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A Word about the Warren Commission

Unlike most CTers, including CIA-did-it CTers, I find that the Warren Commission (hereafter WC) volumes are a profoundly rich source of valuable information about the JFK Assassination. One key problem with it is that it is so bulky, with 15 volumes of witness testimony for 488 witnesses, and 11 volumes of photographic exhibits to support all these witnesses.

Yet, I still agree with most CTer's in one key point -- there is a trail of deliberately misleading evidence that flows through the WC volumes. Now, with so much material, how is one to identify which witnesses cannot be trusted? It is precisely on this question that CTers most sharply disagree. Some distrust Marina Oswald. Some distrust Ruth Paine. A few, like me and Jason, believe both.

I recommend the following approach to reading this massive literature. First, we divide the 488 witnesses into five categories: (1) JFK murder witnesses; (2) LHO character witnesses; (3) JD Tippit murder witnesses; (4) LHO murder witnesses; and (5) Jack Ruby character witnesses.

Although all these witnesses are scattered fairly randomly throughout the volumes for the convenience of the WC attorneys, they should be separated, and they should be read separately. To be very brief, this process shows 189 JFK murder witnesses, 136 LHO character witnesses, and 163 all other witnesses.

Now, here is my first take on these witnesses: (a) All of the 136 LHO character witnesses told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as long as they were under oath to the WC; (b) the 163 Jack Ruby character witnesses, the LHO murder witnesses, and the JD Tippit murder witnesses have virtually no useful insight into the JFK Assassination.

CIA-did-it CTers will be rolling on the floor in laughter right about now. Yet this is a very different approach to the WC volumes from anybody who still holds fast to a CT. (BTW, to understand how Jack Ruby had no role in the JFK Assassination itself, perhaps the best book still remains, Who Was Jack Ruby ? , by Seth Kantor, 1978)

This means that to solve the JFK Assassination, students can begin to focus on the truly suspicious witnesses. I'm willing to step through any WC testimony to show this. So, let's next divide these 189 witnesses into three further subcategories, as follows:

Expert witnesses (medical, ballistic, photographic, handwriting) 73

Citizen witnesses (TSDB, Railroad workers, Dealey Plaza bystanders) 59

Law Enforcement witnesses (Dallas Police; Deputies; Secret Service; FBI) 57

Here is my second take on these witnesses. I found that -- with minor exceptions -- all the Expert witnesses told the truth, and all the Citizen witnesses told the truth. Among the Law Enforcement witnesses, I divided them into Washington DC and Dallas witnesses, and in general - with minor exceptions -- all the Washington DC witnesses told the truth.

Here is the key. Dallas Law Enforcement witnesses consistently contradict each other and themselves. In my Walker-did-it CT, I regard several Dallas Law Enforcement personnel as members of the Radical Right Wing in Dallas politics. They had a deep, dark secret to hide, and they successfully hid the truth for more than a half-century.

Most CIA-did-it CTers still have no clue to this very day.

Let me make one more observation before I end this blog post. The deception inside the WC volumes has two parts: (i) the concealment of the role of the Dallas Radical Right in the JFK Assassination; and (ii) the promotion of the Lone Nut theory of LHO by J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI and the WC attorneys.

As you will see by a review of this web site, I say that the Dallas Radical Right who killed JFK did not want a Lone Nut theory of LHO. They wanted a Communist theory of LHO because they wanted to manipulate the USA to retake Cuba.

Thus, in my Walker-did-it CT, I say that J. Edgar Hoover saved the USA from a war in Cuba (and any possible consequences from that) by his Lone Nut theory of LHO, because this eliminated the Radical Right theory of a Communist LHO.

Hoover convinced LBJ, Allen Dulles and Earl Warren to promote this Lone Nut theory of LHO in order to conceal the blame of the Radical Right in Dallas -- not to protect them -- but to hide the ugly truth from the world during the peak of our Cold War with Russia. This is what makes the WC volumes so difficult to read. Yet I say -- if we focus on only these specific 57 of the 488 WC witnesses, we will quickly see the facts of the matter in bold relief.

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