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A word about Ruth Paine...

At the end of 2015 I was fortunate to interview Ruth Paine over telephone and email. Ruth has given more interviews than any other Warren Commission (WC) witness, by far. She appears in more YouTube videos, and she answered more questions for the WC than anybody -- more than 5,000 questions.

When Ruth first permitted me to interview, her first question to me way was, "Have you read all of my WC testimony?" A valid question. I answered that I had not -- and Ruth said, "Call me back when you have." I immediately filled in the blanks of my WC reading. It's quite a lot - and because it is court testimony, it is not all in chronological order. So, I put all my notes in chronological order.

When I finally called Ruth back a few weeks later, I had one major question for her. The WC volumes speak of a tap on her home phone on the day of the JFK assassination. The tap revealed that Michael Paine called her about 2pm, and said, "Lee didn't do this -- we both know who did it." I asked, "Did Michael really say that?" Ruth replied, "Yes, he did." I asked her, well, then, who killed JFK?"

Ruth replied that Michael's sentence was generic. He didn't mean a specific person or group -- but a generic group -- namely, the group of Dallas residents who had published the WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK handbill, and the WELCOME MISTER KENNEDY TO DALLAS black-bordered ad in the Dallas Morning News.

I am satisfied with her answer. It makes sense to me. Furthermore, the WC volumes also reveal something that Ruth Paine didn't know at the time, and evidently still hasn't sorted out -- namely -- that General Walker and Robert Alan Surrey and their John Birch Society clutch in Dallas were directly behind both of those documents.

(to be continued)

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