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Walker and the Black Bordered Ad (Part 1)

Bernard Weissman (who publicly signed the Black Bordered Ad) claimed ignorance when the Warren Commission (WC) asked him about the ultimate authors of the content of the Black Bordered Ad that appeared in the Dallas Morning News (evening edition) on 11/21/1963, and then again in the morning edition of 11/22/1963.

Yet the WC found ample positive evidence to track the ultimate authorship of the Black Bordered Ad to the members of the Dallas branches of the John Birch Society (JBS). This evidence was obtained partly from the WC testimony of Bernard Weissman who named two JBS members explicitly who had a little involvement; though he claimed he didn't know many details. The evidence was obtained partly from FBI investigation, which named three wealthy members of the John Birch Society in Dallas, including Nelson Baker Hunt -- son of famous oil baron H.L. Hunt.

Let's now consider a landmark book, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: The Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015) by Dr. Jeffrey Caufield. In this book, Dr. Caufield provides more detail about General Walker's activities inside the Dallas cells of the John Birch Society than perhaps anybody.

Citizen Walker's leadership role in the John BIrch Society in Dallas was overlooked in the WC Hearings. So we are justified in digging deeper. For now, let's refresh our memories about the contents of this famous Ad -- specifically its 12 accusations. Here they are:



WHY is Latin America turning either anti-American or Communistic, or both, despite increased U.S. foreign aid, State Department policy, and your own Ivy-Tower pronouncements?

WHY do you say we have built a “wall of freedom” around Cuba when there is no freedom in Cuba today? Because of your policy, thousands of Cubans have been imprisoned, are starving and being persecuted -- with thousands already murdered and thousands more awaiting execution and, in addition, the entire population of almost 7,000,000 Cubans are living in slavery.

WHY have you approved the sale of wheat and corn to our enemies when you know the Communist soldiers “travel on their stomachs” just as ours do? Communist soldiers are daily wounding and or killing American soldiers in South Viet Nam.

WHY did you host and entertain Tito – Moscow’s Trojan Horse – just a short time after our sworn enemy, Khrushchev, embraced the Yugoslav dictator as a great hero and leader of Communism?

WHY have you urged greater aid, comfort, recognition, and understanding for Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, and other Communists countries, while turning your back on the pleas of Hungarian, East German, Cuban and other anti-Communists freedom fighters?

WHY did Cambodia kick the U.S. out of its country after we poured nearly 400 Million Dollars of aid into its ultra-leftist government?

WHY has Gus Hall, head of the U.S. Communist Party, praised almost every one of your policies and announced that the party will endorse and support your re-election in 1964?

WHY have you banned the showing at U.S. military bases of the film “Operation Abolition” -- the movie by the House Committee on Un-American Activities exposing Communism in America?

WHY have you ordered or permitted your brother Bobby, the Attorney General, to go soft on Communists, fellow-travelers, and ultra-leftists in America, while permitting him to persecute loyal Americans who criticize you, your administration, and your leadership? WHY are you in favor of the U.S. continuing to give economic aid to Argentina, in spite of the fact that Argentina has just seized almost 400 Million Dollars of American private property?

WHY has the Foreign Policy of the United States degenerated to the point that the C.I.A. is arranging coups and having staunch Anti-Communists Allies of the U.S. bloodily exterminated.

WHY have you scrapped the Monroe Doctrine in favor of the “Spirit of Moscow”?

In our coming posts we'll briefly recapitulate Walker's six copyrighted speeches to show how closely they match the 12 accusations against JFK that are listed in the Black Bordered Ad.

We will also quote Dr. Caufield on the topic of Citizen Walker, the Birchers and the Black Bordered Ad.



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