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Wanted for Treason - JFK (Part 7)

Before we approach Walker’s fourth, fifth and sixth copyrighted speeches (1962), let’s pause to review our results after reviewing the first three speeches:

  • In his first speech (1961) he claimed that President Eisenhower in 1957 had violated the US Constitution by using Federal Troops to force Arkansas to accept 13 Black American teenagers into Little Rock High School. (In this case, Walker personally led those Troops.) Then, Walker in 1959 agreed with Robert Welch that President Eisenhower was a traitor. JFK in September 1962 had also used Federal Troops when forcing Mississippi to accept a Black US Veteran, James Meredith, at Ole Miss University. (In this case, Walker personally led the rioters against those Troops.) Since Walker said that using Federal Troops against a US State was treason, this plainly matches charge #5 of the WANTED FOR TREASON handbill (1963). Here’s the text:

#5. He has illegally invaded a sovereign State with federal troops.

Now, seen in this light – the light of the racial component of this theme by Walker – we can also identify charge #4 of the WANTED FOR TREASON handbill. Here is the text:

#4. He has given support and encouragement to the Communist-inspired racial riots.

  • In his second speech (1962) Walker claimed that US Presidents FDR, Truman, Eisenhower and JFK were guilty of turning US sovereignty over to the communist controlled United Nations, JFK undermined US friends like Syngman Rhee (S. Korea), Fulgencio Batista (Cuba), and Moïse Tshombe (Katanga). Walker in 1963 referenced these same politics in his first charge #1 of the WANTED FOR TREASON handbill. Here is the text:

#1. Betraying the Constitution (which he swore to uphold). He is turning the sovereignty of the US over to the communist controlled United Nations. He is betraying our friends (Cuba, Katanga, Portugal) and befriending our enemies (Russia, Yugoslavia, Poland).

Also in Walker’s second speech, he claimed that: (1) Ike appointed anti-Christ judges (e.g. Earl Warren) to the US Supreme Court; (2) Ike appointed Harvard University communists to high office; (3) JFK approved of Ike’s appointees, and then removed Walker’s Anti-communist Pro-Blue training program in Germany -- to help the Communists. This matches charge #6 in the WANTED FOR TREASON handbill. Here’s the text:

#6. He has consistently appointed Anti-Christians to Federal office. Upholds the Supreme Court in its Anti-Christian rulings. Aliens and known Communists abound in federal offices.

  • In his third speech (1962) Walker claimed that: (1) FDR let Berlin be divided into West and East; (2) Truman’s 1948 supply airlift to Berlin allowed Communists to control the ground; (3) Truman in 1951 denied General MacArthur’s request to drop a nuclear bomb on China; (4) Truman in 1951 proposed the international control of atomic energy; and (5) Eisenhower in 1957 signed the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty with Russia. All of this was treason and JFK clearly upheld all these politics, so he was equally to blame. This plainly matches charge #2 in the WANTED FOR TREASON handbill. Here’s the text:

#2. He has been WRONG on innumerable issues affecting the security of the US (e.g. the United Nations’ Berlin Wall…and the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty with Russia).

Also in Walker’s third speech, he claimed that FDR, Truman, Eisenhower and JFK had let the Communists run amok in the US, so that they could infiltrate every public school, church, university, labor union, political party, the State Department, the White House, US Military, UN, World Bank, and the Arts. This 1962 charge is reflected in charge #3 in the WANTED FOR TREASON handbill (1963). Here’s the text:

#3. He has been lax in enforcing Communist Registration laws.

Because JFK did not bother to enforce the 1954 “Communist Control Act” passed by Congress during the McCarthy hysteria but ruled Unconstitutional soon afterwards, Walker now insisted (along with the JBS) that the Communists had infiltrated every walk of American life.

Now – as we’ve seen -- Walker’s first three copyrighted speeches of 1961-1962 have accounted for six of the seven charges of the WANTED FOR TREASON – JFK handbill of 1963, namely, charges #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6, as quoted above. So, we still need to account for charge #7. Let’s see what else we can find.


On January 11, 1962, at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, our Citizen Walker gave his fourth copyrighted speech to 14,000 adoring fans. His speech was entitled, The American Eagle: Vigilant and Undaunted. In most ways it was a rehash of the previous speeches, with some flair for Los Angeles. Walker quickly moved to condemning the United Nations:

The day your son enters the military service he is no longer an American citizen serving his country; he is an agent of the United Nations. His patriotism and loyalty to his country, as well as his responsibility for the security of your home, are compromised. He has become a solider of the United Nations World Democracy.

Walker cited as proof the Korean War, and blamed President Truman for firing General Douglas MacArthur.

President Truman fired MacArthur in an audacious attempt to vindicate United States collusion in an International No-Win policy.

For Walker, the key to the communist advance is simply an attitude that the American people have developed that was aptly expressed by Eisenhower when he said, “There is no longer any alternative to peace.” Walker regarded this statement as another creeping crawl toward:

The conversion of US military power to the needs of a World State, where it can, if necessary, be used against the American people.

US State Department publication #7277, entitled, Freedom from War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament, spelled out the diabolical plan. Walker incorrectly claimed that #7277 stated that the US would retain only enough military forces to serve the United Nations in maintaining world order – even against the US as necessary!

Next Walker took time to explain the steps leading to his quitting the US Army:

(1) The US Army newspaper, Overseas Weekly of April 16, 1961, charged Walker with promoting John Birch Society literature and speakers in the context of his Pro-Blue training program; and with smearing important American leaders.

(2) Arthur Sylvester, Assistant to Secretary McNamara, called Walker to relieve him of his command, pending an investigation. (Walker later concluded that Sylvester was a dedicated communist.)

(3) In July 1961, Senator Strom Thurmond discovered the Fulbright Memorandum. (It called for a college education for future US Generals.) In August 1961, Thurmond revealed it to the Senate and demanded a Senate investigation.

(4) In October 1961, the US Army offered General Walker a new job in Honolulu. Walker turned it down.

(5) On November 1, 1961 Walker resigned from the Army, relinquishing his Army pension.

Although Walker blamed Secretary McNamara and Sylvester his Assistant, the relevant government documents were actually filed by the Pentagon. The Pentagon had unanimously agreed to expel all US Army scandals in 1961 Germany. They ordered Walker off of his command the very next day, with further investigation to come. Yet Walker spun all of this by saying that JFK and global Communism were terrified of his Pro-Blue program and the John Birch Society:

The Pro-Blue program shared with the Birch Society and all Americans a cause of patriotism and Anticommunism – which now we all know is the most threatening and antagonistic cause to the Kennedy Administration.

Walker claimed that the demonic White House objected to them because of their truth, wisdom, and healing powers. No demonic powers can tolerate such goodness, he said. Once again, Walker’s true believers exploded in a standing ovation.


On January 20, 1962 Walker was invited to address again the NIC (National Indignation Convention), this time in Odessa, Texas, to be broadcast over closed-circuit TV to seventy other meetings of the NIC, and over 100 radio stations. His speech was entitled, The American Eagle Banks Right in Super Flight. The content was largely a repetition of his previous speeches. He began as a follower of Joe McCarthy:

Thirty years of military strategy and tactics have convinced me that; the course of our national leadership has involved deception and misrepresentation of the American people; I must criticize, and I give no quarter to, the total leadership responsible for our national peril from the date the US recognized the Soviet Union 28 years ago.

Walker melodramatically targeted JFK’s Administration as the great enemy of freedom:

It has been a year today since President Kennedy assumed the responsibilities of the highest office in our Republic. In the first ten days of his Administration he warned us that the Nation is in “dire peril.” He did not explain how we got into this peril, or how we could get out. In fact, he specifically warned us that we ‘might not get out…’ If we are not to survive, it will be because our national administration does not plan for us to survive!

Walker introduced a new theme – censorship. Insofar as JFK censored his Pro-Blue program in Germany, Walker would call all of Washington DC treasons by the name of censorship: (1) MacArthur’s failure in Korea; (2) The failure of Senator Joseph McCarthy in the Senate; (4) the US failure to turn over nuclear weapons to the Pentagon; and (4) the failure of the Bay of Pigs. Walker said:

Today’s dire peril requires a change of national policy. It requires an admission of failure and an understanding of Communism. Censorship is the highest form of sabotage!

Walker introduced another new theme – the so-called “One Worlders:”

The great error of our time is the illusion of the fashionable intellectuals that they can make ‘One World.’ They obviously want to establish the ultimate power of decision-control and management for all races headed in a single government, as the U.N.

The accusation was untrue; Washington DC had explicitly articulated a policy of national sovereignty and international respect of nations – where the UN was merely a forum to discuss and hash out international problems by using words, whenever possible.

Yet Walker insisted on the McCarthy era formula. It all began with FDR and his cooperation with Stalin. Then Truman, Korea, Eisenhower, and China – it was all a communist plot! The Korean War was directed and commanded by the Russians and Chinese! Walker quoted President Truman:

Harry Truman said, “I like Old Joe [Stalin]; he would be all right except for the men in the Kremlin.” One of those men in the Kremlin then is in power now – Khrushchev. Now the JFK line is – whatever was wrong with Communism was due to Stalin – and since he is dead, we can coexist.

As for President Eisenhower, Walker quoted him out of context as follows:

In his book, Crusade in Europe, Eisenhower says... “Overshadowing all goals for us Americans was the contribution we might locally make toward establishing a working partnership between the United States and Russia” (p. 458). It is no wonder that General Eisenhower does not approve of the super-patriots opposing Communism!

Yet JFK was worse than both Truman and Eisenhower in his bending over backward for Russia. Walker noted:

There had been a program for screening Nazi propaganda; In 1948 it shifted…to screen Communist propaganda. But in 1961 President Kennedy...concluded that, “the program had no intelligence value and that it interfered with efforts to improve East-West relations.” On March 17, 1961, the President ordered the program discontinued…only a month prior to my relief from command of the 24th Infantry Division by the President!

So, Communist propaganda would no longer be screened, but General Walker’s Pro-Blue anti-communist training program would be censored! Clearly this was treason! Yet the most shocking example of US collaboration with the USSR, said Walker, was in nuclear and space technology.

Nuclear information and materials were furnished to Soviet Russia systematically, on instructions from top Government levels, through methods that were technically within the law, but highly more effective to Russia militarily than dozens of Rosenbergs.

For Walker, the US was giving Russia all its nuclear technology, and the great reputation of the USSR Sputnik was largely due to US propaganda. Walker claimed:

At Cape Canaveral, our own failures are exposed, while alleged Soviet successes are fabulously publicized...Actually, the Kremlin should congratulate...the New York Times, NBC and CBS for making the first Sputnik one of the greatest triumphs of psychological warfare in all history.

Nearing his conclusion, Walker raised his right hand to strike against the greatest threat to America that he could perceive, namely, the United Nations. Walker demanded:

Either the Soviet Union, and its satellites, get out of the UN, or we get out.

Walker was interrupted dozens of times by applause. Clearly, when preaching to the choir, Walker had the ability to rouse his audiences.


On February 9, 1962, Walker gave his sixth public speech in Chicago’s McCormick Auditorium, with a capacity of 5,000, packed with 5,100 and 600 had to be turned away. The speech was entitled, The American Eagle is Not a Dead Duck, and it was almost word-for-word the same speech as his fifth speech. He changed only a few words to suit the occasion, although he copyrighted this slight variation.

Walker announced to his Chicago audience that he was running for the office of Texas Governor – to ensure that the American Eagle does not become a Dead Duck. This would be his first campaign speech. Washington DC was plotting global takeover with the UN, so today it was up to individual States to maintain the US Constitution. The first order of business, said Walker, was States’ Rights since, he said, Liberals always attack States’ Rights first.

The obliteration of State lines is high on the agenda of Communists, their fellow-travelers, and other zealots of centralization. In the Cold War against Communism there are no more important posts than the Governorships of each and every sovereign State of the United States. I intend to occupy such a post.

Walker tried to explain how he came to this decision, only weeks after he had resigned from the US Army, having held no political office ever before.

Tonight marks my sixth appearance in two months before audiences ranging from three to fourteen thousand in Texas, Mississippi, California and now Illinois. The striking fact is that on each previous occasion a storm of applause greeted me whenever I protested against any surrender of American sovereignty to any international agency.

He again concluded his 90-minute speech by quoting Scripture, and he again would stride away from the podium to a noisy standing ovation.


We have now covered the resigned General Walker’s six copyrighted speeches of 1961-1962. We have found in them six of the seven charges of the 1963 WANTED FOR TREASON handbill. What about the seventh:

7. He has been caught in fantastic LIES to the American people (including personal ones like his previous marriage and divorce).

This point never came up in any of Walker’s six copyrighted speeches, so I looked into it. A rumor had appeared in 1961 which claimed that JFK was married sometime before 1958 to a lovely lady named Durie Malcolm. The rumor can still be found on the Internet today, and some people still believe it. Durie Malcolm herself consistently denied it until she died in 2007 at 91 years of age. Yet even if it is true, it hardly matches up to the charge of treason.



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