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The Names of Those Who Funded the Black Bordered Ad

The Warren Commission (WC) attorneys by April 1964 had obtained the names of the key individuals who funded the famous Black Bordered Ad of November 22, 1963. The WC learned these names from one John Birch Society (JBS) member, namely, Joseph Grinnan. Grinnan had worked directly with Larrie Schmidt and Bernard Weissman to prepare the Black Bordered Ad for publication.

The WC did not call Joe Grinnan to give testimony. However, they assigned the FBI to contact Grinnan. The FBI explained the gravity of the matter to Joseph Grinnan so that Grinnan divulged three names of JBS members who put up the money (about $1,450 in 1963; which in 2019 would be about $14,500). This money purchased a full page in the Dallas Morning News, in the evening edition as well as the next morning edition on November 22, 1963 -- the day that JFK was assassinated in Dallas.

The three names that Joe Grinnan divulged were: Edgar R. Crissey, Nelson Bunker Hunt, and H.R. Bright. Nelson Hunt was a son of H.L. Hunt, one of the founding members of the JBS in Dallas. Here is one public URL of that FBI document:

This FBI document is how US History confirms that Bernard Weissman told the truth to the WC about Joseph Grinnan.

In the past month we have presented ample evidence to safely conclude that high-ranking members of the Dallas JBS published both the Black Bordered Ad as well as the Wanted for Treason: JFK poster that circulated in Dallas on the day that JFK was killed there.

The same coven published both documents. Furthermore, this same coven did their best to keep their participation a secret. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, however, would not allow those secrets to endure. They stand today as a part of US History.



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