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Didn't Ruth Paine get Oswald his job?

Paul, This is in reply to your last blog post called 'More about Ruth Paine.' I don't believe Ruth Paine has any personal connection to the CIA or any other part of US intelligence. I mean it's absurd to think a suburban housewife in 1963 Texas, preoccupied by family obligations and devotion to her religion, is anything but what she seems. As you know, there is not one document nor witness linking Paine with the CIA. However, there is one big question that leaves us nearly stupefied. Ruth Paine gets Oswald his job. How on earth can we believe Oswald gets a job at the Texas School Book Depository without any connection to JFK's motorocade route? Paul, you have to admit that Oswald working at the TSBD is ideal in many ways - it's next door to Sheriff Decker's office, it's a minimally supervised workplace, it has high floors for placing both a patsy and the real shooters, and its internal warehouse environment is perfect for both hiding and finding clues like the nominal assassin's weapon. Sure, the TSBD is not an absolutely essential component of the assassination. But a Dealey Plaza location, windows that open in a multistory building, lax supervision, dusty old floors stacked with boxes, indifferent employees, stairs and rickety eleveators....all add up to a nearly perfect venue for a patsy in the eyes of the real killers. Is there any possible way to rectify: 1. The fact that Ruth Paine gets Oswald his job, but, 2. she's not in any way connected to the conspiracy.....yet, 3. Somehow, we intuitively all believe Oswald did in fact end up at the TSBD in a manipulated way. ???????

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