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Wanted for Treason - JFK (Part 1)

Let's now review the infamous handbill, "Wanted for Treason -- JFK" that appeared on the streets of Dallas on the morning that JFK was assassinated. It appeared 24 hours before the German newspaper article, and five months before the National Enquirer article. Yet if we can consider that these two documents were plausibly the work of General Walker, then we are finally ready to consider the possibility that the "Wanted for Treason -- JFK" handbill was also his explicit design.

This poster displayed a face and a profile photo of JFK, as in a common FBI “Wanted” poster, along with the following text:

THIS MAN is wanted for treasonous activities against the United States.

1. Betraying the Constitution (which he swore to uphold). He is turning the sovereignty of the US over to the communist controlled United Nations. He is betraying our friends (Cuba [sic!], Katanga, Portugal) and befriending our enemies (Russia, Yugoslavia, Poland).

2. He has been WRONG on innumerable issues affecting the security of the U.S. (United Nations-Berlin Wall-Missile Removal-Cuba-Wheat Deals-Test Ban Treaty-etc.)

3. He has been lax in enforcing Communist Registration laws.

4. He has given support and encouragement to the Communist-inspired racial riots.

5. He has illegally invaded a sovereign State with federal troops.

6. He has consistently appointed Anti-Christians to Federal office. Upholds the Supreme Court in its Anti-Christian rulings. Aliens and known Communists abound in federal offices.

7. He has been caught in fantastic LIES to the American people (including personal ones like his previous marriage and divorce).

In the weeks to come we'll review the WC testimony about this scurrilous Dallas handbill. We'll also review the speeches of General Walker from his notes in his personal papers regarding his coast-to-coast speaking tour with segregationist Reverend Billy James Hargis, starting from mid-February through early-April 1963. For example, during that tour, Walker repeatedly:

i. Criticized JFK's personal life.

ii. Accused the US Supreme court of being "Anti-Christ."

iii. Accused Washington DC as being full of Communists.

iv. Accused JFK of illegally sending Federal Troops to Mississippi in September 1962

v. Accused JFK of supporting Communists by defending a Black American's right to attend an all-white college in Mississippi.

vi. Accused JFK of refusing to enforce the "Communist Control Act" of 1954 -- even though the US Supreme Court ruled it Unconstitutional.

vii. Accused JFK of treasonously turning the sovereignty of the US over to the Communist-controlled United Nations.

viii. Accused JFK of treasonously compromising the Berlin Wall

ix. Accused JFK of treasonously betraying US ally, former Cuban President Fulgencio Batista, by permitting Fidel Castro to remain in power in Cuba.

x. Accused JFK of treasonously permitting US farmers to sell wheat to Communist nations

xi. Accused JFK of treasonously supporting Communist nations such as Russia, Yugoslavia and Poland.

xii. Accused JFK of treasonously supporting the Test Ban Treaty with Russia.

That is, the content of the "WANTED FOR TREASON -- JFK" handbill, is taken directly from various speeches given by General Walker from at least February through April, 1963, and likely longer.

We’ll examine these issues and more in the weeks to come, as they relate to this “WANTED FOR TREASON” handbill.


--Paul Trejo

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