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Republican John Connally on the Kennedy assassination

On November 22, 1963 John Connally was the Governor of Texas and helping his Democratic Party campaign in Texas. Connally and his wife Nellie were the official hosts for President John F Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy as they toured through Fort Worth and Dallas.

Around 12:30pm while riding in the presidential limousine, Connally heard a rifle shot. He turned to look towards his right to see where it came from as JFK clutched his wounded throat.

Seconds later, the Texas governor felt a blunt force hit his back and saw that he was bleeding, although he felt no severe pain and remained conscious. As Connally’s wife Nellie pulled him into her lap, yet more gunfire brought a flood of blood and brain matter throughout the limousine as JFK suffered a fatal head shot.

Somewhere in the carnage, another bullet struck the pavement, wounding bystander James Tague.

Connally later became a Republican and served in the Nixon administration, but he insisted for the rest of his life that separate bullets hit himself and the president. Connally knew there were separate shots because he remembers his own wound and blood seconds before JFK’s brain matter covered the limo.

More than 3 shots in Dealey Plaza confirms a conspiracy as the ancient bolt-action rifle linked to Oswald could at most fire 3 shots in the short ~7 seconds the motorcade was under fire. There is in fact evidence of other shots hitting the road and infield of Dealey Plaza, again showing multiple shooters and conspiracy.

Watch John Connally destroy the “magic bullet theory”: in the attached YouTube video around 4:20.

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