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Dallas: right wing extremist HQ

Dallas in 1963:

1. Socially and economically run by passionate reactionary H L Hunt.

2. DPD hired almost exlucisvely from the rolls of the John Birch Society.

3. Sheriff Bill Decker was an untouchable icon of bygone wild west days - he captured Bonnie & Clyde.

4. General Edwin Walker's minions assaulted UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson a few weeks before JFK's visit

5. General Edwin Walker's Minutemen publicized their "Welcome to Dallas, Mr President" and "Wanted for Treason" hostilities for JFK's visit

6. Dealey Plaza was literally the front yard of the Dallas sheriff and the grassy knoll abutted a locked, police-only parking lot

"Kennedy will get his reward in hell," said General Walker's group, as recounted by Bill Minutaglio and Steven Davis in their book, Dallas 1963.

We believe Dallas was the one and only big city in America where right wing extremists controlled the police department enough to get away with murder. Likewise, we see the use of Dallas as proof positive that this was not a CIA-related kill. The CIA had no control over the Dallas police.

The violence and extremism of the hard right in Dallas is essential to understanding the JFK assassination. This could happen in no other city.

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