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Completion Milestone -- Dallas Officials -- DONE

Covering the Dallas Officials that I find suspicious in the JFK Assassination took much longer than I expected. This project has taken about ten months to finish, but I'm finally DONE with my online interpretation of their WC testimony.

Next, I'll turn my attention to Dallas *civilians* whom I find to be suspicious in the JFK Assassination, and who were, additionally, Warren Commission (WC) witnesses.

Only six Radical Right members were called by the WC and testified -- and I suspect that all six failed to tell the "whole truth and nothing but the truth" to the WC, despite their solemn oaths.

I'm not surprised at this, because the Radical Right had long proclaimed Washington DC to be the Enemy. So, why should they tell the Truth to the Enemy? They particularly detested Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, and this was his Commission! I suspect that they were proud of their deception -- when they gathered behind closed doors.

So, here are the six WC civilian witnesses whom I also find suspicious in the JFK Assassination. Five were from Dallas one was from Illinois. I'll review their WC testimony in this specific order:

1. Dallas Radical Right activist, Robert Alan Surrey 2. Dallas Radical Right activist, Bernard Weissman 3. Illinois Radical Right activist, Revilo P. Oliver 4. Dallas Radical Right followers, Robert G. Krause & Warren A. Reynolds 5. Dallas Radical Right Leader, Ex-General Edwin Walker

Sadly, many Dallas Radical Right civilians that I suspect were never called by the WC. Among these I will name my top three most suspicious:

(a) Dallas Radical Right billionaire, H.L. Hunt (b) Dallas Radical Right academic, president of the University of Dallas, Robert Morris (c) Dallas Radical Right political activist, Larrie Schmidt

Their names were mentioned in the WC Hearings, but they were never called as witnesses.

All best, --Paul Trejo

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