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The Super Bowl and JFK

Clark Hunt holding Super Bowl trophy February 2, 2020

In 2020 we're looking back on what this site has highlighted over the last year with fine work by Paul. It seems clear to me that the operational ground force of the JFK assassination was 100% local. In particular, as Paul shows, the murky and clumsy goings-on at the book depository for the rest of the day after JFK's death show the police building, hiding, and destroying evidence. As Paul begins to dig deeper into General Walker this year, I want to point out how relevant the wealthy elite of Dallas still are today, when in 1963 they were funding the likes of General Walker and other right wing extremists. As a background, take a look at what Paul wrote a few weeks ago about wealthy Dallas oilmen here.

I'm a big football fan and yesterday watched an amazing Superbowl victory by quarterback Pat Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Congratulations to Coach Andy Reid, the Chiefs, and to Kansas City fans! However, I can't congratulate the team owner Clark Hunt and his co-owners in the Hunt family.

H L Hunt, whose grandson Clark is the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, was in 1963 a central funding source of the radical right in Dallas. Hunt's money funded the infamous black-bordered newspaper ad in The Dallas Morning News on the day of the assassination. I need to be clear that there is no direct evidence linking the Hunt family to the assassination of JFK. However, I also want to be clear that the wealthy elite of the Dallas ultra right wing funded men like General Walker, Bernard Weissman, Robert Klause, Larry Schmidt, Robert Alan Surrey, and the John Birch Society in North Texas .... which undoubtedly had a hand in killing Kennedy.

I hate to mix football and politics but when I saw the Hunt family collecting accolades last night in front of a worldwide TV audience, I am reminded that their family is part of a terrible chapter in our history...yet these people live on in wealth and fame today. The men that killed JFK are the same exact men in some cases, and part of the same organizations in most cases, and part of the same ideology in all cases, that killed MLK, Medgar Evers, James Cheney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner ....and countless others in the ultra-right-wing's war against the black civil rights movement.

I look forward to Paul's detailed look at General Walker in this blog soon and thanks for reading.


...More information about the Hunt family's connection to the JFK assassination is available here and here.

...In my opinion, Oswald was in touch with the ultra-right wing John Birch Society types in Dallas, as suggested by this intriguing note mentioned here and here.

Me and Paul are not the first to connect the Hunts to the assassination. They were persons of interest almost immediately, as indicated here.

Why on earth would the Hunts be concerned about the security of Oswald while held in the Dallas jail?

Researcher Michael Griffith summarizes the circumstantial evidence about the Hunts:

Texas oil billionaire H. L. Hunt was a rabid right-wing extremist with intelligence connections. According to one of Hunt's special assistants, Hunt's top aides often heard him say that America would be "much better off without Kennedy" (1:277). On one occasion Hunt reportedly expressed his desire to see JFK shot (6:215).

The day before the assassination, Eugene Hale Brading, a Mafia man with a long arrest record, visited Hunt's office building in Dallas. Brading was arrested in Dealey Plaza on the day of the shooting when he was found to have taken an elevator to the ground floor of the Dal-Tex Building shortly after the shots were fired. Brading was released, however, because he gave the police an alias. While in Dallas, Brading stayed at the Cabana Hotel.

Jack Ruby visited that hotel, and Hunt's office building, on November 21. Moreover, according to Hunt's former chief aide, John Curington, Marina Oswald met with Hunt two days before the shooting.

On November 23, Hunt asked his chief aide to see what kind of security the police had for Oswald. The aide reported that Oswald had very little protection and that security was very lax at police headquarters where Oswald was being kept. Hunt flew to Washington, D.C., shortly after receiving this report. Oswald was killed on November 24.

Dick Russell's book The Man Who Knew Too Much (3) contains an important examination of H. L. Hunt's troubling activities before and after the assassination, as does Livingstone's Killing the Truth (see also 1:276-278 and 2:568, 573-574).

A few years after the assassination, a disturbing handwritten note surfaced. The note was addressed to a "Mr. Hunt" and was signed "Lee Harvey Oswald." Three independent handwriting experts retained by the Dallas Morning News concluded the note was written by Oswald. In the note, which is dated November 8, 1963, Oswald asks about his "position" and requests a meeting before "any steps are taken by me or anyone else."

Was the "Mr. Hunt" oil giant H. L. Hunt? Or, was it E. Howard Hunt of the CIA? Documents declassified in 1983 revealed that the FBI apparently believed the note was addressed to H. L. Hunt's ultra-conservative millionaire son, Nelson Hunt.

....the above and more is found on Mark Griffith's website, here:

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