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Astonishing Evidence: the John T Martin film

Gen Walker had advaned knowledge of Oswald's actions and had him filmed

film credit: The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Collection

{click on image to watch the John T Martin film}

Many thanks to the illustrious Paul Trejo who in his last blog post explained the role of the Dallas cops in the JFK assassination.

If you read just a tiny part of the police testimony to the Warren Commission, it is painfully obvious the cops are leading the effort to frame Lee Harvey Oswald. The rifle shells nominally linked to Oswald's weapon on the 6th Floor of the Texas School Book Depository are found in contradictory places, depending on who testifies. Mishandled crime scene forensics are shown by photographs that disprove police testimony. The found rifle is identified by DPD as a high precision German Mauser sniper rifle, then morphs into an absurdly clumsy Italian Carcano bolt-action piece of junk.

The timeline of police activity is the most damning of all - not only do the Dallas police wildly contradict each other, but they also capture Oswald and search his bedroom before there is any reason to suspect him in the crime or find out where he lives.

I join Paul and former Justice Department investigator Walt Brown in naming a small core of cops from the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas County Sheriff's Department as the mechanics of the JFK assassination. More precisely, the Dallas cops controlled the crime scene, they controlled the motorcade, they controlled Dallas. It was their show.

We are left wondering about who else was involved, but we think The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas holds the key to the crime. Click on the image of the John T Martin film in this post to watch what is in my opinion the single most informative piece of evidence pointing to WHO had JFK killed. The Zapruder film tells us how it happened, but the John T Martin film introduces us to the hidden author(s) of the assassination.

The John T Martin film is so meaningful that it was deliberately removed from the Warren Report and the National Archives. It tells the truth and the truth isn't so explosive in 1963 - the murderer(s) of Kennedy were exactly who everyone assumed it was at the time - Right Wing Extremists. Fanatical anticommunists also pissed off by forced desegregation. The Southern reactionairies who killed dozens all over the South and killed MLK also killed Kennedy.

When you watch the John T Martin film, your first reaction is likely something like, "So what?" That was my first reaction.

The film is silent and amateurish but its meaning is essential to solving the assassination. Perhaps the casual observer could use a film guide:

  1. The film starts with a Boeing 707 trip to Dallas on Braniff Airlines.

  2. Act 1 is a dramatic pecipice: a mysterious window shade opens. What does this mean?

A seemingly obscure moment when Gen. Walker's window shade dramatically the John T Martin film

  1. Although the viewer doesn't know this yet, the window shade opens to reveal the sinister presumed location of the attempted assassin who shot at General Walker on April 10, 1963. This shooting was later blamed on Lee Harvey Oswald. The opening window shade foreshadows the subtle link Walker makes to Oswald later in the movie. The filmed parked station wagon alludes to vehicles associated with Oswald.

  2. We see General Edwin Walker's home at 4011 Turtle Creek including his personalized mailbox.

  3. Afer a plane ride, the film is now on location in New Orleans.

  4. The usual tourist sights appear - mossy Cedar Trees and zoo animals at Audubon Park; the equine statute of General-President Andrew Jackson.

  5. The highlight and shocking climax comes when the filmmaker -"acccidentially"- notices activity on Canal Street.

  6. None other than Lee Harvey Oswald makes a cameo appearance, walking on the sidewalk with right side to the camera, who is quickly molested by Carlos Bringuier while handing out "Hands Off Cuba" leaflets.

  7. A symbolic conclusion and political statement arrives on the screen when a lingering shot shows Oswald's pro-Castro leaflets torn up into tiny pieces on the sidewalk. Oswald and his communist mission are cinematically destroyed. The earlier question left by the opening window shade in Walker's home is answered by the appearance of Oswald, and the destruction of Oswald's pro-Castro efforts. Mission concludes in the film with a flight home.

So, what?

So what this means is that General Walker had a film made and knew of Oswald's pre-arraned fight on Canal St before it happened. How else or why else could an amateur filmmaker first tour Walker's home, then fly to New Orleans to film Oswald getting arrested on Canal St with John Birch Society activist Carlos Bringuier?

Obviously General Walker himself is helping the filmmaker because we get a brief tour inside his home at 4011 Turtle Creek. The date of the film is partially established by filming a building tower still under construction - probably Twenty One Turtle Creek, a few blocks down from General Walker's house, opened in 1963.

Carlos Bringuier and General Walker were friends. Afer the assassination, they went on speaking tours together and forever insisted on a wide ranging communist conspiracy in the death of JFK, a conspiracy linked to Castro and the CIA. Because Walker has it filmed, it is certain that General Walker knows Bringuier will fight Oswald in a public spectacle on Canal St in New Orleans before it actually happens. Because of the opening window shade in the film, highlighting the window through which a rifle bullet was fired at General Walker, we can see that Walker is in a sense letting us know he caught Oswald - by showing Oswald's debacle on Canal Street in August of 1963.

Kindly keep these questions in mind: What does it mean when someone knows in advance what Oswald will be doing? What does does it mean when this same someone was officially shot at by Oswald months earlier, but only reveals this story in the days after JFK is shot?

General Edwin Walker has advanced knowledge of Oswald's actions a couple months before JFK is assassinated as proven by the John T Martin film, which I say makes him at minimum an assassination conspirator......because of this film and many other reasons, my website colleague Paul Trejo and Dr Jeffrey Caufield name General Walker as the ultimate architect of framing Oswald and the entire JFK assassination.

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