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Wanted for Treason - JFK (Part 5)

We continue to review the content of Walker’s copyrighted speeches of 1961-1962 as such might pertain to the “WANTED FOR TREASON – JFK” handbill of November 22, 1963.


On December 29, 1961, Walker gave his second copyrighted speech in Jackson, Mississippi. His speech was entitled, The American Eagle: Weapons for Freedom.

Up to half of this speech was merely a copy the previous speech, yet Walker added wording tailored to a Mississippi audience. He punctuated this speech with continual religious references, e.g. “The atheist communist fears your deep religion!” He would say, “I stand firm with Christ – against us are only Satan and his atheistic communist conspiracy!” He would say: “I have been a militant soldier, and today I am a militant Christian!” Each time he would get a standing ovation, according to witnesses (Cravens, 1991).

In his introduction, Walker portrayed the United Nations as a deadly enemy of Christianity. Walker used religious imagery to describe his political opinion, for example:

We are led by the Pretenders that have defied God’s teachings and the individual rights of men! There is not a single symbol of Christianity allowed in the United Nations building that we built and support! There is a room for meditation – it is ornate, Asiatic, and atheistic – a disgrace! True Christians that see it always revolt in disgust!

To finish his introduction, Walker quoted Ephesians 6:12, 20:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness. For this I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak!

Again, a standing ovation.


Walker oriented his speech with a reference to Senator Joseph McCarthy’s book, Twenty Years of Treason (1954), which had summarized the 20 years of Presidents FDR and Truman as communist treason. Adding Robert Welch’s idea that the eight years of Eisenhower were also communist treason, as well as two years of JFK’s treasonous term, all this would give us thirty years (three decades) of treason. Walker said:

Three decades of Potomac Pretenders – New Dealers, Fair Dealers, Red-herrings, co-existence artists and United Nations, One-World, New Frontiersmen – have conspired in the liquidation of our Constitutional government, of, by and for the people!

Walker liked this term, “Potomac Pretenders,” and he would use it often with reference to Presidents FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, and JFK. Walker listed these traitors’ four most recent crimes as follows: (1) supporting coexistence on the battlefields of Korea in secret, communist UN meetings; (2) removing General Walker from his command over the 24th Infantry Division in Germany; (3) currently supporting Castro’s Communism in Cuba; and (4) currently supporting a UN war in Katanga against Tshombe and his Anti-communists.

Walker claimed that the very definition of the United Nations cancels the ideals of National sovereignty, of State sovereignty and of Constitutional independence. So, the UN all by itself is treason. He said:

I want to tell you exactly this – that your sons in uniform are not supported by our National policy – and that you are being brainwashed by your own National news and media!

In the tradition of Senator Joseph McCarthy, Walker boldly broadcast the names of alleged communist traitors inside Washington DC, namely: Senator William Fulbright, Arthur Sylvester, Adam Yarmolinsky, and political journalist Drew Pearson.

To narrate the details of their treason, Walker recalled the Korean War, where he himself had served beside American boys fighting Communism. Tragically, the US government committed treason against the US Army, he claimed, by collaborating with the enemy at the Panmunjom conference table.

There was a substitute for victory! It left Korea divided, and it served upon the [South] Korean President Syngman Rhee the warrant of elimination [because] he had refused to have any part in the conference table or collaboration or co-existence with the enemy!

Walker now stepped up his rhetoric and paraphrased articles from Robert Welch’s John Birch Society magazine, American Opinion:

We are at War! You are infiltrated and your cause starts in every home, church, school, street corner and public gathering! Man your weapons and attack!

Walker’s audience was now fired up, wondering what the ordinary citizen could do about this. Citizen Walker had a plan. The US Legislature is a key because it has impeachment powers over the Executive and the Judiciary.

To combat US treason, the Senate should (1) impeach Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, whose interpretation of the Constitution had forced the racial integration of US Public Schools; and (2) impeach JFK, reversing his Fulbright Memorandum which mandates that his own pro-communist foreign policy should be carefully hidden from the American people.

He insisted that only impeachment could save the Republic, saying:

Our first error was forgetting that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance! Our second error was cooperation with the immoral UN, allegedly composed of peace-loving nations, but includes the ruthless USSR as a super-member!

Yet Walker reserved his highest hopes for the upcoming Senate Subcommittee hearings on Military Preparedness (due in April 1962) to expose the treason of JFK, Chief Justice Earl Warren, Senator William Fulbright, Secretary Robert McNamara and all their supporters like Sylvester and Yarmolinsky – and impeach them all!

The first step toward healing America must be a full Senatorial review of JFK’s dismissal of General Walker from his command over the 24th Infantry in Germany.

Only this could prove to the American people that these Harvard graduates in Washington DC are all traitors, and that the US Military are the only true patriots who deserve to have total control over nuclear weapons. Only this could save America, said Walker, expressing his expectations:

I consider it a responsibility of the Preparedness Committee to explain to me, first as a General, and now as a Citizen, and to you and me as the Public, which one of our sons and soldiers are faithful and loyal to his oath of allegiance to the US Constitution: the soldier that is risking his life flying UN troops to the Congo to fight the Anticommunists, thereby collaborating with and helping the communists, or the soldier risking his life at the barbed wire barricade in Berlin to fight the Communists.

Walker got another standing ovation.

[Flashback – it all began when President Truman denied General MacArthur’s request to drop a nuclear bomb on China. MacArthur was in big trouble because he had crossed the 38th parallel and endangered 100,000 US troops when 300,000 Chinese surrounded them in North Korea. Yet MacArthur had disobeyed a direct order to stop at the 38th parallel. Truman denied MacArthur’s request to nuke China and then fired MacArthur. According to MacArthur, however, and to Senator McCarthy, General Walker and Robert Welch, the traitor was President Truman, who had merely obeyed his communist masters in the United Nations!]

Walker had faith that the upcoming Senate Subcommittee on Military Preparedness would review Walker’s own case and would exonerate him. Walker proclaimed how his faith in God gave him supreme confidence in the Senate Subcommittee. He said:

Every person taking the oath of office is responsible for the defense of this country – none more specifically than Members of the Special Preparedness Subcommittee of the Senate. The oath is sworn to God. It is an individual covenant with God. Anyone not believing in the Supreme Being has been false to his signature and false to the written words of allegiance to the Constitution of his country!

Walker got another standing ovation. The Subcommittee would revive McCarthyism in the US Press, TV, radio and mass media, all present had hoped. Walker again explained his refusal to serve as a US Army General under these treasonous conditions. Walker said:

We are sworn to defend America, but we must abide by the United Nations decisions? Under these conditions the oath becomes falsified and fictitious! As for myself, I could no longer serve in uniform and be a collaborator with this release of our sovereignty to the United Nations!

The self-contradiction in Walker's extolling of the purity of the US Military, is that he tacitly denounced the rest of the US Military as collaborators with the "Potomac Pretenders!"

Walker missed that point in his doctrine that only by purging Washington DC of the traitors (identified by MacArthur, McCarthy, Walker and Welch) could a meaningful command over the 24th Division be restored. Only then could the US Military promote Walker’s Pro-Blue training program throughout all US Armed Services, to finally save America.


Mindful of the long history of racist politics of Mississippi, Walker would play on this sentiment. He portrayed the UN war in Katanga, Africa in the vocabulary of race.

The United Nations attack on Katanga, supported by the US Government, is a vicious, Pro-communist action – an attack on our sovereignty and a violation of the civil rights of all Anti-communists. It is interesting to note that we have not heard a peep of opposition from the NAACP!

Robert Welch had often insinuated that the NAACP was infiltrated by communists. The racist politics of Mississippi had long launched its slogan in response to Earl Warren’s Supreme Court Brown Decision – namely, “Race-mixing is Communism!”

After his rant on Katanga, our resigned General Walker now turned towards Cuba. As an Anti-communist man of action, Walker demanded an immediate expulsion of Fidel Castro. He complained:

We go halfway around the world to fight an Anti-communist in Katanga, yet we won’t fight a boasting, bragging communist goon on our own doorstep in Cuba!

After his rant on Cuba, our resigned General Walker now turned towards Mexico. Mississippi had long demanded closing the border between the US and Mexico in order to keep foreigners out. Walker now proposed the same closing, using Welch’s vocabulary. As a pretext to justify changing 75 years of an American open border with Mexico, Walker exclaimed:

Cardenas, ex-President of Mexico, controls the Mexican Government today and may be the Red Castro of Mexico tomorrow! This Mexican agent just over the Rio Grande is today receiving weapons from behind the Iron Curtain in the same manner in which Castro received his!

This accusation fell on receptive ears in Confederate-flag-waving Mississippi.

Wrapping up, Walker emotionally condemned Congress’ passage of JFK’s 1961 Arms Control and Disarmament (ACD) Act.

The White House itself had defined that Act as: “the identification, verification, inspection, limitation, control, reduction or elimination of armed forces and armaments of all kinds under international agreement.

This, for Walker, was treason, i.e. handing over our US nuclear arms to international control. The US Military alone must have full control over nuclear weapons, he insisted! Walker said:

Paul Revere has made his ride. The enemy is not coming – he is here. He got here through the Potomac Pretenders since 1932. This, your sons and daughters and soldiers deserve to know – they must know that Communism is aided and abetted through the Marxist-Socialist educational leadership of Harvard University!

That was the final message – the climax of this speech. The true enemy of America was Harvard University! Really? Yet, this pedestrian idea wasn’t original to Walker – it was first suggested by Robert Welch in his book, The Politician (1956). Remember these words:

Communism is imposed on every country from the top down, by a conspiratorial apparatus, headed and controlled by suave and utterly ruthless criminals, who are recruited from the richest families, most highly educated intellectuals, and most skillful politicians within that country. The rest of the show…is mere pretense and deception. (Robert Welch, 1956, The Politician, p. xxxxv)

There we have it. The graduates of Harvard University were communist spies – the ultimate enemies of America. That song played very well in Mississippi where folks still regarded those snobby “Damn Yankees” with dire suspicion.

Citizen Walker ended his speech by quoting Romans 1:16: “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes! If God is for us, who can be against us?” The Mississippi crowd jumped to their feet in a long ovation as Walker casually walked off stage.


When we compare the details of this speech with the “WANTED FOR TREASON – JFK” handbill, we find that two points stand out in comparison with the four alleged sins of these Harvard University guided, alleged communists: Presidents FDR, Truman, Eisenhower and JFK.

  1. Turning US sovereignty over to the communist controlled United Nations. This was treason against US friends such as: South Korea’s Syngman Rhee in favor of Panmunjom; like Cuba’s freedom-loving Batista in favor of the communist Fidel; and like Katanga’s Anti-communist Tshombe in favor of United Nations forces in the Congo.

  2. Maintaining communists in posts inside the Federal government. This was treason against US citizens.

  • It was treason to support decisions by Antichrist judges in the Supreme Court (e.g. Earl Warren, and his allegedly communist Brown Decision).

  • It was treason to appoint Harvard University graduates to high posts in Washington DC -- specially those with alien-sounding names like Adam Yarmolinsky.

  • It was treason to remove General Walker’s Anti-communist Pro-Blue training program from the 24th Infantry Division at the Berlin Wall, in favor of the “pink” newspaper, Overseas Weekly.

Let's examine how these two points form a direct match with points #1 and #6 on the “WANTED FOR TREASON – JFK” handbill:

#1. Betraying the Constitution (which he swore to uphold). He is turning the sovereignty of the US over to the communist controlled United Nations. He is betraying our friends (Cuba, Katanga, Portugal) and befriending our enemies (Russia, Yugoslavia, Poland).

#6. He has consistently appointed Anti-Christians to Federal office. Upholds the Supreme Court in its Anti-Christian rulings. Aliens and known Communists abound in federal offices.

We begin to see a pattern. Walker recited his copyrighted speeches (which were not typically recorded) dozens of times all over southern cities from Miami to Los Angeles. These speeches contained dogmatic claims that would ultimately appear on the “WANTED FOR TREASON – JFK” handbill in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

There is still more.



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