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Clarification about the FBI

It's important to emphasize at this point, that even though I'm completely convinced that the FBI covered up the truth about the JFK Assassination for about 60 years -- I completely agree with the FBI about the necessity for them to cover up the truth; namely, National Security.

In our opinion, the CIA did not kill JFK, just as the FBI did not kill JFK. Nor did LBJ, nor did the Mafia. Nor did Castro nor did Khrushchev.. The US radical right-wing in Dallas killed JFK, we say.

On the day of the JFK Assassination, many Americans guessed that truth. Some printed it. However, the FBI could not tell this simple truth to the American people, because this was 1963 -- the apex of the Cold War with Russia.

There was nothing the Russians wanted more than to cause a Civil War in the US during the Cold War. It would have given them a real boost in international opinion. That could have been fatal for the US in those days.

Therefore, J. Edgar Hoover along with LBJ, Allen Dulles and Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, were morally justified in hiding the truth about the JFK assassination.

Hoover told us the truth about why he had to lie to us -- National Security. And nobody knew how long the Cold War would last. That's why Earl Warren told reporters that the thousands of top secret documents about the JFK Assassination would probably be released, "not in your lifetime".

It was telling, I say, that when the USSR collapsed in 1991, US President George H.W. Bush on October 26, 1992 signed the JFK Records Act, allowing the release of these documents in exactly 25 years after his signature. The Cold War with Russia had finally ended. Nobody knew if it would start up again -- so President Bush added another 25 years -- but this was still a step forward for the American People.

The JFK Records Act placed the release date of the top secret JFK records at October 26, 2017. Although many JFK records were released on that date -- hundreds more were still withheld. President Biden proposed to release the last of them this coming June 30th.

My point, however, is that I agree with the FBI, with Hoover, LBJ, Dulles, and Warren -- that the truth about the JFK Assassination had to be hidden from the whole world, because of the shameful behavior of the radical right-wing in Dallas. It could have started a Civil War.

Sadly, this long, 60-year dilemma also taught Russia a lesson. That the US is vulnerable to a Civil War -- especially on racial grounds. After all, the original US Civil War was fought on racial grounds, and JFK was arguably killed because he had finally sided with Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., on June 12, 1963, in his famous Civil Rights speech. That was the same night that Medgar Evers was assassinated in his driveway in Mississippi. Twenty weeks later, JFK would himself be assassinated.

In my honest opinion, Russia is still trying to use the American right wing to create a Civil War in America today, and Kremlin billions are probably financing the career of former US President Donald Trump and his current supporters in the US House of Representatives.

In other words -- Russia has infiltrated American politics far more today than in 1963.

That's why I still support the FBI, even though we say that the FBI covered up the truth about the JFK Assassination for the past 60 years.

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo, M.A.


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