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Step back from the weeds

Many thanks to my friend Paul for doing all the heavy lifting around this website for the last year! I've stepped away to work with my family commitments and in part to get some distance from the JFK assassination world. Paul does a great job of reviewing evidence and connecting it to reasonable and likely conclusions. He's stepped up when I lacked the time to contribute - I can't say enough about appreciating Paul.

JFK's murder in Dallas never entirely escapes my mind, even when I'm not actively researching. I read Paul's work here and I look through the national archives randomly at least a few times a month. Some salient truths remain head-and-shoulders above all else for me. Here's what I come back to and I invite you to consider:

1. The logistics of the assassination in Dallas was NOT the work of professionals. It was by NO MEANS a precise, highly polished operation. It was a sh*t show, a carnival-circus stunt that only barely worked. Really, it never entirely worked because from day one there was always a strong public belief in conspiracy. In my opinion the LOGISTICS of how the murder took place leads us to the killers - stop looking for motive and picking your favorite JFK-hater based on motive. Start with the evidence and LOGISTICS of what happened in Dealey Plaza.

2. So what did happen in Dealey Plaza that makes me think the LOGISTICS of the murder unmask the murderers? Mainly what happened is that there were stray bullets all over the place. Also, the DPD was all over the place. There's photo and physical evidence of perhaps up to 10 bullet strikes on PEOPLE or THINGS other than JFK! Only a cowboy-circus mentality with a taste for wild-west style theatrics thinks its a smart idea to try to kill someone as they drive by in a convertible with 100s of witnesses around. Professional killers leave no clues - yet there are clues and misfires and sloppiness EVERYWHERE in Dealey Plaza and all the other sites in Dallas - such as Parkland Hospital, Love Field, Sheriff Decker's office, and most of all at the DPD headquarters.

3. The only entity with the manpower and local carte blanche to coverup all this sloppiness, stray bullets, and 100s of witnesses testifying about multiple gunmen is the DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT and their partners in crime at the sheriff's office. The CIA has no local presence. The Secret Service has a skeleton crew only. The DPD alone has the 100s of helpers needed to pull this off and cover up all the sloppy, amateur, theatrical circus-stunt mistakes of this day. Only one bullet killed JFK, this was the ONE lucky shot out of perhaps a dozen or more fired - this plan only barely, barely worked! DPD had to be the PRIME movers of the assassination because they had the documented staff presence in Dealey Plaza and most importantly - DPD was ALL OVER the School Book Depository for many unaccountable hours and activities.

4. Once you conclude that the DPD and related law-enforcement figures in Dallas are the soldiers of the operation to kill JFK, you see that this is no national conspiracy. This was done locally. Who is the number one most vocal anti-JFK force in Dallas? Who made sure to get out of town on the day of the assassination and have an airline fligh tcrew sign his airline ticket to prove he wasn't actually in Dallas that day? General Edwin Walker. Walker is what Paul specializes in and I'll let him take it from here. But Walker is correctly seen as the figurehead of a much larger, deadlier movement that killed dozens all through the 1960s who weren't as famous as JFK. Medgar Evers & James Chaney were killed by the same mindset and same people that killed JFK.

Look at all the assassinations of the 1960s - the Kennedys, MLK, the dozens of African Americans killed by the KKK. The murderers were all the same ideology - Minutemen, White Supremacists, ultra-right wing radicals. These men killed Kennedy.

Thanks again Paul, I'll try to come back more often in upcoming months!

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