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CSI: Dallas

Oswald holding hands after Ruby shot him

​A theme I keep banging on about is that the JFK assassination is a crime. Let's investigate it like a crime.

We all like a little mystery and a chance to be Sherlock Holmes via the internet. Did you know serious crimes are in fact solved online? I participated in the purely online investigation of the Jacob Wetterling abduction, which remained unsolved for 25 yers. The online community of thinkers and researchers drew up a list of suspects that led to the killer, who is now behind bars. The police failed in their investigation and went on many wild goose chases over the years, based largely on their own social and political biases against who they thought were likely child abductors. Amateur sleuths online solved the Jacob Wetterling murder.

There is an intriguing mystery here, but I ask you to temporarily forget that JFK was president. Forget he knew Khrushchev, forget he directed the CIA and US policy towards Castro, and forget he has a deputy who takes over his job in the event of death. Let's temporarily say this murder was just a celebrity or local official who was shot in a parade convertible.

I'll start with everyone's favorite patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald. These are the kind of details in Dallas I think are more instructive than asking which group of JFK-haters were most motivated to kill the president:

1. Oswald's landlady, Earlene Roberts, testified that a police car stopped and honked the horn while Oswald was in his room changing his clothes after the assassination. Doesn’t this imply that Oswald believes he is working with the cops in some way? Doesn't this mean a signal from the cops is either expected or meaningful to him in some way?​

2. Oswald is captured in the Texas Theater less than 2 hours after the murder. Is the Texas Theater a pre-determined rendezvous point for Oswald as part of the day's plan? Or is a movie theater where you go to lie low when you’re in a panic and think the cops are after you?

3. Oswald's former landlady Mary Bledsoe (from his very brief stay at the Marsalis St. flat) seeing him on the bus ride home after a routine day shooting the president is:

a. absurd; she is obviously lying; or;

b. so ridiculous it must be true because who would make this up?

4. Why doesn't Oswald blurt out essential facts that will save him and/or expose the conspiracy when he has contact with the press? Is everyone who interviews Oswald whille in police custody in on the conspiracy and does Oswald still think this will all end well for him?

I will regulary return to this approach of interrogating clues from the scene and day of the crime because I'm convinced most of us look at this homicide all wrong. This is a crime where the details of the day in Dallas point substantially in only one discernbible direction. The technicalities used by the producers of JFK's death in the short few hours around the crime establish primary suspects. Looking for motive points in too many directions. CSI points in only one direction.

The partner in this website with more experience in the assassination is Paul Trejo, so I'll stop here to check in and see if he thinks I'm on the right track and what he might offer as answers to my 4 questions agove.

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