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Overview of a Walker-did-it-CT

Many thanks to Jason Ward for setting up this great site on WiX. I look forward to pushing forward much faster with a Walker-did-it CT possibility, than I have on the Education Forum for the past seven years. In that Forum, I mainly dealt with negative feedback, and rarely had a chance to spread out with a supporter to expand and build upon new ideas.

The Walker-did-it CT was first announced in January 1965 by Harry Dean, who personally told me details about the John Birch Society in Southern California that I am eager to share with readers interested in the US history of the JFK Assassination. Harry, who was at one time a Secretary of the Castro-supporting FPCC in Chicago, and at another time a voluntary, unpaid source of information to the FBI about the Radical Left and the Radical Right, was also a personal friend of Loran Hall and Larry Howard in Southern California.

Another source for this Walker-did-it CT is Ruth Paine, a caretaker of Marina Oswald and her children in Irving, Texas in early and late 1963. Ruth personally clarified to me numerous aspects of her role in history -- which sharply contradicts the typical CIA-did-it CTer.

Another source is Larrie Schmidt, who accidentally provided clues to me while narrating his life and times.

Another source includes the Warren Commission volumes, which -- aside from the ridiculous "Lone Gunman" and "Single Bullet" theories -- provides pure gold, and a complete portrait of a Dallas, Radical Right plot.

Another source is the growing literature on Ex-General Edwin Walker, the only US General to resign in the 20th century. This includes the scores of boxes of personal papers stored at the Briscoe Center for the Study of American History on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. Under the supervision of historian H.W. Brands, I combed those boxes in 2012 and 2013 and I am excited to share the the results with new readers.

A great source of data about General Walker is the recent book by Dr. Jeff Caufield, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015). Dr. Caufield has shared FBI documents with me over the years, and continues to encourage my efforts to bring the Walker-did-it CT to a new generation.

All best,


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