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More about Ruth Paine

Another major question that JFK CT literature asks about Ruth Paine -- was she in the CIA, and somehow manipulating Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) to set him up for a CIA plot? Ruth Paine told me that she truly feels insulted by this question. Any normal person would feel insulted by such an approach.

Decades ago an interviewer opened his interview of Ruth Paine with a copy of WC Exhibit #1, which is the Russian letter that LHO wrote to Marina Oswald on April 10, 1963 -- the night of the shooting at General Walker in Dallas. The interviewer promptly accused Ruth of writing it in order to frame LHO for shooting at Walker. What nerve! What bad manners! How insulting! Ruth simply walked out.

Here is the WC copy of that Russian letter, with an English translation at the bottom:

If that interviewer had any evidence, that would have been worth a response -- but to simply accuse Ruth of forging a letter from LHO to Marina, without a signature, without a date -- out of the blue like that -- that was uncalled for.

Marina Oswald testified to the Secret Service and to the Warren Commission (WC) that she found that letter on LHO's desk on the night of April 10, 1963. She had no clue of the context -- why would LHO worry about being arrested? She began to worry like mad. This was the worst night of her marriage to LHO, she said. Marina says that the letter is genuinely in LHO's handwriting.

Of course the CIA-did-it CTers then conclude that Marina Oswald must also be a part of the CIA plot. How simple-minded.

Another time another interviewer showed Ruth Paine a copy of WC Exhibit #15, which is the letter that LHO wrote to the Soviet Embassy in New York City -- pretending that he met "Comrade Kostin" deliberately in Mexico City, and that the "FBI is no longer interested in me." The WC copy of that letter is the image that I used for this blog post. It is called the "Soviet Embassy Letter."

This letter was typed on Ruth's typewriter. That's the main reason she read the handwritten draft on her table -- and she was angry that LHO would tell anybody that FBI was "no longer interested" in him, because FBI agent James Hosty had just visited Ruth Paine's house -- twice -- the previous week. Ruth really began to worry about LHO at this point.

Ruth didn't like this letter, so she showed it to Michael Paine when he came to visit. Mike saw the first handwritten words -- "Dear Sirs" -- and he thought it said -- "Dear Sue" -- so he thought it was a personal letter, and he warned Ruth about prying into other people's mail.

Ruth did not let the matter drop. She made her own copy of this handwritten letter, and planned to hand it to FBI agent James Hosty when he next visited her house as he said he would.

Anyway, Ruth's second interviewer was just as rude as the previous one. He opened by accusing Ruth Paine of forging that letter, in order to frame LHO as a Communist, and to confirm that LHO had been in Mexico on Communist business. What nerve! How insulting! This time Ruth Paine gave the interviewer a piece of her mind before she walked out.

Ever since then, Ruth Paine brought WC Exhibit #15 to her interviews, and she opened by screening her interviewers. "What do you know about WC #15, dear interviewer?" If the interviewer spouted some CIA-did-it nonsense and named Ruth Paine as a CIA plotter, she would simply walk out. Hooray for her. People don't come with evidence about these serious accusations -- because there isn't any.

I believe that WC #1 is one of the most important pieces of material evidence that we have to link LHO with the shooting at General Walker on April 10, 1963 at his home in Dallas. Marina's WC testimony clinches it. That's my position.

Here is my position on the WC. There are over 400 witnesses in the WC volumes, and everyone is telling the truth -- except for the high Dallas officials and the Radical Right wing members.

Ruth Paine and Marina Oswald answered more questions than anybody else -- revealing that they knew nothing at all about the JFK Assassination before it occurred. We learned a lot about Ruth and Marina -- through more than 9,000 questions -- but nothing whatsoever about the JFK Assassination. This is because they knew nothing at all about it.

Ruth Paine's WC testimony is extremely valuable in this special way. She gives a very clear portrait of LHO and Marina during early and late 1963, and explaining why Marina was living with Ruth from late September through late November 1963 -- as well as two weeks in April and May 1963.

The detail is rich and moving, as we behold Ruth's heartfelt concern about Marina and her babies, and Marina's cries for help when she was eight months pregnant, and had no medical insurance, and had not yet seen a doctor, and LHO was out of work again.

We learn much about Marina Oswald -- but nothing about the JFK Assassination. Now -- 50 years later, as the CIA-did-it CTers suffer through their meltdown, we can finally pick up the pieces and explore the material evidence that clearly shows that the JFK Assassination was entirely a home-grown Dallas plot.

By the way -- Ruth Paine told me directly that she is still very concerned about that tapped telephone call. She wants to know -- urgently -- who tapped her telephone on November 22, 1963. The WC authorities would not tell her. Nobody has been able to tell her. She wants to know to this very day, and I say she has every right to know.

I believe the evidence shows that the Dallas Radical Right wing, through James Hosty and his minions, illegally tapped Ruth Paine's telephone in their bungling effort to patch together an alleged "Communist plot" against JFK. This was going to be their alibi. Ruth Paine had no clue that James Hosty could not be trusted to obey the law. He was a super-cop in her opinion. I think the material evidence alone will show that James Hosty cooperated with the same Dallas folks who published the WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK handbill.

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