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Eight More Fridays!

<photo: JFK circa 1945, still wearing his US Navy uniform.>

Dear Readers,

In 56 days, the US government will finally release the final top-secret documents concerning the JFK Assassination. We hope.

To be clear, 56 days from May 5, 2023, will be June 30, 2023. On that date, says the Biden Administration, the US government should be prepared to hand over the final volley of JFK documents that they have kept top-secret for the past 60 years.

June 30th – that is only eight (8) more Fridays of top-secret documents about JFK. This secrecy has brought a national nightmare of suspicion and mistrust from scores of JFK Conspiracy Theories – each more absurd than the previous, and all undermining confidence in the US Democratic Republic.

All except one.

We have been expounding that the CIA did *not* kill JFK for about five years now. Granted, we have few supporters, but we believe this will change in eight more Fridays, namely, on Friday, June 30, 2023.

If we have been correct for all this time (and 10 years before that, on John Simkin's JFK Forum) then we at will feature a special celebration blog post.

So – for our few loyal readers out there who have supported us for the past five years – get ready, because instead of posting twice monthly – we are doubling up.

We realize we that we might have totally misplaced our enthusiasm.

Because, if the JFK Truth turns out to be that the CIA really *did* kill JFK, or if Lee Harvey Oswald really *was* alone in the JFK assassination – then of course our theory – that the Dallas Radical Right composed, orchestrated, and conducted the JFK assassination – would have been wrong all along. In that case, we will quietly but remorsefully pull this website down.

Or, we could be right, as we still maintain! So, we are getting ready for our celebration, in only eight more Fridays from today.

The final alternative is that the US government will again cop-out and continue to hold vital JFK top secret documents in their top-secret status. In that case, all bets are off. But we are counting on the US government finally fulfilling its JFK duties to the American People.

For this reason, we begin today, May 5, 2023, a *weekly* blog post on this website.

Every Friday until June 30, 2023, that is eight (8) Fridays in a row -- we'll track the US government's irrational insistence that Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) was the Lone Shooter in the JFK assassination, despite the fact that so much material evidence clearly demonstrates the cooperation of many assassins and supporters in The Dallas Crime.

Best regards,


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