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What about the CIA?

You know what makes my friend Paul Trejo an outstanding researcher?

...Paul masters the evidence and takes you through the entirety of witnesses and their testimony on a specific area of the JFK assassination. On this blog we've seen Paul take us through Dallas officials and key elite members of the Radical Right in Dallas, such as Robert Surrey. In my opinion, the men who shot MLK, Medgar Evers, and James Chaney are ideologically and (in some cases) logistically linked to the men who mugged UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson in Dallas and almost exactly the same men who killed JFK.

There's lots of information about the Radical Right and their role in killing Kennedy. Me and Paul met on a discussion forum that in my opinion gets carried away in far-fetched conspiracies, but nevertheless Paul gave us all plenty to think about in a long series of posts in threads such as these here and here. If you search the JFK assassination on the web, or watch Oliver Stone's fine film JFK, or even check out several of the posts me and Paul made on the Education Forum, you'll quickly run into the CIA. Why is the CIA implicated in the JFK assassination? What's the evidence?

I'm making this post because Paul does such a fantastic job indicting the Radical Right that many of us might wonder what all the fuss is about the CIA and JFK. If you believe Russia interfered in the 2016 election of Trump v. Clinton, I ask you to believe that Russia interfered in early 1960s American politics. The evidence is clear that a story in a Moscow-controlled Italian newspaper (referenced in the JFK film by Tommy Lee Jones playing Clay Shaw) is the genesis of the link between the CIA and the Kennedy assassination. What a fantastic ruse that continues to pay dividends to Moscow decades later...

In a nutshell, I am 100% certain that "the CIA" had nothing to do with killing Kennedy because:

1. The risk of getting caught killing a US president is far, far greater than the emotionally satisfying revenge motive advanced by CIA-did-it conspiracy theorists. Most CIA-did-it theories rest on the claim that every employee of the CIA wanted revenge on JFK and offer no evidence apart from this flimsy motive.

2. The CIA has no need to kill the chief executive - they can and will do their work around the world autonomously, or they can simply remove a politician by non-lethal means. In Kennedy's case, the love affairs, fragile health, family skeletons-in-the-closet, and hidden scandals were easily exposed and more than enough to neutralize Kennedy's power.

3. Lack of evidence. Paul has shown us that the Dallas Police and related law enforcement officials were the operational ground soldiers essential to killing JFK in Dallas. Whoever controlled the DPD controlled the assassination. Do not confuse Cuba with the JFK assassination like so many do - the Cubans couldn't kill a ragtag dictator with no security called Fidel Castro even with CIA help - under no circumstances could a bunch of ne'er do well Cubans partying in Miami Beach have the means or motive to kill a US president, even with CIA help.

There are no two further points apart on the ideological, intellectual, and cultural spectrum than the good-ole-boy DPD of 1963 and the Ivy League CIA. The CIA had no connections whatsoever to the DPD, the Dallas Sheriff, and associated Dallas officials - in fact they hated each other. Yet, Paul has proven here on this pages that the JFK assassination depends totally on the DPD and other Dallas officials.

...with that said, "the CIA," the FBI, and "the government" definitely covered up information about the JFK assassination.

THIS is what drives a lot of conspiracy theories - the false assumption that whoever covers up a murder is the murderer. Perhaps we'll go into the cover-up later.

For now, notice how Paul Trejo's extreme diligence in evidence analysis so strongly offers General Walker and his cabal of Radical Right extremists in Dallas as the masterminds of the JFK murder - while conclusively establishing the DPD and related law enforcement officials the ground soldiers of the murder. The CIA was nowhere to be found in Dallas that day nor involved with the JFK assassination in any way. Look at the men in Dallas to find out who killed JFK!

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