The CIA did not kill JFK !!

We say: General Edwin Walker was far more likely the villain
The JFK Kill Team was entirely rooted in Dallas.   All the shooters were volunteers.  None were paid.   They were all grim devotees of rogue Bircher politics.

In our opinion, the head of the Dallas plotters was the resigned US Army General Edwin Walker.   Walker was the only US General to resign in the 20th century.
Walkers' vendetta against JFK and RFK was personal.  They had sent him to an insane asylum, ruining his political future.  His biggest ally in Dallas was H.L. Hunt. 

Directly under Walker were Sheriff Bill Decker, Captain Will Fritz and Chief Jesse Curry.  Their subordinates, who were select, loyal volunteers, acting without pay, were the foot soldiers in the JFK assassination, according to our research. 

The Dallas plot could never succeed without the help of the Dallas FBI and the Dallas Secret Service.   
This mainly means FBI agent James Hosty and Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels.  In our opinion, these men acted in betrayal of Washington DC headquarters of the FBI and Secret Service.  They knew what Walker, Hunt, Decker, Fritz and Curry had planned, and they held back these facts from their superiors in Washington DC. 
That was the key to the operation -- that the FBI and Secret Service in Washington DC would operate on missing information.  

The unifying theme for all the participants was the rogue Bircher dogma that JFK (like Presidents Eisenhower, Truman, and FDR before him) was a Communist traitor. 

That's the basic theory of this website.

Jason Ward and I want to thank Harry Dean for his courageous journey since 1965, identifying General Walker and the Radical Right as major players in the JFK Assassination.   
We also thank Dr. Jeff Caufield and Bill Simpich, because their scholarly research has supported our theory for years.


Connected to Oswald in 1963

General Edwin A Walker is barely remembered today but in the early 1960s he was the face of the anti-integration Right.

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See a more recent look at Gen Walker in Politico

Harry Dean

Harry Dean is one of the last remaining witnesses to the conspiracy to frame Oswald and is an adviser to this website

Dr Caufield explains that when President Kennedy escalated conflicts with General Edwin A. Walker and his radical-right segregationists, he (Kennedy) produced a chain of events leading to the assassination.

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primary sources predominate

Most of the evidence here is from the FBI or sworn witness testimony.

2017-2018 new unseen releases implicating the Radical Right

We rely on many data repositories including

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