his key role in the fateful party which turned LHO into a Walker-hating machine. We’ll also review the public confessions of Volkmar Schmidt (not a WC witness) who admitted to the world his own central role in that fateful party.

When the Dallas Liberals kept secrets from WC attorneys it was always about General Walker. Ruth Paine told everything what she knew – next to nothing. Marina Oswald told everything she knew – not much. As for Paine, Glover, and Schmidt (and probably Pierce) we propose that they were as deeply inside the swamp of the Walker shooting as George DM. They were terrified that anybody would find out because of its deadly association with the JFK Assassination.

Although the only direct connection between the Walker shooting and the JFK Assassination was likely in the opinion of Walker himself, yet because of the official “lone shooter” dogma from Washington DC, the “direct connection” inadvertently became a new American bias. Paine, Glover, and Schmidt sensed this and fled from it. We’ll explore this in the first few weeks of 2021.


On October 26, 2017, the US Government released more than 13,000 JFK Assassination documents never seen before. That brought the number to 28,000 previously classified JFK Assassination documents. Most folks in the JFK research community are apparently scouring only the CIA documents for clues for their CIA-did-it bias – and they’ve come up with nothing – just as they have for the previous 55 years.

We also seek proof – not from CIA documents, but from FBI, Secret Service, and Dallas Police documents.

Yet for today, as 2020 comes to a close during the Holidays, we will enjoy this hiatus to be with our family and friends (as far as possible during the pandemic). In the meantime, we wish you and yours a Happy Holiday with best wishes for a Happy New Year!

--Jason & Paul

Copyright (c) 2020


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