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Wanted for Treason - JFK (Part 6)

We continue to review the content of Citizen Walker’s copyrighted speeches of 1961-1962 as it might pertain to the “WANTED FOR TREASON – JFK” handbill of November 22, 1963. We have arrived at January 1962 and Walker’s third speech in this series.


On January 5, 1962, in Amarillo, Texas, our resigned General Walker – a native Texan – gave his third speech, entitled, The American Eagle: Uncensored and Unchallenged. It was largely a copy of his first speech, though again tailored to cater to his Texas audience.


Walker opened by reminding his listeners how all the fuss began. In 1951 President Truman denied General MacArthur the right to drop a nuclear bomb on China, and then fired MacArthur. Walker compared General MacArthur’s heroism with the heroism of William Travis at the Alamo and Sam Houston at San Jacinto.

Those were the terms of survival that established our heritage! They are not the terms that Washington DC has now devised, or the ones that divided Korea at the 38th Parallel. Washington DC’s retreat from victory for the past 16 years has been unconstitutional, and the terms of this retreat are unacceptable.

Reflect on this – the resigned General Walker had just compared former President Truman with the Mexican government at war with Texas in 1836!

To explain further, Walker harked back to 1933, when President FDR had reversed President Woodrow Wilson’s 1917 refusal to recognize the new Russian government. (President Wilson refused in 1917 because Russia refused to pay back any of the Tsar’s debts. Still, by 1933, the US was the only major nation that refused to recognize Russia. Also, FDR wanted to warn Japan about its aggressive expansion – that Russia would side with the US.) Yet Citizen Walker was biased against FDR, and he tried (like Robert Welch and the John Birch Society) to portray FDR in the worst possible light. Walker said:

This retreat from victory was initiated 28 years ago, in 1933, with US recognition of Russia’s communist dictatorship.

This was treason according to the US right wing – according to Senator Joseph McCarthy – and according to Citizen Walker. Now that his audience was properly oriented, Walker would continue.


Next, Walker knew that many Texans were asking why Walker quit the US Army when no other US Generals quit. Here was Walker’s explanation. MacArthur and Walker shared the solemn duty to transfer military experience to the next generation of US soldiers – to pass “the cause of the dead” to “the souls of the living,” he said. Yet the USA was now in the hands of communist traitors. That was why Walker had to quit. It was the honorable thing. He explained:

Never would I submit to a subversive enemy of America – foreign or domestic – to deny or betray my duty to the men of my command.

In other words, quitting the US Army was an act of heroism, self-sacrifice, and patriotism. Fine, but Walker evidently failed to notice that since no other US Generals resigned, his quitting was a charge against all other US Generals, that they would submit to a subversive enemy of America,” and “deny or betray their duty to the men of their command!

Walker glossed over that fact with his slogan: America awake! The US faces times of “dire peril,” he exclaimed. Thirty years ago, Walker had joined the US Army to fight for America. Two months ago, Walker quit the US Army to fight for America! “I bear no allegiance to pretenders,” he thundered!

He and his Pro-Blue training program had been censored, he accused! Censorship was the new method of these communist traitors. Such censorship was “muzzling,” suppression of the truth – it was treason. All Walker was trying to do was to teach his 10,000 soldiers and their 13,000 dependents the Bircher doctrines about the treasonous communist conspiracy inside the White House. What was wrong with that?


Walker now began his main theme – about the treason of the communist White House according to MacArthur, McCarthy, Welch and Walker. Here’s how the communist conspiracy in the White House proceeded in January 1962:

Today it is sending aid, supplies and weapons to our enemy and training its soldiers in our country. It protects communist infiltration and sabotage in 50 states of the Union. It supports a war in Katanga against the Anti-communists. It supported Castro’s takeover of Cuba – which is 3,000 miles in rear of our front lines. It collaborated and co-existed on the battlefield in Korea with our enemy.

Instead of Welch’s term, ‘retreat from victory,’ Walker now preferred the term, ‘censorship of victory.’ Communism was advancing and Freedom had been retreating ever since Korea, and it continued with JFK's censorship of General Walker! He added:

I stand before you, on our side of the line. I stand now not with your sons, but with you. What do I find? The same thing I found in Korea and in Germany! A National policy inconsistent with our military cause and purpose!

Walker would rise up to “oppose the Potomac pretenders” with even greater weapons: with the Holy Bible, with State sovereignty, with Constitutional rights and with National independence! (Other weapons included the writings of General Douglas MacArthur, Senator Joseph McCarthy, Robert Welch, H.L. Hunt, Billy James Hargis, Dan Smoot, Clarence Manion, Fred Schwarz, Carl McIntire, and Cleon Skousen from the John Birch Society). Walker repeated his slogan:

We are at war! You are infiltrated and your cause starts in every home, church, school, street corner and public gathering! Now, man your weapons and attack!

The original source of this slogan was the JBS literature produced by Robert Welch, who since 1959, had been warning the US that communists had infiltrated every public school, every church, university, labor union, political party, every branch of the US Military, the Pentagon, State Department, White House, the World Bank, UN, modern art and pop music.

Two years before Walker’s speech, another follower of Robert Welch, namely, Fred Koch, published a book, “A Businessman Looks at Communism” (1960) which predicted that “communists would infiltrate the highest offices of government in the US until the President is a communist, unknown to the rest of us!" So, none of this was original with Citizen Walker. Walker was just another Bircher in 1960s America – with a larger audience that most.

Walker proposed his solution – the US Congress, elected and controlled by the People – has the power of impeachment over the White House and the Supreme Court. The People should control the US Congress and impeach all these communists! With some irony, Walker added:

Dictators always try to capture a country’s Congress – or whatever the highest legislative body may be. Their success in this is the measure of their success as dictators!

Given this, Walker again listed his ‘15 traitorous decisions of Washington DC’ from his second speech and announced that the upcoming Senate Subcommittee hearings would finally put a stop to all this treason! JFK’s censorship of Walker’s Pro-Blue program was the same as Truman’s firing of General MacArthur! Walker’s proof was that the UN now controlled the White House! Walker said:

The Potomac Pretenders do not believe in the sovereignty and independence of the United States! They have undertaken to dissolve and divert it into a world-wide super government of United Nations!

Even the Peace Corps, said Walker, “is an obvious sabotage of our military forces.” However, the most basic and traditional military oath of office made US military officers into stubborn opponents of such a “liquidation of nationalism.” US military officers in Korea had uniformly opposed the UN mandated ‘No-win policy’ of Korea!

But now America was betrayed by the communist graduates of Harvard University! They clearly saw that the very existence of the Pentagon is incompatible with the existence of the United Nations. That is why, starting with FDR, the White House had undermined the Pentagon at every turn!

Generals MacArthur and Walker demanded to know why civilians alone controlled US nuclear weapons, and why even US scientists would collaborate with communist scientists! Nuclear weapons are the greatest military weapons of all history – and yet the Pentagon must beg permission from the civilian White House to use them?

The obvious explanation is that communists run the United Nations which has run the White House since 1933. So, the Pentagon will be hog-tied from this point forward until a right-wing patriotic revolution seizes government control from traitors like FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, and JFK, and gives control over the nuclear bomb to the Pentagon alone.

Walker’s deepest fear was that the US would blindly grant US nuclear weapons to the United Nations as international property. Then the UN could use nukes as an instrument to further Soviet foreign policy under the cloak of the United Nations. Walker sought to instill this fear into his audience.

The only solution was that the American Public must elect a US Congress to stop the communist conspiracy from censoring Walker’s patriotic Pro-Blue program! By this censorship, the communists blocked a US Generals’ duty to train troops, and deliberately split the Military from the People – splitting US unity! Walker’s proof was the Fulbright Memorandum. Enough said.

Next, Walker explained his theory of propaganda. To even exist as a Commander:

…Requires that I train every soldier to understand and oppose every enemy of America. I know our enemy. I know three-dimensional warfare: land, sea, and air. I also know 4th dimensional warfare: psychological warfare.

The notion of 4th dimensional warfare sounds strange, but Walker explained it simply – it only means propaganda. Communists have an unfair advantage in propaganda, he said, because the US allows commies to have Free Speech here, while Russia denies Americans to have Free Speech there. In this way the communists can operate on the front lines and “behind the lines.

The communists are experts at brainwashing, he exclaimed, and they have taken control of all major US mass media – Newsweek, Time, CBS, Life, and famous writers like Drew Pearson. So, here was Walker’s plan to fight Communism. The average soldier and citizen need enough education to be critical of American radio and TV. That way they can avoid becoming brainwashed! Said Walker:

It is also necessary to be conditioned for, and impervious to, propaganda brainwash. Daily images from newspaper headlines, radio and TV broadcasts are images and magnified distortions that the minds of American youth are subjected to today. The Kremlin knows and uses the process. They are using our communications and media system…extensively.

To learn the real truth, the public urgently needs the orientation of Robert Welch’s John Birch Society, he said. Walker advised his audience to attend a local living-room screening of the film, Operation Abolition, in the homes of Bircher volunteers, to learn how to see through the communist brainwashing of Newsweek, Time, CBS, Life, and Drew Pearson.

Drew Pearson was the very symbol and face of the US national media, said Walker, so, Drew Pearson was ultimately the leader who would censor Walker’s Pro-Blue program, and Drew Pearson was effectively the one who enabled the communists to operate from inside the White House.

US national media failed to project the true image of a free Christian America, claimed Walker. US national media instead portrayed the US as corrupt, immoral, and greedy – just as the Kremlin demanded. US national media also sold Fidel Castro to Americans as a nice guy. Walker said:

It was the American communications media that made Castro appear like a romantic hero and sold him to the American People.

Speaking of Cuba, the Bay of Pigs humiliation occurred on April 17, 1961, and that was exactly the day that the Overseas Weekly newspaper had humiliated General Walker in Germany. This was no coincidence! JFK planned it to the day, exclaimed Walker! The Bay of Pigs condemned many Cuban patriots to death and consolidated Castro’s power. The humiliation of General Walker condemned the US Military to the treason of Drew Pearson. It was all carefully planned by JFK! Walker said:

…Modern systems of communications make it a small world which can be effectively exploited by bandits, atheists, and ‘isms.’

Everything would be lost unless the upcoming Senate Subcommittee on Military Preparedness next April 1962 could save America from that fate. If the Subcommittee fails in its mission, Walker despaired, the US Military would simply collapse. Yet, Walker remained hopeful:

After the investigation is over, you will have recognized them in the Congress, in the Defense Department, and in other branches of the government. They are the socialist bureaucrats buying your votes and selling your country. They are pushing every minute…to release to the UN all authority for international legal decisions.

JFK famously described the Cold War as a “long twilight struggle.” Walker adopted the term “long twilight struggle,” but he redefined it to mean the struggle to prevent the US from reclaiming its Independence.

Walker ended his speech by comparing himself with the Biblical Daniel in the fiery furnace – again, the crowd jumped to their feet in thunderous approval.


Comparing the details of Walker’s third copyrighted speech with the famous seven points of the “WANTED FOR TREASON – JFK” handbill, I can see two more points that stand out.

(A) Civilian Walker said that he saw the same treason stateside that he had seen in Korea and Germany – a national policy that clashed with the honest purposes of the US Military. For example:

(A.1) Republicans and Democrats since FDR let Berlin be divided into West and East.

(A.2) In 1948, Truman’s supply airlift to Berlin allowed Reds to control the Berlin ground.

(A.3) In 1951, Truman denied General MacArthur’s request for a nuclear bomb on China.

(A.4) In 1951, President Truman proposed the international control of atomic energy.

(A.5) In 1957, Eisenhower signed the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty with Russia.

All of these claims by Walker in 1962 evoke point #2 in the “WANTED FOR TREASON – JFK” handbill of 1963. We can see this as we review point #2 again, accusing JFK:

#2. He has been WRONG on innumerable issues affecting the security of the US (e.g. the United Nations’ Berlin Wall…and the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty with Russia).

(B) Walker also charged (echoing Robert Welch in 1959) that communists had infiltrated every public school, church, university, labor union, political party, the State Department, the White House, World Bank, US Military, Pentagon, UN, and so on.

This charge by Walker in 1962 evokes point #3 in the “WANTED FOR TREASON – JFK” handbill of 1963. We can see this as we review point #3 again, accusing JFK:

#3. He has been lax in enforcing Communist Registration laws.

What Communist Regulation laws? This refers to the 1954 “Communist Control Act” passed by Congress during the McCarthy hysteria. It required all members of the Communist Party in the USA to register with the US government. Without this, worried McCarthy, Welch and Walker, communists would quickly infiltrate every public school, church, university, labor union, political party, and US government department. And yet JFK deliberately neglected it!

What Walker neglected to say was that the US Supreme Court had already ruled that this Act was unconstitutional. Yet Walker cared nothing for any “Antichrist” Supreme Court ruling. Walker personally demanded the names and addresses of every member of the CPUSA. That was why, I suggest, this point would later appear on the “WANTED FOR TREASON – JFK” handbill in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

And yes – there is more.



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