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Great to hear from you, Jason

It's really great to hear from you Jason -- I knew you were really busy, and I knew you'd return eventually. After all, you created this web site.

So, welcome back -- because the CIA didn't kill JFK as most CTers have claimed for 55 years. The Dallas Radical Right did -- and framed Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) starting back in New Orleans and Mexico City. It was a long, revenge-laden plan.

Contrary to most CTers, I maintain that LHO really did attempt to shoot General Walker, and I maintain that James Hosty told General Walker about the attempt only four days later. (My main evidence is the superb work done by Dick Russell in his famous book, The Man Who Knew Too Much (1992) in which Russell interviewed Dallas resident Natasha Voshinin, who learned the rumor from George DeMorhenschildt and telephoned the FBI that day.)

Although final proof is still elusive -- partly because most of the expert-time in the past 55 years was wasted trying to prove that the CIA did it -- I will continue to focus on the Dallas Connection.

Currently, I'm pursuing a crisp focus on the two Dallas officials who coordinated this treason. They deliberately withheld crucial evidence from the Washington DC Protective Research Section (PRS) of the Secret Service (SS) about the actual publishers of the famous Dallas handbill: WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK.

Hosty and Sorrels knew very well that Robert Alan Surrey published that handbill. They also knew very well that Surrey was the president of General Walker's American Eagle Publishing Company, and that Surrey had his office inside the home of General Walker -- for nearly two solid years. How do we know that Sorrels did it? Because the Warren Commission Hearings demonstrated it in spades in the WC testimony of Robert Alan Surrey, as well as in the WC testimony of Robert Klause.

In my reading, only two key Dallas officials could pull this off, namely, Dallas FBI agent James Hosty, and Dallas SS agent Forrest Sorrels. They were in the best position to deceive the PRS in Washington DC. The PRS was programmed to believe the local FBI and SS in questions of dangerous people in any given city. Here is the hottest evidence of all the hot evidence that I have yet portrayed.

It's really great to see you back on our web site, Jason. I look forward to reading your incisive analysis.

All best,


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